24 Best Replies For “Good Night” Text Message

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Sometimes, you want to take a ‘Good night’ message sincerely and reply to it differently.

This is when you get night text wishes from close ones.

As they are not doing any formality here.

If that’s the case, your better replies make them feel special, as well.

To make your response even more engaging, in this post, we share the unique ways to respond to ‘Have a good night’ wishes from someone. 

If this message is from your friend, crush, or partner, choose the perfect response likewise. 


Funny Replies To “Good Night” Message From Friends

It sounds weird to hear ‘good night’ wishes from friends in particular. 

While chatting with your friend, when they end the conversation with ‘Good night’ wishes, make your response not usual but hilarious. 

Like these of course: 

Funny Replies To Good Night Message

1. “You go to sleep, I’m still here for a while.” 

Because you still have someone to chat with till late. 

And, you don’t your friends to interrupt, if later they see you ‘online’. 

So, you make it clear already. 

2. “Yeah, to you. I’m just a night owl.” 

Their good night wishes won’t work for you, because you stay up till late. 

Maybe you’re Bing-watching or have a habit of sleeping late at night. 

3. “You better say good morning. We’re almost at dawn.” 

You two have chatted so late that you passed the actual time to share the ‘good night’ wish.

So, instead of that, it’s better to respond with ‘good morning’ to them. 

4. “Oh come on, it’s just 1:15 AM.”  

It’s a Saturday night when you expect your conversation to last long at night. 

So, you try to make your friend stay awake with you. 

5. “As you say it, I think this night must be good, for sure.”

When your bestie says ‘good night’ as a formality, you tease him for the wishes. 

It’s a sarcastic response to share with someone who can handle it right.

6. “Since when you’re being so nice to me? 

You’re being suspicious of a friend who wishes you good night, who never does it.

Most of the time, she or he just doesn’t reply to your texts, but right now they act nice. 

They must be up for something.

7. “That’s a great idea, let’s go to bed.” 

Instead of having a boring chat with a friend, better if you let them sleep. 

This is a witty response to the ‘good night’ text. 

8. “Fine. Please don’t forget to check under your bed before sleeping.” 

If you want to play a prank on your friend before sleep, share this fun response. 

While they’re wishing you ‘good night’, you just want them to be extra safe tonight. 

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Cute Replies To “Good Night” Text From Crush

When you just start texting with your crush or new match from a dating site, exchanging ‘good night’ wishes is a nice way to say ‘goodbye’.

Next, with your sweet and cute responses to the ‘good night’ message, you make your chat even more personal.

Cute Replies To Good Night Text

1. “Same to you. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

If this is your first interaction with your match, you can say “It’s really nice to meet you on Tinder.”

Which shows you like to continue to chat from then on. 

And, this response shows your excitement to keep such a sweet chat going. 

2. “Good night to you, too. Sweet dreams!”

When you want to make your crush feel special over text, give a response like this. 

3. “Let’s meet in my dreams then, Bye.”

It might be a sleepless night for you when you can’t stop thinking about your crush. 

Such a cute response to show you enjoy dreaming about them. 

4. “I’ve prayed for you, already. So, you can sleep now.”

In response to your crush’s good night wishes, you tell them that you wish the best for them in every way. 

5. “It is always nice to get such wishes from you. Have a good night!”

You are really happy to get such cute night wishes from your crush. 

By replying this way, you just want them to say it more often. 

6. “How about you come here and say it in person?”

Give him a cute challenge like, ‘If you want to wish me right, come here and make me sleep’.

Because you desire his presence on this lonely night.

7. “Let your beauty rest. I do not want you to look tired the next morning.”

You care about your crush and this response shows that. 

8. “Good night, (their name)! See you at school.”

Saying your crush’s name more often in conversation makes it a special one. Do it. 

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Flirty Replies To “Have A Good Night” From Your Partner

When your girlfriend or boyfriend wishes you ‘good night’, have special ways to text back. 

Make it flirty responses to inform them that you are missing them already. 

And, you want them with you right now.  

Flirty Replies To Have A Good Night

1. “Oh, this damn night, why it passes so fast.”

Talking with your lover is the favorite thing to do. 

You were so much into it that you didn’t even know how time passed.  

2. “I do not want you to go, but I know it is already too late. So, good night!”

You want to have a conversation with them the whole night. 

But it is already late at night. And you don’t want to force them.

3. “Just a text does not work here, I want to hear it in your voice.” 

You like hearing her voice. 

So in response to your girlfriend’s ‘good night’ message, you want her to wish you the same over call. 

4. “How it could be a good night when you are away from me!”

You’re missing your partner and feeling alone without them. 

Such a reply to ‘good night’ feels special while you’re in a long-distance relationship. 

5. “Why you aren’t just coming here and making it the best night?”

It could be your message to your friend with benefits or a loving partner. 

With such a flirty reply you invite them to come over and make it a worthwhile night together. 

6. “Without you, it won’t be good, just a sleepless night.”

If your partner is with you; it might be a great night ever. 

But as you are not together, a ‘good night’ wish makes no sense here. 

7. “Can you just come here and give me good night kisses, too?” 

Wishing ‘good night’ over text isn’t enough. 

You want him to be with you and do something more. 

Try this flirty response when you wish your boyfriend to be with you. 

8. “Seriously, do you think this night could be better without you?”

You playfully tease your partner wishing you ‘Good night’.

This is to show them that you are missing them so badly.

And, their presence could make your night really good.

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How To Respond To “Good Night” Text?

While ending the text with someone, your friend or lover may send you a ‘good night’ message.

This way they wish you to sleep well and take a rest. 

If that’s your best friend who sends you night wishes, make your responses quite creative and funny. 

Because a  normal response is just a boring option. 

How To Respond To Good Night Text

When your crush, girlfriend, or boyfriend wishes you ‘Good night’ over text, make your responses special. 

The flirty responses will certainly bring a smile to their face.

This way shows them, you already miss them or want them to be with you. 

To make your connection special and conversation more refreshing, choose to respond to ‘Good night’ wishes quite differently than you used to do it. 


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