9 Funny Answers To “Where Did You Go?”

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If you return home after a stroll or go offline for a while, ‘Where did you go?’ is the question waiting for you.

This question is nothing heavy.

But sometimes you want to make it interesting. 

Possibly, you don’t want to directly answer their every, where you have been or every ‘annoying’ why- question.

Because they constantly ask you for no apparent reason.

In such a case, you want to share some witty and funny responses. 


How To Reply To “Where Did You Go”?

Well, if you want to trick them with your response or need some funny answers to ‘Where you went?’ question, these are some great options for you. 

How To Reply To Where Did You Go

1. “I went where no one could follow me. Do not worry, I’m back now.” 

You just wanted some me-time and some alone time. 

This one is a funny response when you are living with a big family. 

You’re not disrespecting their care, but just kidding as you reply this way. 

2. “Who told you I went somewhere? I am here all the time.” 

It’s just your superpower that makes you go invisible. 

Or maybe they’ve been on their mobile, and they haven’t noticed you coming or going. 

3. “Outside.” 

You don’t want to get into the deep where did you go, why and what did you do. 

So, this is the short but effective answer. 

4. “I went to get some fresh air. To get to see new faces.” 

Being home all the time, you feel bored or need some new atmosphere. 

Else, as you say this it means, you’re fading up with seeing the same face.

So you went outside to meet someone new. 

5. “I decided to go far away from here, but nowhere to go. So I came back.”

When your partner or family asks where you went, make it a funny response.

You expect some silly conversation with someone and this way you can start one.

Else you can tell that you want to leave home, but realize no one will ever care for you like you feel at home.  

6. “I have a bag on my back and I’m in my school dress, what do you think?”

When your siblings ask just to annoy ‘Where did you go?’ try this clever answer. 

You don’t want to roast your brother, but he made you do so.

7. “I went offline for a moment, just to see how it feels without you.”

Due to some reason when you go offline in mid-chat with someone, this answer works. 

Especially, while chatting with your crush, this flirty response will make her laugh. 

8. “Nowhere, I have been here the whole time.”

Tell them that you haven’t left the place, just they weren’t aware of it.

You just went to get some water.

While they have been busy on their mobile the whole time.

9. “I’ve been to an interview, which is great by the way. So, thank you. I think I have given my best, but still, I’m not sure If I’m selected. Because they said they will call me.”

You know this person asks too many questions and always has to know everything.

So instead of waiting for them to ask, you just tell them the whole story of where you went, as it is. 

This one is a bit of a sarcastic response to share with those who could handle it well. 

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When someone asks ‘Where did you go?’ it is because they feel lonely without you and actually worried about you as they didn’t find you there.

Focus on your connection and situation, before sharing your answers.

That could be straightforward witty or funny.

You don’t have to lie at all, just say it where you’ve been. 

Still, if you want to. And, if someone needs to know that.

Else, these fun responses are a way to start a nice conversation


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