14 Funny Replies To “How Is Your Day Going?” 

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Someone you meet every day often approaches you with normal questions like ‘How Is your day?’. 

They could be your relative, neighbor, colleague, or stranger sometimes. 

And, when they ask, they expect nothing but small talk.

It takes no more time to reply like ‘Good, thanks’. 

But sometimes, it’s better to share creative and funny replies to this question. 

Based on your connection with that person, and mostly how today is actually going for you. 

So in this post, we are discussing some best ways to respond to ‘How’s your day going?’ question.

Hopefully, such best responses will open up some interesting conversations. 


How To Respond To “How Is Your Day Going”?

Well, no matter how this day is going for you, you want to respond based on how well they can relate to your situation. 

In most cases, you choose to say something positive about the day. 

That’s a good move. 

Because when someone asks about your day, they expect to hear something positive.

How To Respond To How Is Your Day Going

And, complaining isn’t something they want to discuss. 

Sometimes, you don’t want to keep it to lame responses like’ Fine’ or ‘Good’.

Say something that sounds positive and leave some scope for further conversation.

We have prepared some ideas regarding what to reply to ‘How’s your day going?’ from someone you know well. 


When Your Day Is Going Well For You

Well, this day is positive and everything goes as planned. 

There’s nothing to complain about. Just good in every aspect. 

When your family or partner asks about your day, they hope to hear something positive.  

So, here are some positive replies to give to asking ‘How Is your day going?’. 

positive replies to How Is your day going

1. “This day is going great than ever. What about you?” 

You’re in a good mood because this day is pretty good for you. 

And, as you ask about them, this shows you also hope that they also have a good day, too. 

2. “Thanks for always caring about me. I’m well today, don’t worry.” 

Yesterday you weren’t feeling good or faced some problems. 

So someone who cares about you asks you how you feel today. 

To make them feel relaxed, inform them that you’re feeling better. 

3. “It goes like I never expected. Simply perfect.” 

This is probably the best day that you ever think of. 

You never thought that there could be anything perfect but this day. 

4. I’m in a good mood. Tell me what you want to say. 

Someone who asks ‘How’s your day going?’ possibly they actually check if you’re in a good mood. 

This is a good day. 

So, you tell them to be comfortable and say what they want to say. 

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5. “It’s been such a great day for me. I’ve got some surprises for you.” 

When your partner or family texts about your day, tell them something good happened today. 

You’re not sharing exactly what. 

But to keep them excited for the rest of the day, you can share this response. 

6. “Today is good. But that doesn’t fix what you did yesterday.” 

Maybe they know what they did to you yesterday or what happened.

And as they’re checking on you how you feel today, you tell them that you’re not in the mood to forgive them, if they ask for an apology.

7. “It’s going well. Thanks for asking.”

You can share this response with a stranger who just asks about your day. 

And, being polite you answered the same. 

8. “Feeling like something good is about to happen.” 

It’s just your mood or some other reason, but you feel positive today for some reason. 

You’re sure that something positive is about to happen for the rest of the day. 

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When Your Day Isn’t Going GOOD (And You Can’t Lie)

Someone who can relate to your feelings can understand why your day isn’t good. 

If this day isn’t any good and you don’t feel comfortable lying, just say how your day is really going. 

Here are some honest responses to let someone know that this isn’t your day. 

responses to How Is your day going

9. “I wish this day would end sooner.” 

You can’t take it anymore.

This day is getting worse for you. 

Nothing right happened today. 

But your response is still positive, you know it’s just a bad day.

10. “It’s officially the bad day of my life. So, the longest day.” 

When your friend asks how’s your day going on such a bad day, you share this funny response. 

They exactly know that you say so in a hilarious tone. 

11. “I’m feeling so tired today. Still have lots of things to do. And the weekend isn’t around yet. 

During work, your colleague found that you’re quite busy today. 

So they care to ask how’s work or do you need any help. 

Well, you’re so tired and waiting for the weekend to relax, so this response makes sense.

12. “I don’t know what to say.” 

So many things that happened today that you don’t know where to start. 

Or maybe you just don’t want to talk about what this day brings to you. 

13. “It’s the same, nothing new.”

The response works both for a good and bad day.

But ‘the same’ mostly means nothing is exciting to talk about. 

Share with someone who asks so randomly knowing that this isn’t a good day for sure. 

14. “Pretty bad day. Hope to see the second half go better.” 

Today might not be your day, but you’re still hoping for some good. 

This one is truly a tiresome and boring day for you. 

You could share this response with your coworkers, and friends in a positive mood. 

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What Does “How Is Your Day Going” Mean?

When someone asks you ‘How is your day going?’ they might ask so for some reason or just ask casually. 

People you regularly meet ask so just to have a chat with you.  

It’s the same like, ‘How are you?’, ‘How’s it going?’ and all. 

Fine if you share some short answers to that. 

What Does how's your day going mean

When someone asks about your day, they expect some conversation with you. 

Maybe they know that yesterday wasn’t good or that the last few days have been tough lately. 

When it comes to sharing replies to ‘How’s your day going?’ you primarily respond positively that it’s a good day.

But, based on your connection, choose the right way to respond. 

To your family, you can be honest, and tell them how it is actually. 

To friends, you can try some funny responses. 

And, when a stranger asks about your day, you don’t want to share too much, just keep it short and direct.  


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