(24 Sarcastic Replies) When A Guy Calls You “Babe” Or “Baby”

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Hearing ‘Babe’ from a guy is both ‘cute’ and also ‘confusing’.

And, that’s based on if you date him or not. 

When your boyfriend calls you ‘Hey, Baby’, you know exactly what he means and what to say.


But, when a random guy calls you ‘Babe’, you don’t like it but not sure what to do and how to respond.

That’s challenging. 

Because you barely know him. 

Over text or on the first date, when you don’t want him to call you ‘Baby’ again, you should react promptly and clearly.


Well, whatever response you choose, you need to consider the various cases in which a guy calls you his baby. 

For your help, here we’ll share the best responses based on possible scenarios.

It’s all up to you to decide how to reply and when.


Sarcastic Replies For ‘Babe’ From A Guy You Texted

Well, you just had a friendly talk with a guy recently, and he assumes a lot with such small talk. 

But calling you ‘babe’ accidentally revealed the way he feels about you. 

You’re not into this guy.

Sarcastic responses are perfect for a guy who calls you baby too soon. 

Sarcastic Replies For Babe From A Guy You Text

1. “Don’t call me Babe, call me ‘Boss’, Okay.”

Give him that guy hint not to mess with you.

This response will let him know that he can’t handle you.

2. “First, I’m not a kid. Second, I also don’t want to be your baby.”

Just a clear and direct reply, no need to cover anything.

3. “I think you forgot my name, Are you?”

Of course, how can your name be a ‘babe’? Especially not for him. 

4. “What, what did you just say?”

You’re giving the guy who called you baby a chance to change their entire sentences and their perspective of you, too.

Because you already know what he just said. 

5. “Who, me? I don’t think I know you.” 

Even if you know this guy, you can reply this way. 

Or else you can pretend that he was calling ‘baby’ to the girl sitting next to you. 

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Savage Replies: When Someone Calls You “Babe”

While chatting with him online, a guy starts being too frank and calls you baby. 

When you want to make him regret what he just said, these are savage responses to ‘babe’.

Savage Replies To Babe or Baby

1. “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

You sensed that this dude is trying to get closure. 

But with this response to ‘babe’ will stop getting further. 

2. “I’m not your babe, and never I will. Hope you get that.”

Possible that you two met on a dating site and he calls you a baby while on a date.

Which too soon. 

This might not break your heart, but you must speak up for yourself.

So you just give him a reply, showing there’s no further hope for him. 

3. “I hate it when a guy calls me baby.”

You might be being honest with how you feel. 

But, at least let him know that he made a mistake in trying too flirty with you. And he lost you forever. 

4. “Babe?? Do I give you permission to call me with that?”

This reply will be complete enough to destroy him. 

You’re not being rude or mean, but you have to. 

Because this guy is trying to get closure and you hate it. 

5. “You can just ignore him, on hearing ‘babe’ from him for the first time.” 

Don’t pay attention, he might want to say it again soon.

But you won’t be there next time. Because you go away from him already. 

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When He Calls You ‘Babe’ But He Has A Girlfriend

It’s apparent that this guy is a player and wants to find his new play-toy. 

Possible that he just wants to hook up with you, he is not interested in his girlfriend anymore or he just became single again. 

That doesn’t matter to you, you see him as a cheater and this is how you respond to ‘babe’.

When He Calls You Babe But He Has A Girlfriend

1. “Where’s your girlfriend?” 

You just want to talk to her for a second, right?

To make it even clear, further say  “And, how you dare to call me your babe, huh!”.

2. “I know your girlfriend; she informed me to just missed call her every time you say ‘babe’ to me.”  

“And, she might already have gotten my 37 missed calls, here goes another!”

3. “Let me guess she left you, Am I right?”

Of course, she might have had enough dealing with this jerk

So, when a guy calls you ‘baby’ it means he hits on you and checks if you are available.

Let him know you’re not interested at all. 

4. “Take your words back, It’s not for me.” 

This is supposed to go to someone else. 

Because you don’t consider yourself worthy enough to be his babe, nor do you want to be so the one to him. 

5. “I’m not interested in being your third.” 

Whether he and her girlfriend are looking for a third or he wants to have an extra girlfriend, you’re not the right choice. 

That’s what this reply means by calling you ‘baby’ at a random time. 

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Funny Responses: When Your Guy Friend Calls You ‘Babe’ Over Text

It’s possible that while talking with your guy friend, he might text you ‘babe’ accidentally. 

You know they’re not serious, just teasing you. 

So, now it’s your turn to mess with them by responding with a hilarious response. 

How To Respond When A Guy Friend Calls You Babe Over Text

1. “Lol, that’s funny, bro!”

You’re not taking each other seriously. 

Because… You both are in friendship not in a relationship.

Remind him that, you’re just his buddy, not ‘a baby’!

2. “Are you drunk? Where are you right now?”

It’s again. Your guy friend drunk texts you and calls you babe. 

That’s what happens very often… so you don’t overreact. 

3. “That’s fine! I know why you say that.”

While texting with your crush lately, he texted ‘Hey babe’ accidentally. 

He tries to cover things up, but you’re inside happy that he calls you that way. 

4. “Do you need something? Sorry, I can’t help you right now.” 

You know your friend well, he is nice to you before asking something. 

This is such a clever and direct answer to share back. 

5. “Do you know who you texted this to?”

It might be butt-texting. 

You here want to make sure that your guy friend knows that you’re his ‘just friend’ and not a girlfriend. 

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Flirty Replies When Boyfriend Calls You “Hey Baby”

Well, the above situations are where a guy calls you a babe with whom you have no intimate relationship. 

But when your boyfriend calls you ‘babe’ it’s because he cares for you and loves you.

Possible that your boyfriend is missing his ‘baby’- you, there. Try these special replies to make your conversation even more flirtatious.

Flirty Replies When Boyfriend Calls You Baby

1. “Hey babe, love you, too!”

During the regular texting period, your boyfriend texts you ‘Hey babe’ to check if you’re available, you can make his mood with such a reply. 

2. “You turn me on every time you call me babe.” 

This shows you like it every time you hear ‘baby’ from him. 

Let him know you love to be called this way and expect him to do it more. 

3. “Okay, so should we make the babies, now?”

Looking for flirty replies to hey babe texts from your boyfriend or partner? You can use this one. 

Show what you want from him. 

4. “I’m waiting for you to come back here, babe!”

When you two are in an LDR (long-distance relationship) you want to make every conversation express your desire to be together.

Replying this way, you make them come to you, even as a surprise visit.  

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How To Decide What To Reply To “Baby”? 

Well, so far we have checked most possible scenarios when a guy calls you babe or baby, over text, in person, or on a dating table. 

Hope now you’ve got enough idea over how to respond to a guy calls you baby, it all comes down to the situation you’re in and exactly what he means with it. 

Choose your responses based on whether you want him to call you ‘babe’ again or not. 


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