41 Uplifting Texts To Send When Your Partner Having A Bad Day

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When a partner having a bad day, yours won’t be any better, either.

Especially, when you’re in a long-distance relationship and find that your BAE is upset, sending comforting words and encouraging texts will cheer them up.

Maybe your boyfriend has a bad day at work, your girlfriend is upset about something.

Or maybe, she got into an argument with her bestie. 

Being their closest one, the way you can make your partner feel hopeful, positive, and appreciated, no one can do.

Want to know what to text when your partner is having a bad day?

Here, we’ve listed the best text messages to send to your long-distance girlfriend or boyfriend. 


Supportive Texts To Let Partners Know You’re With Them

In a bad time like this, you don’t want your partner to feel alone and hopeless.

You can send these supportive messages to your girlfriend to let her know you care.

what to say when your partner is having a bad day

1. “Don’t worry, my love, I’m with you now and forever. I feel you.”

2. “Hey, I’ll be there with you. I’m leaving right now.”

3. “Just tell me how I can help you, I will do anything and everything for you.” 

4. “Don’t you worry about anything, just text me when you get home safe.”

5. “Please don’t be sad, I can’t imagine you’re there like this.” 

6. “Hold on. You don’t have to be alone. I’ll be there before noon.” 

7. “Do you want me to stay with you? I’m happy to be there if you need me.”

8. “I think it would be best to be together right now. Let’s meet at our favorite place.” 

9. “Oh, dear. I had no idea you were by yourself. No worries, I’ll be there soon.”

10. “Maybe I can’t relate with your work, but I’m here to support you in every possible way.”

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Comforting Texts For Partners Saying ‘It’s Just One Day Is Bad’

When your partner feels so frustrated, they need some emotional support from someone who genuinely cares.

You can share these texts to make your partner feel at ease and hopeful for the next day.

uplifting texts for long-distance partner having a bad day 

1. “I think this day is bad in itself. I’m also not feeling nice, the same as you.’

2. “Glad that this day is about to end. I can’t handle it anymore, as well.”

3. “Just let this day pass, I think tomorrow will be much better.”

4. “Focus on me till I get there. No matter what it is, it has to face me, not you.” 

5. “Can you please hold it for just two more hours? Let me there, we will fix it together.” 

6. “Hey, count to ten and I’ll be at your door. You’ve no idea what your boyfriend can do.” 

7. “This day couldn’t be any worse. But the good thing is it’s about to end.”

8.”In such a hard phase, don’t think that you’re alone. You can count on me.”

9. “Let this time pass, I think it’s not your time. But I’m so sure that good days are waiting ahead.”

10. “Dear, I might not know what the situation is there, but you’ve full support from my end.”

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Encouraging Texts To Send When Boyfriend Having A Bad Day

You’re proud that your boyfriend is a hard worker and a hustler at heart.

But, there came a bad day, too.

If you see him losing hope, you can share these uplifting messages with him.

encouraging words for boyfriend having bad day

1. “I’m feeling so sorry to hear this. There must be some other way, then.” 

2. “You’re such a tough guy, you’re the one I look up to. Don’t give up, too soon.” 

3. “This is just a testing phase. I can relate to how you feel, but still, I want you to keep going.” 

4. “Don’t worry, dear! It’s just a challenging phase, I hope it will end soon.”

5. “I can’t see you handle this alone. Let me be there, we’ll face it together.”

6. “You certainly don’t deserve this, but it’s all about time. I have faith in you that will make it.” 

7. “I do believe in you. If you think to give it a shot, then this is the right time.”

8. “Please, don’t be upset. There must be a good reason. And, that’s why we have to face this.”

9, “I totally can relate to how you feel at this moment. But, we’ve to accept it.”

10. “This indeed a rough time. But you have to believe me that there’s something good intention behind it.”

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Positive Texts For Your Girlfriend To Cheer Her Up On Rough Day

Not everything has to go your way.

Maybe your girlfriend is taking things too personally or being hard on herself.

In such cases, you can text her uplifting messages to help her take it easy. 

what to text your girlfriend when she had a bad day

1. “Don’t let it frustrate you anymore, let it out. Just tell me what happened.”

2. “This is truly unbelievable. I think this is an eye-opening experience for us.” 

3. “You’re not responsible for everything. You already did the best you could. I know.”  

4. “Are you sure you think this is going to work? If not, we should better move on.”

5. “Babe, I’m so worried about you. It’s time to look for a new opportunity somewhere.” 

6. “I know how hard it is for you to deal with such a frustrating situation. I’m with you on this, Dear.”

7. “I might not be able to give you the best advice here, but I can’t see you this way.” 

8. “You know, you already did a great job. I think you need to give it some time.” 

9. “I get it now. You really don’t deserve this at all. I’ll be there. Please wait for me.”

10. “Please don’t feel so lost. I believe in you that you can and you will do a lot better than this.”

11. “Hey, you don’t have to go through this all alone. We’ll tackle this together, Okay?”

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When Your Partner Or Lover Having A Bad Day

Knowing that your partner having a bad day indeed affects your mood, as well. 

If your boyfriend is experiencing some workplace issues or your girlfriend feels off due to some reasons, they won’t ask, but your support is what they need. 

When it’s possible for you to be there and do anything to make it a good day for them, DO IT. 

And if you’re in a long-distance relationship and find your girlfriend or boyfriend having a bad day, comforting words through text will fill your absence.

Further, when you’re not sure what to say to a partner having a bad day, pick the message from the list and send it to them. 

It might not immediately brighten their day, but it lets them know you understand what they are going through. 

With positive messages, you help them to look forward to a better next day.


Overall, simple encouraging words are enough to keep your partner feeling inspired and relaxed when this day isn’t for them. 

It helps them to take things easy and to move on with hope when such words are from you.

All because they realize that someone is there who genuinely cares for them. 


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