17 Funny Answers To “How’s Married Life Treating You?”

  • February 20, 2024

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When someone asks “How’s married life?” or “How’s married life treating you?”, they want to discuss if is it going well or how you two get along. 

But, who the hell are they to talk about your personal life? 

Indeed, your friends, family, and close ones often ask it. 

But, here we are talking about those overly curious neighbors, relatives, or coworkers who never stop asking such personal questions. 

To help you with the situation and deal with this awkward question right, we’ve prepared the best answers to back you up.


How To Answer To “How’s Married Life Treating You”?

Well, indeed it’s a personal also serious question. 

Depending on the person who asking this and your connection with them, respond right. 

When your parents, family, or close friends ask about your marriage life, you can stay honest.

While someone just wants to know or wants something to gossip about, give some witty responses instead. 

And here we have some best answers you can give to questions like ‘How’s your married life?’ and such.

How To Answer To How’s Married Life Treating You

1. “You’re not married so you won’t understand anything I say.”

All the marriage people have the same situation, and you’re not different. 

But this person won’t understand as they’ve no such experience. 

2. “It’s better than I ever expected.”

You’re happy that you found someone who loves and cares about you. 

3. “This was like a dream. Actually, No. More than that, like a fantasy.”

You feel like you won the lottery as you marry this person.

4. “Just as usual, what about you?”

You could also say ‘same old, nothing new’.

5. “I don’t know how’s everyone’s experience, but mine feels good overall.”

Because you don’t want to check out how others’ relationships and marriage life treat them. 

This a clever response to someone who knows about everyone’s life.

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6. “The married life is going great, thanks for asking.”

It’s a matter of you two, you’re treating the situation fine.

So great, nothing wrong. 

7. “No, we don’t want a lawyer right now.”

And, we hope you won’t need them either. 

8. “Well, we don’t even feel like we are married.”

Maybe you still live like a single person. 

Or you’re happy that you found a lifelong friend in your partner. 

It’s a confusing answer but that’s the point to respond like this.

How To Respond To How’s Your Married Life

9. “Everything is just the same just now I have to pay for someone, as well.”

Nothing changes just you now have to share whatever you’ve. 

As you get married after being single for a long time, that’s how you feel. 

10. “He’s treating me like every woman deserves. I married to a great guy.”

When your friends ask ‘how’s married life?” after some weeks or months of your marriage, this answer is great to give. 

To add you can also share how they welcome you into the family for the first time.

11. “Why are you asking this? What do you want to know?”

You don’t want to talk about your marriage life with your anyone else. 

So, you be clear with that and respond this way. 

12. “It’s good. Nothing to worry about, thanks.”

Around those nosy relatives, you have to be careful. 

They just want to know, but this clever reply will give them nothing much.

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13. “Whose: mine or yours?”

Of course, you know they’re asking about your married life. 

But you’re just smart enough to direct conversation about them and don’t want it around yours. 

14. “Who told you that I’m married? No, I’m not.”

Tell them it’s a rumor that you’re married. 

So maybe they even ask, ‘When will you get married, then?’

15. “Based on the experience I have, I will never recommend marriage to anyone.”

Your life and the person you married both aren’t treating you right, that’s what you say. 

16. “I think marriage has changed my life and I mean in a good way.”

When you feel that your life has turned more positive and you see yourself as a better person, answer it proudly. 

17. “Even after three years of marriage, I’m still trying to find how to make it work.” 

And, that’s most of the married men’s story, you’re not alone. 

If this response is to another married man, you can expect a great conversation. 

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When Someone Asks About Your Marriage Life

Well, if you’re just married a few months back or it’s been years, people always ask ‘How’s your marriage life?’. 

When they ask that person must have a personal connection with you. Because it’s a personal question.  

So you can share answers as it is with people you trust well. 

But there are also a few people who just be curious about it for no reason. 

Around such people who never hesitate to ask ‘How’s married life treating you?’, be clever, and give sarcastic or fun answers to avoid giving them any hints. 


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