22 Funny Answers To “What Superpower Do You Want To Have?”

  • February 24, 2024

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Well, not just to kids, but the question: “What superpower do you want to have?” gets everyone’s attention. 

The answers to it might be unrealistic.

But, they lead to interesting (and thoughtful) conversations. 

To have some fun, we are sharing some creative and funny answers for you.

So, when someone asks you what is your superpower (or you desire to have), you can give these unique responses and reasons to have it.


Funny Answers “What Superpower Would You Want?”

There are some superpowers so hilarious that they could make a serious person smile. 

When I asked my friends about their superpower wishes, here’s what they replied.

Funny Answers What Superpower Would You Want

1. “I wish I could read everyone’s mind, I’m seeking only honest friends.”

Such a legit power. 

This friend has some sort of trust issue and that’s a serious concern. 

So with such power, he wants to check what friends are saying behind his back. 

Especially whom to trust.

2. “I want the ability to see through walls… also people.”

This friend isn’t just interested in spying on someone’s home but to scan someone internally. 

Not to mention what he is going to do, you might have a friend like this. 

3. “I want power where I read nothing but still get the first rank. Just like you.”

It’s interesting how that one friend we never see gets the best grades.

In this case, I’m that one kid. 

I know this isn’t my superpower, but I prefer to keep it secret, though!

4. “Right now I want the power to check what my crush is thinking about me.”

This friend is waiting for a crush to respond to her text.

Based on the situation, it might be a funny response. 

But this friend needed a superpower to find out if a crush felt the same way.

5. “I want the power to control others’ behavior.” 

Tell me, you want to be a manipulator without telling me you want to manipulate others.

The fact is, this friend doesn’t have to do anything to control others.

He’s already doing that. 

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Creative Answers “What Superpower Do You Want To Have?”

If you want some unique answers regarding desirable superpowers and abilities, these are some creative options. 

Forget about flying and durability, you can also give these answers when someone asks which superpower you like to have and why. 

Creative Answers To What Superpower Do You Want To Have

1. “I want to change my age however I want.”

You don’t just want to be old; you want to be young. 

With this power, you can revive your childhood and best memories.

Also, you can feel the thrill of falling in love for the first time. 

2. “I would like the power to predict the future.”

The money-minded, people use this superpower to make money and get rich in no time. 

Else, there are many creative and helpful usages you can do if you know your future already. 

3. “I want an ability to shut people up who talk nonsense.”

Enough of dealing with stupid people and tolerating their bad jokes.

With this ability, you could just mute them when they start to speak something mean or negative to you.

4. “If I have a superpower, it would be time travel.”

Enough watching time-travel movies, you wish for such ability right now. 

You want to explore the world back in time or to find answers about where you’ll be after five or ten years from now. 

5. “I like to move between universes. I desire to meet my other versions. And, check if they are awesome, too.”

This is indeed a creative superpower and its usage.  

You believe in the multiverse theory, which is an interesting concept. 

Watching your other version across the other universe would be certainly a memorable experience. 

6. “I wish I had the power to change my past.”

Because there are lot of mistakes and you wish to change them all.

This is something that what stopping you moving forward.

Also, you can use this power to cure the depression and stress from other’s life, too.

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Smart Answers “What Would Your Superpower Be?”

Not everyone wants to have superhuman strength or live forever.

Some superpowers are helpful to have either for the person or the entire world. 

Here are some clever answers from our connection. It could be the solution to most problems.

Smart Answers What Would Your Superpower Be

1. “Well, I wish to be speedy. So I can run away from toxic friends and relationships.”

We’re not mentioning that this person having a bad day right now. 

And as they sound hopeless, this power is a better choice.

2. “I want to just disappear or to make someone else.”

This could either solve many problems in the world when in the right hands. 

But, if you misuse it, do not imagine where you can go with this superpower. 

3. “I wish to be anywhere in the entire galaxy anytime. I just want to be on Mars with no problem.”

With this superpower, you can not just be there but also survive on the last planet of the galaxy. 

It also helps space organizations to find another planet like Earth.

The point is, that you could save tons of money.

4. “I want power like shapeshifters. From any animals to things or any human I will live a new life every day.”

Certainly, this superpower gives you the ability to live as many lives as you want. 

You wish to check how it feels to be a panda or what it’s like living as a celebrity. 

5. “I want to know every language on earth.”

If you have this power, then you would be a handy translator. 

Even more, traveling to new countries would be even more fun for you when you already know the local languages. 

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Great Answers For “Which Superpower Would You Choose To Have?”

With great power, you can make great things possible in life. 

If you are tired of living a normal life and want some change, such answers bring your imaginary world closer. 

Great Answers For Which Superpower Would You Choose To Have

1. “I want the ability to give anyone short-term memory, that way I can win every argument.”

You don’t want any gadget like MIB to make someone forget about what just happened. 

Here you want to have power that makes you do so. 

This would be a great power to win most arguments when you have no comebacks. 

2. “I don’t need any superpower, My sarcasm is my power.”

Indeed, the way you react and respond to haters on social media, agreed with this one. 

With your perfect comebacks at a time, you’re already superhuman that no one dares to mess with. 

3. “I wish to have the power to communicate with all other animals. People these days are just boring.”

When you’re alone at home, you wish you could have a talk with your cat or you like to hear jokes from your dogs. 

The good part is, this superpower makes your life even more interesting.

4. “I want the power that helps me understand women better.”

Understanding women is simply impossible for any man on earth.

You’re smart with your superpower choices. 

Maybe you want to know what your girlfriend wants on her birthday or what your wife is trying to explain and what she means.

All you hope is to have a simpler life, by having a such superpower. 

5. “I want the power to quit my job and just start going what I want in life.”

Sad to hear that. My prayers are with you. Hope you start chasing your dream sooner.

Compared to other answers, this one is a somewhat possible superpower to have. 

You just have to be confident and committed to what you want to do.  

6. “I wish I could fast-forward time whenever I want.”

This could save you from boring meetings and longer functions on weekends.

When you can’t say no to anyone but you wish your superpower allows you to fast-forward time.

So you can skip the boring and annoying parts of life. 

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So, What Superpower Do You Like To Have?

After watching superhero movies, most of us often wish we could have such power. 

Indeed, that’s not possible. 

But who cares, we all wish to have superpower abilities as children. 

So, when someone asks, you can respond with such creative, unique, and funny answers to ‘What superpower do you want to have’ that you just checked.

It would be even better if you also share why you want such power.

These are great alternatives to flying and immunity, which are just overused and sound boring because everyone wants the same.


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