11 Formal Ways To Say “I Didn’t Get You”

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During a discussion, presentation, or interview, when you don’t understand something, you normally say ‘I didn’t get you’. 

This means that you don’t understand something someone is trying to explain. 

There could be many reasons why you don’t get their points. 

Maybe this person speaks so low or fast. Or you can’t relate to the presentation. 

Also, this could be your level of understanding.

But your point of saying is, you want them to repeat it and make it easy to understand for you the next time.  


How To Say “I Didn’t Get You”?

If you want the presenter to repeat themselves, you expect a clear explanation. 

Also, as a new team player, if you say ‘I don’t get you’ mean, what they’re explaining, it’s hard for you to understand. 

So, you want them to make it easier for you, based on your knowledge. 

You could say “I didn’t get you”, but there are also other ways to say it effectively. 

How To Say I Didn’t Get You

1. “I’ve to stop you there. I’ve some confusion here.” 

 You want more clarification on that paragraph or point. 

So, you politely stop them from getting further. 

2. “Sorry, I didn’t catch you there.”

Saying ‘didn’t catch you’ means you faced a problem understanding them at some part of a presentation. 

This is the way to make them repeat or explain it again. 

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3. “Could you please elaborate; I don’t get it.”

Here you’ve no idea about something or you want them to clear your doubts. 

4. “You said (word/phrase), what does it mean?”

At work, some coworkers or teammates use jargon or tech terms that you might not be aware of. 

Instead of nodding at everything, you better ask them about it if you don’t understand them. 

This might be uncomfortable to ask, but not embarrassing. 

5. “Can you please repeat yourself?”

A candidate or presenter said something that you don’t get and it’s the first time you hear something. 

So you want them to repeat, meaning to say it in a general way. 

6. “I want you to say it a bit loud and clear.” 

You’ve problems understanding their sentences because they speak in such a low voice. 

If you’re not getting or understanding anything in the talk, just say it. 

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7. “Can you please talk a little slower, I can’t catch you.”

When someone speaks so fast, you’re unable to get the meaning of it. 

So, politely tell them to say it slowly, this will be much clearer. 

8. “Sorry to interrupt, but it’s harder to connect with what you just said.”  

Maybe this person feels tense and thinks about completing the presentation somehow.  

They really need to work on their presentation skills. 

By being clear, you help them to improve. Because this is very important. 

9. “Relax and say it clearly. Don’t worry about anything.” 

In a job interview, some candidate knows the answers.

But they don’t know how to say them right. 

Because of their frustration or insecurity.  

If this is the situation, as an interviewee tell them to stay normal and take it easy. 

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10. “I’m unable to follow you. Can you please summarize this?” 

You don’t want a detailed explanation of something. 

The presentation is unnecessarily longer than required. 

So you ask them to provide a summary. 

Because it could be explained thoroughly. 

11. “This is everything new to me. It might take some time to fully understand it.”

When you’re at a new job and your teammates are explaining something, you might not relate to that from the first. 

Obviously, everyone requires time to fully learn something. 

So, don’t hesitate to say it. And they will accept it. 

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What To Say “I Didn’t Get You” Or “I Don’t Get You”?

Well, the simple meaning of ‘I didn’t get you’ is that you don’t understand something. 

Either you want a clear explanation or repeat the sentence. That’s the purpose of saying it. 

I Didn’t Get You Or I Don’t Get You

While some people also use ‘I don’t get you’, it has a different meaning. 

When someone says ‘I didn’t get you’ to you, means they have a problem understanding what you said to them.

So, you can repeat yourself but in an easy manner. 

But when someone says, ‘I don’t get you’ this shows, they never understand you or relate with what you’re trying to explain to them. 

This means you’re bad at explaining things clearly, not just this time but every time. 

To make the conversation or presentation successful, try to say it clearly.

Also, you have to consider the level of understanding, while explaining something to them. 


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