24 Cutest Replies To “Hey Honey” From Your Partner

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If you’re dating, in a relationship, or married, when your partner calls you ‘Honey’ the meaning and mood aren’t the same always.

Sometimes they call you as a special gesture.

While sometimes for no reason. 

Instead of just replying with ‘Hey, baby’, try responding in even sweeter ways. 

Here, we have prepared unique replies to make your conversation with your partner a ‘special’ one.


(Cute Replies) When A Guy Calls You “Hey Honey”

A guy who can’t stop but calls you ‘Honey’, shows he really views you as a sweet girl.

And why not, he’s your boyfriend and will do anything to make you feel loved. 

Although, he calls you ‘Honey’ often when he says so in person or over texts, your cute responses like these will tell him that you like it. 

Cute Replies When A Guy Calls You Honey

1. “Hey, sugar!”

When he randomly calls you honey or texts you so, respond with something that is equally sweet. 

Else you can also say ‘my love’, ‘darling’ or ‘babe’.

2. “Oh, I love to be your honey, Sweetie!”

Tell him you like to be the sweetest person in his life. 

And, you both will forever make some sweet memories together. 

3. “I just love the way you say that.” 

This is the first time your partner calls you honey, and you wish them to keep saying it.

If that’s how she calls you often, you could give her a nickname like ‘Shawty or Shorty‘ when she’s short and cute.

4. “Are we like 80s couples? Anyway, I like it though.”

This might be old-fashioned to call your partner ‘Honey’ but you like the way your boyfriend is doing anything to express his love for you.

5. “Wow, I’m excited about whatever is coming.”

You got your boyfriend’s text at a random time saying ‘Hey. Honey!’.

With just sweet text he makes your day. 

Your excited reply tells him that you want to know what he is planning to or saying next for you both.

6. “Aww, thanks. I’m blushing right now.”

There’s a chance that your crush found out about your feelings for him.

When he texts you ‘honey’, you can first thank your crush and also show how special it feels to you. 

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(Flirty Replies) When A Girl Calls You “Honey” 

Anytime, when a girl calls you ‘Hey Honey’, she means you’re a favorite person in her life.

Maybe she likes you and feels more connected to you.

And, if she’s your girlfriend, she says so to express her affection to you. 

To her special gesture, here are flirty replies to tell her you to like to be her honey forever.

Flirty Replies When A Girl Calls You Honey

1. “Hey, sweetie, what’s in your mind?”

You already know what your friends-with-benefits text means. 

This is the way she invites you over, and you’re excited about the action plan. 

2. “Even with just text, you can turn me on.” 

Your girlfriend calls you honey on call, and her sweet voice makes it even more romantic to you.

3. “Hey, Mamacita!”

Like when a woman calls you daddy, it works equally for her in return. 

When you both are in the same mood, exchange flirty responses.

4. “Are you going to put me on bread and just eat it?”

You’re being funny and flirty here.

No need to clarify, she knows how crazy you’re for her.

Well, you just try to be sweeter for her anyway. 

5. “Tell me you want some honey, my dear bear!”

She sees you as honey and you know what you can do for her. 

Make it a flirty response before you share the sweetest moment. 


Funny Replies To “Hey, Honey” From Someone

After a fight, your partner will do anything to make you feel better. 

Possibly they start doing something sweet for you, like calling you ‘Hey, honey, do you remember that…’, ‘Are you still mad at me, Honey?’ and what not. 

To tease your partner and make fun of their feelings as they call you honey.

And, here’s what you can say to be funny. 

Funny Replies To Hey Honey

1. “I’m not in the mood for it, please be normal.”

Your partner tries to be nice to you. 

But, whether you’re seriously not in the mood or want to tease, act as if you don’t care for their feelings at the time. 

2. “Stop it, I’m in a meeting right now.”

This is when you’re in a meeting online, and in the background, your partner can’t stop calling you, ‘honey’. 

Maybe they’re doing it knowingly. 

3. “Don’t call me that, I hate to be called honey.”

You feel this as a cliché and don’t see anything special about calling someone ‘honey’. 

And, when your boyfriend calls you that, it irritates you. 

4. “I’m not honey, I’m a human. More like you.” 

And, you also want to feel loved and respected like a human. 

Else, if this is your friend trying to frisky with you, you can clearly tell them to stop calling you honey. 

5. “And, you’re calling this to every girl as you forget their name.”

When a guy says honey to you, you want to confirm they mean it. 

You just have to know does he makes you feel special or if he does so to everyone. 

6. “You don’t have the right to call me honey, someone already has it.”

This person seems interested in you and often tries to be frank with you. 

You’re not into them, because you have a boyfriend already and say it without actually saying it. 

7. “Who me? Oh, my name is not ‘Honey’, sorry.”

Maybe they don’t know your name. 

So, give them your name, so they don’t have to call it by any other name.

8. “This is the first and last time you said that. Never do it again. Understood?”

When someone, mostly a stranger, calls you ‘honey’ that’s a bit uncomfortable to handle. 

They might have a habit to call everyone ‘honey’ but you’re not accepting it cleverly. 


When Your Spouse Says Honey I’m Home!

Calling each other ‘honey’ is normal between married couples. 

After returning from work, your partner may say ‘Honey, I’m home’. 

This is a regular conversation but with the right response, you can make it fun or engaging. 

When Your Spouse Says Honey I’m Home

1. “Please wait there, I have a surprise for you.”

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to plan something special for your partner before they come home.  

2. “Yeah, get ready in 10 minutes, we need to go to the grocery store.”

You’ve shared enough special moments with your honey boo. 

But right now life has changed a lot after marriage. 

3. “That’s great, hun. But, I’m not home!”

If you’re not home, then who is replying?

4. “Come here, I need to talk to you right now.”

You have no time for being romantic here, maybe you need some clarifications.

This will certainly make him uncomfortable as if he did something wrong

5. “Don’t come to me, take a shower then we’ll meet.”

Well, this doesn’t make your romance any less in a relationship. 

But, you’re being honest as you feel it. 

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These special replies to ‘Hey honey’ will make your conversation more special. 

When someone calls you ‘honey’, your partner or spouse, they also expect the same sweet gesture from you, too. 

It’s a nickname that one says to someone they love the most. 

Fine, if they don’t always call you ‘honey’ but when they do, respond in a way to show that you love it.


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