(9 Friendly Comebacks) When Someone Calls You “Dawg” Or “Dog”

  • February 14, 2024

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Being called a ‘Dawg’ or ‘Dog’ means different to everyone. 

Some like it. And, some just don’t. 

Whereas, if you think about what to say when your close friend or someone calls you ‘Dog’, we have better suggestions for you. 

In this article, you’ll find the coolest and friendliest ways to respond. 

Based on if you like it, you can share it as a cool response. 

If you don’t, you will give it as the funny comebacks, too.


What To Say After Being Called “Dawg” Or “Dog”?

Your close friends often call you ‘Dog’ and you don’t mind it. 

Because you’re comfortable in your friendship. 

But when someone you hate calls you ‘Dog’ or ‘Dawg’ you feel not right. 

It just insulting or you find it irritating. 

Here, you wish you could say something to insult them back

So it’s all about someone’s tone and the context, choosing to respond on being called ‘Dawg’. 

What To Say After Being Called Dawg Or Dog

When your bestie calls you ‘Dog’ or ‘What’s up Dawg?’, you can respond friendly or jokingly. 

Because you take it easy here.

Whereas when someone you hate calls you a dog, you can give them sharp comebacks right away. 

Because you want to stop them from getting further.

If you’re unsure what to say in different situations, take a look at these possible ways to respond when someone calls you ‘Dawg’ or ‘Dog’. 

1. “I’m fine. What about youuuuu…!”

This close friend surprisingly hit you with ‘What’s up, Dawg?’. 

And, this shows they are in a good mood today. 

So you can give the same usual response, but like you’re a dog to make it fun. 

2. “Nothing, I’m just in search of the perfect pole. Did you find any?” 

To have a fun situation there, reply like this. 

While texting, your bestie asks ‘What’s up with you, dog?’. 

And you tell them that this dog is on a hunt for something. 

3. “I’m doing gooooood, homie.” 

You continue to act like a dog, after being called ‘Dawg’ by your bestie. 

It expresses your friendliness that you don’t mind if they call you a dog. 

This is the coolest response to share. 

Funny Response To What's Up Dawg

4. “I don’t have time for this. Let’s Gawww…!”

This friend is already late and makes you wait for long. 

As they try to have a conversation in the middle, with ‘What’s up, dog?’, you can say this. 

It shows that this dog is cool, but right now is in a hurry. 

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5. “Don’t call me dog. My parent gave me a name. Call me with that, instead.” 

This person tried to look cool, but you deal with them right.  

Before they pick up the habit of calling you ‘Dog’ then on, you need to do this. 

With this honest comeback, you make it clear. 

6. “Do you even know my real name?” 

Maybe they even forget what your name actually is. 

Because every time you hear them calling you ‘Dawg’ and not by your real name. 

You can also sarcastically ask them to say your name

7. “You’re not going to get any bones here. Go away.”

You didn’t like the way someone called you ‘Dog’, it’s insulting. 

Because you’re not a friend to them, nor do you want to be one. 

So this is a clever comeback to give to someone who tries to be friendly and calls you ‘Dawg’.

But, you don’t accept it. 

Comebacks when someone calls you a dog

8. “This doggo is not in a good mood. So Beware!”

Well, for some reason you are upset and not in your best mood.

Maybe you want this friend to give some hints or don’t want any more joking.

But this response works as the early warning.

9. “Yo, brother, you didn’t get that level, Okay?” 

You disapprove of this friend from being part of your ‘Dawg’ community. 

They didn’t pass the vibes. 

It’s not like you hate this person, but something doesn’t seem right.  

Every time they call you ‘Dog’, ‘Dawg’, or whatever, you just hate it.

And, you have to tell them to stay within their limits. 

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What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You “Dawg”?

Now, you have the best responses and comebacks to share on being called ‘Dog’. 

But if you don’t know what it even means, worry not, let us make it easy for you. 

So, first, it’s nothing related to an animal here. 

Well, ‘Dawg’ or ‘Dog’ is a slang word to be used in a friendly connection, which means they see you as a ‘cool’ and ‘close’ friend.  

When someone calls you ‘Dawg’ or ‘Dog’, they say it a in friendly tone. 

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You Dawg

They feel comfortable to say it and they trust you.  

Maybe, by saying ‘Dog’ in conversation often, they try to look cool, too. 

Like most rappers do.

From ‘What’s up, Dog?’ to ‘Yo, Dawg’, it expresses their friendliness.

But, it’s not always the same mean. You smell different, sometimes. 

Well, based on how you feel when someone calls you ‘Dawg’ or ‘Dog’, decide what your next response or comeback should be. 

Watch out for their tone and your feelings here. 

Some say it as friendliness, and some as an insult. 

And, you will feel it, whatever that is true.


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