4 Clever Responses To “You Don’t Understand” Excuse

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Even when you’re a grown-up kid in the house, your parents and family sometimes treat you like a kid still. 

So, when you ask them about something, they give an excuse like ‘You don’t understand’. 

When they say that, it means they don’t want to talk about it or are not sure how. 

As a final try, you can convince them to discuss something which they hesitate at first.

By replying cleverly, you could understand it well. 

That’s not the only case. 

Sometimes your elder siblings or partner also says ‘You won’t understand’ like you lack some level of understanding. 


How Do You Respond To “You Don’t Understand”?

Whether the time to discuss something isn’t right or it’s just you’re not old enough, when someone tries to ignore the conversation by saying ‘you don’t understand’, convince them to believe in you. 

Tell them, that you’ve grown up and you know many things about it. 

Or you can tell that you can feel how someone feels at the time, they just have to trust you. 

The way you respond shows that you can understand and relate to the topic or experience. 

How Do You Respond To You Don't Understand

1. “You can at least try to understand me, first.”

You’re not still the same as they know you’ve been. 

For all these years you’ve changed a lot and improved as a person. 

But they’re still keeping the same opinion about you. 

Tell them to first change your perception about you, as you can understand things better now. 

2. “You’ve to believe me, I can understand what you’re feeling right now.” 

This shows your confidence in your understanding. 

You want to prove yourself as a grown person and fully mature person. 

Maybe they’ve not discussed something, but you already know what someone is going through at the time. 

This response is good for your friend or partner who keeps telling you ‘I’m fine’ still.

3. “Why because I’m still a kid? No, I’m already an adult.” 

In your parents’ eyes, you’re still young and they call you ‘kiddo’ often. 

Tell them you’re not a kid or teenager anymore.

You’ve learned and experienced enough. 

They might have no idea but you are already aware of many things which they don’t know at their age. 

4. “You know that I can understand very well, just you don’t want to talk about it.”

Sometimes parents and elders at home just don’t want to share something that you’re curious about. 

Whether it’s a personal matter or something else, when they don’t have to talk about ‘You don’t understand’ is a common excuse. 

You already see them uncomfortable when you ask something.

So, this one is a smart comeback that you got them already. 

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Well, when someone says ‘You don’t understand’ maybe they’re not in a situation to talk about what happened or how they’re feeling there. 

In such a case, you just don’t want to force them to talk about it. 

But in case, when you feel that they are saying so, just as an excuse that ‘You won’t understand’, be smart and use these responses.

when someone says You don’t understand

To show that you can relate, just they don’t want to share anything. 

Maybe they already know you can help or understand them.

Just they don’t know how to explain.

So, you can at least convince them to talk about it freely now. 

Because if you are not discussing it right now, you may have to some other days, but you have to.


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