(12 Good Comebacks) When Someone Makes Fun Of You Or Your Looks

  • February 22, 2024

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Obviously, it lowers your self-esteem when someone makes fun of you. 

This person who laughs at you, saying anything as a joke.

But he/she has no idea how it affects you. Or, maybe they know it well.

That’s why they do it so often. 

Whatever it is, you want to have some comebacks ready to say when someone makes fun of your looks. 

It’s to show them that you’re confident in who you are.

And, their comments do not affect you.  


What To Say When Someone Makes Fun Of You?

You might be confident in your skin.

That, you don’t think about looking perfect to others. 

But someone who wants to make you feel bad about yourself, and make comments on anything from your appearance, personality, and looks. 

They do so because they have nothing else to say. 

The first thing to do is, never take them seriously. 

Believe, whatever they say, it’s because they’re jealous of you. 

What To Say When Someone Makes Fun Of You

Well, another way to deal with people who make fun of you, is to say something clever that eventually makes them feel ‘bad’ about themselves. 

Of course, you’re not like them.

But, that’s the way you stop them. 

In the next section, we are talking about the comebacks you can give when someone laughs at you and jokes about your looks. 


Good Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun Of You

Friends often tease you for no reason. 

But they don’t intend to make you feel ashamed. 

While someone who feels jealous towards you, they never accept any good about you. 

They always have to comment rudely to you

Being a critic, they point out something wrong in you. 

If you think about what to say to someone who laughs at you for no reason, here are some smart things to defend yourself. 

Good Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun Of You

1. “Well, you can say that. But that does not make you any better. Know that.” 

By saying anything, they think that they make you feel bad. 

Tell them that their actions and words have no impact on you. 

And, why should they? This person isn’t perfect either. 

Importantly, they’re not even close to you. 

2. “Thanks for your opinion. But I ask you nothing.” 

It’s their choice to say anything about you, you have a choice not to accept it. 

And, that’s what you do, by responding in such a clear way. 

You appreciate their time to come up with some jokes about you. 

But no one has asked about their opinion, nor are their comments valid. 

3. “If you think that would affect me, you’re wrong.”  

Tell this person that you’re not the one they can easily break. 

You are not just better than them, but also smarter and more confident.  

This comeback would annoy them within. 

4. “Only talk about someone’s look when you’re perfect. Are you perfect?”  

Ask them the direct question and see if they’re confident to answer.

This question will hit them sarcastically. 

You show them their place and it’s sure they will never show up again. 

5. “Okay, so you don’t like it but everyone does. Does it mean you’re jealous of me, aren’t you?” 

It’s that simple and clear. 

This person secretly dislikes you and always finds a way to bring you down. 

Well, you shouldn’t care about them.  

Because you’ve more people on your side who wish good for you. 

6. “That must be the most worthless advice I have ever gotten. But thanks, though.” 

You might have people who always have to correct you on something. 

It’s fine to make mistakes. But it doesn’t give them the right to laugh at anything you do. 

You at least tried something and that’s what you should be confident about.  

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Clever Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun Of Your Looks

When you try new looks or you’re comfortable with your appearance but someone always has to comment something funny. 

Here, you better have something to defend your choice. 

You don’t see any issue with your looks. But they do. 

After all, nobody is perfect. It’s all a matter of confidence in your skin. 

If you have someone who always jokes about your looks and unique style, here are some comebacks to have handy to defend your confidence.

Clever Comebacks When Someone Makes Fun Of Your Looks

1. “Thanks I will take it as a compliment. Hope you don’t mind.” 

You absolutely understand why they laugh at your looks.

But you share this immediate response, to show that you take it as positively. 

It will fail their attempt to make you feel low. 

2. “Saying this might make you feel better. But it does nothing to your face.” 

Indirectly you tell them you’re ugly, not perfect either. 

Some people compare themselves with you.

They do anything to look better. 

This comeback will hurt their confidence in what they’re trying to do to you. 

3. “I’m prepared for someone else. Not for you.” 

So, you don’t mind what they say about your looks and styles. 

It’s your favorite dress or hairstyle you did for someone who actually loves it. 

This one is a clear response to tell them that you don’t care about their opinion. 

4. “Don’t worry about my looks. My personality will fix that.” 

You’re confident that you might not have a perfect face. 

But you’re confident enough to bring positive vibes with your personality. 

This will upset this person as their attempt to make fun of your look failed.  

5. “I might be ugly as you say. But at least I have a mind and personality.” 

You mean to say that they’re not just ugly, but also dumb and with zero personality.

Indeed, that’s what you say with this sarcastic reply. 

They said what they think about you. So, you said what you think about them. 

But what you said sounds factual.

6. “You know it’s your mom’s favorite. But, Why you don’t like it, I don’t know.” 

This comeback might hit them hard and make them angry. 

So use at your own risk.

But it’s fine, because that’s your friend who just casually makes fun of your look and nothing serious. 

So they already know that you’re also kidding. 

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When Someone Laughs At You

Well, you can laugh along, if what you do is strange. 

Most of the time when friends laugh at you or your appearance, they don’t mean to insult you. 

They just say it casually and playfully. 

But, there is always one who hates you and is jealous of how better-looking you are. 

When Someone Laughs At You

Well, it’s not your problem, because you never compare yourself with them. 

But they have to.

So, most of their jokes about your looks are to make you feel uncomfortable about yourself. 

If you don’t want to say anything, just say ‘Thanks for your suggestion’ and leave. 

However, when someone makes fun of you or your looks most of the time, you need to share the best comebacks to keep them in check. 

It’s like saying to them “I don’t care what you think about me. I’m perfect in what I am and how I look.” 


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