33 (Funny &) Sarcastic Roasts To Say To Your Sister

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Does your sister always have the upper hand in every argument?

Well, then you might need some good, sarcastic, and funny roasts to tell your sister to win the next verbal war. 

She’s smart. So, you need to be savage.

Based on your connection, choose the level of insults for your sister.  

And, this article will provide you with the clean roasts to deal with your sharp-tongue sister.


Good Roasts To Say To Your Sister

Well, roasting your sister doesn’t mean you hate her.

This is part of your sibling rivalry.

But sometimes she gets too annoying and you have to silence her with your quick comeback. 

To make her stop messing with you, here is a good set of roasts to give your sister when you get a chance. 

Good Roasts To Say To Your Sister

1. “If you have a sister like I have, you will understand it better.”

That, how hard it is to tolerate such a nuisance. 

2. “Stop being jealous of me, sissy. It’s not my problem that I’m better than you.”

With this clever comeback, you tell your sister her thinking is her problem. 

You smartly insult your sister who is just jealous of you.

3. “You should thank me, at least I’m even talking to you.” 

Because no one in your family and her friends wants to deal with her nature. 

4. “May god bless that man who is going to marry you.” 

Your sister never listens to you and she really needs to change her behavior.

Maybe she will, after this roast. 

5. “But, why are you always in such an angry mood?” 

Tell her to relax, take a chill pill, and enjoy life. 

Sometimes. Maybe.

6. “I wish I could ignore you like your friends do.” 

But that’s not easy for you. 

Not because she’s your sister, but because you two are living under the same roof. 

7. “I don’t have time for you today, can you please leave me alone?” 

No disrespect for her, but you want to have a good day today. 

And before she spoils this day or mood, you just have to stop her. 


Funny Roasts To Tell Your Sister 

You and your sister share closeness and it’s more like friends. 

So, you two are comfortable fighting for no reason and enjoy it.   

To have more fun, you need this set of funny roasts to say to your sister in friendly banter. 

Funny Roasts To Tell Your Sister

8. “Here’s my money. Take it and please go.” 

When your sister starts to annoy you, it means she needs something for you. 

And, you know what that is. 

9. “Oh sorry, were you talking to me? I thought you were talking to yourself again.” 

Your sister just passed some random joke on you. 

But to make it fail with this clever comeback as you ignored her. 

10. “I hope your crush catches you when you’re in your messiest look.” 

That would be the ultimate curse to teach your sister a lesson.

11. “Get excitement in your life, Sis.” 

Whatever you do she has some issue with you. 

And, this way you roast your sister for living the same boring life and carrying a negative approach. 

12. “Do you ever wonder why you look so different from us?” 

In this way, you try to use the ‘You’re adopted’ joke on your sister. 

If she’s a strong woman and funny, it’s fine to give this savage roast to your sister. 

Otherwise, just avoid saying it. 

13. “That’s beyond your intelligence level. So, we are not discussing that.” 

You don’t want to have any conversation that leads to no end. 

This funny roast to tell your sister not to put pressure on her little brain. 

14. “You’re so dumb and that’s why most guys dump you.” 

This is a friendly comeback to share with your sister. 

You both don’t take anything seriously, so it’s fine to roast her this way. 


Savage Roast For Your Younger Sister

You love your younger sister no doubt. 

But she sometimes teases you to the limit. 

To deal with your little sister, say these savage insults to check if she can take it normally like you do. 

Savage roast for your younger sister

15. “Our parents expected better than me, but you’re even worse.” 

Your younger sister always gets away with her wit. 

This roast will make your younger sister realize the fact.

16. “Look at you, this is your real self. And, this side no one has an idea of.” 

Well, this is a clear insult to your sister, and here you call her a fake

Your relatives and other family members can’t stop praising her. 

But only you know how evil she is. 

17. “Don’t worry, you can still contact me, if you’re in trouble again.” 

You know she’s the little troublemaker. 

With this roast, you taunt her as she always comes to you when in trouble.

18. “I’m feeling so sad about your followers, they don’t know the reality.”

Because you know how she looks in real life. 

This is a clean roast to give your sister who is too obsessed with social media and likes. 

19. “I challenge you to not show me your face for the next few days.” 

Before this argument takes any further and you both start fighting, you just have to say it. 

This way you smartly tell your sister to stay away from you. 

20. “No wonder why your relationship never lasts that long.” 

Making fun of my sister’s relationship is not a good idea. 

But her attitude and dumbness are the problem. 

And with this roast, you tell your sister to do something about it. 


Smart Roast To Give Your Older Sister

You have an older sister who always acts like a boss and wins you over. 

And, with these smart roasts, you can put her in the same place. 

Whatever she thinks, tell her that her sister or brother (you) is way smarter. 

Smart roast to give your older sister

21. “Lady, you’re such a drama queen. I can’t deal with you, sorry.” 

You have had enough of your sister, she always irritates you. 

No more arguments with your sister.

Just you have to make it clear. 

22. “Better talk to yourself, because no one here understands you.” 

Nor do you have time to even listen to what she means to say

23. “You might be the firstborn, but I’m the upgraded one.” 

When your elder sister tries to outsmart you, give her this comeback. 

Tell her that you’re better in every way than her. 

24. “Seeing you, I realized that maturity doesn’t come with age.” 

This roast you can share with your older sister who thinks she’s smarter than you.

25. “Whatever you say, but I came here first, Okay?” 

So tell her to respect you because you’re older than her. 

And you have shared more time with your parents than she has. 

26. “Sorry but I can’t fix you. You have to accept yourself like we do.” 

And that’s what you and your entire family do. 

They can’t replace your sister, they know it well. 


Sarcastic Roasts To Tell Your Sister

Whether it’s her arrogance or attitude, whatever it is that annoys you. 

And she really needs to change that. 

To do so, you can use these sarcastic roasts against your sister. 

Sarcastic Roasts To Tell Your Sister

27. “I’m not sure how your boyfriend can tolerate such behavior.”

Maybe he has no other chance but to deal with her. 

Or, your sister hasn’t shown her real self to him. 

But this one is a sarcastic roast to pinch your sister for such annoying nature. 

28. “I wish I could be as lucky as you are.” 

So, with this sarcastic roast, you tell your sister that she gets anything she wants without any worries.  

29. “With an attitude like this, how could anyone still be friends with you?” 

Share this sarcastic comeback to your sister who just needs to know that she has an attitude issue

30. “I don’t think I need your opinion at all.” 

She always has something to say about what you do or even think. 

That’s not a problem but her opinion is too reserved and you don’t need it anyway. 

So, this is a clever comeback to give your sister. 

31. “If I got a chance to select you as my sister, I would deny that.” 

You do wish your parents had asked for your permission. 

32. “Your kids will get along with me more than they would be with you.” 

You can say this confidently because you know her nature. 

Here you roast your sister for her self-centered or uninteresting personality. 

As two sisters, you can share this insult as a joke.

33. “I let you win because you’re my sister.”

Your sister thinks she’s smart and easily wins against you.

But she has no idea that you lost intentionally.

Otherwise, this response is also a good burn to tease your sister.

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How To Roast Your Sister Clean?

Well, if that’s your older sister or younger one, she deserves good treatment. 

And that applies to both cases. 

You do care for her, but you also care for your feelings, as well. 

You might remain patient, but dealing with a difficult sister is a challenge.  

That sister who always gets you with her cleverness, you be ready with your quick comeback. 

How To Roast Your Sister Clean

You better have something sarcastic or funny to say. 

Also, take care that you don’t cross the limit while roasting your sister. 

She might not be perfect but she’s your sister in the end. 

No matter what you hate about her, you’re not going to change your sister. 

And, you have to accept her as it is.

So, if she annoys you for fun, you can insult her jokingly. 

With these good, sarcastic, and funny roasts to tell your sister, you can tease her, and keep her from winning over you again.  

Just have fun and make sure, your sister won’t get offended by these funny insults or roasts.


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