59 (Flirty &) Funny Responses To “Good Morning” Texts

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Most take it lightly, though. But, you can make someone’s day better, just by responding to ‘Good morning’ texts uniquely. 

Yeah, no more treating it like a formality. 

Have something interesting (or unique) to say after good morning wishes. 

If you’re looking for better ways to reply to ‘Good morning’ wishes, we’re sharing some suggestions for you.

They are sarcastic, flirty to funny, which you can choose based on your mood.  

Whether this message is from your crush, partner, or friend, next time you can respond to their good morning message quite interestingly. 

And, when you say something nice or new, it makes them feel good about the morning.  


Cute Responses To “Good Morning” From Crush

You never take a simple ‘Hi’ text from a crush lightly. 

Then, why do you still treat their ‘Good morning’ text like it means nothing to you? Say something sweet back. 

Because you want to make their day, the same as they make yours. Like, every day. 

Take a look at what to say when your crush says ‘Good morning’ over text. 

Cute Responses To Good Morning From Crush

1. Hey you, I was waiting for your text. Good morning to you, as well. 

2. You know my morning can’t be good without your message. So, thanks.

3. Happiness is getting up and seeing the first text from you. 

4. From the day you started to send me wishes, I noticed that I have good days. 

5. I never knew that good morning wishes work until I got it from you. 

6. Your cute morning wishes are enough to make my entire day. Do you know? 

7. Okay so, now I can get out of my bed. I’ve been waiting for your message. 

8. Your wishes not just make my morning, but the entire day a good one. 

9. Good morning beautiful, Your message is late by 25 seconds late. 

10. Thanks, I hope your beauty rested enough last night. 

11. Morning to you, too. I’m so excited about our meeting today.

12. There can’t be a more perfect start to the day than this. 


Flirty Responses To “Good Morning” From Lover

Your partner sends you ‘Good morning’, which means you’re the first person in their mind. 

They wish you genuinely and really hope that you have a good day today.

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or away from your lover sometimes, tell them that you miss them so much. 

Here are some flirty ways to respond to a ‘Good morning’ text from your girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Flirty Responses To Good Morning From Lover

1. How can my morning be any good without you, Huh? 

2. Not unless you’re here with me and we get out of bed together. 

3. Hi handsome, Am I still on your mind this early morning? 

4. A very good morning, sweetheart. I’m missing you already.

5. Thanks, but it would be even great if you were here to give me a morning kiss. 

6. For this cute morning wish, I promise to give you a great night today.

7. Thanks, dear, but your presence already made my entire life a great one. 

8. You were the last thought in my mind yesterday, now you’re the first to text me. 

9. Because of you, I already started to feel there’s something good about this day.

10. Why don’t you be here with me the whole night and make the next day a good one?

11. Good morning, baby! I dreamed that you were with me last night. 

12. You made my last night great, and now you are making my morning good. 


Funny Responses To “Good Morning” From Friends

Your friends never take you seriously and always find something to joke about. 

Well, don’t think that good morning wishes can only be replied to nicely. 

There’s something funny to say after good morning wishes if it’s from your besties. 

With such an unusual response, you give them a reason to laugh out loud in the morning. 

Funny Responses To Good Morning From Friends

1. That’s alright buddy, you don’t have to wake up this early just to wish me this. 

2. Man, are you even sleeping? It’s so early in the morning, go back to sleep, bro. 

3. Good morning. But, that doesn’t make me forget what you did yesterday. 

4. I think you sent the text to the wrong person. we never do such formalities. 

5. Take your wishes back, they’re just useless, just like you as a friend. 

6. Wow, you can send me a good morning, but can’t say sorry, Right? 

7. Good morning. But let me tell you that I’m not going to help you today. 

8. Haha, check your message buddy. Don’t say you’ve forwarded it to everyone. 

9. Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s you. Really my lost friend is texting me now. 

10. What ‘good morning’! With friends like you, I can never have anything good. 

11. Oh, you’re so sweet as you text me such cute wishes. Thanks. 

12. Now this day must be a good one, as I have your heartfelt wishes now. 


Best Replies To “Good Morning” Texts

When you don’t want to reply with ‘Good morning, you, too’, there’s something more meaningful to say back. 

Here are some best responses you can give to acknowledge someone’s good morning wishes. 

Best Replies To Good Morning Text

1. Hi, good morning, how are you doing today

2. Right on time, you never forget to make everyone’s day, right? 

3. So, what are you planning to do today, huh? 

4. What a great day it is, and here are your morning wishes to make it perfect.

5. I’m feeling lucky that at least someone is genuinely wishing me a good morning. 

6. Hey good morning, are you available for the meet-up?

7. Hello, good morning, how’s everyone in the family

8. Morning, I’m having breakfast. Do you mind joining me? 

9. It’s so great to hear from you, I’m excited about today’s meeting. 

10. Sorry, I’m so late to reply to your morning wishes, I just woke up. 

11. I always try to wake up early like you, but sorry I can’t. 

12. Thanks for your good wishes, I need this day to be a good one.


Sarcastic Responses To “Good Morning” Wishes

When you get a ‘good morning wish’ from someone you hate, you want to ignore their wishes completely. 

But that’s not the only way. 

If this person is annoying and insults you often, you can say something sarcastic to their wishes.  

Sarcastic Responses To Good Morning Wishes

1. You don’t have to do this, at least to me. I’m fine without your wishes. 

2. First, go and wash your mouth, I can’t take wishes from a stinky face. 

3. ‘Good’ what’s that, how it feels. I know nothing good about you. 

4. Will you please let me sleep, I didn’t sleep last night because of you. 

5. Look outside, it’s already afternoon. Are you out of the country? 

6. OMG, I can’t believe this is happening. Something good comes out of your mouth. 

7. I’ve been trying to avoid you to make it a good morning, but you show up already.

8. Send it to your partner, man. I think she needs good morning wishes more than me. 

9. I’ve no time for such formalities, please tell me what’s your intention now. 

10. It would be better if you didn’t say that at all.

11. How normal is it that you spoil someone’s best day and then the next day wishes them ‘good morning’? 

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What To Say After “Good Morning” Text?

In most cases, you can either thank a person for wishing you a ‘good morning’. 

Also, it’s nice to say ‘Good morning to you, too’ because you also wish that they have a good day, as well. 

Well, that’s the regular response that you might have already shared with your connection.

What To Say After Good Morning Text

Which is fine, for those who just forwarded this message. 

But, wishes from your nearest connection, like your friend or partner, treat it uniquely. 

When you want to say something unique or meaningful that makes your morning good, you have the option to pick your great responses from the list we’ve shared.

Based on your connection with that person, respond to ‘good morning’ texts personally.

Because their wishes really mean something to you.


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