8 Funny Responses To “See You Later, Alligator!”

  • February 20, 2024

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Good to know that, your friend still uses ‘See you later, alligator’ – a classic catchphrase. 

Well, you might be looking for better ways to respond to this fun ‘Goodbye’ greeting in person or over text. 

Here in this post, we are sharing the best responses for ‘Later, gator’. 

This isn’t going to be ‘After a while, crocodile’ type regular responses. 

You can expect more from us. 

Here are interesting and better ideas for you!


What To Reply To “See You Later, Alligator!”?

Well, some friends don’t like to say ‘bye’ while leaving. 

So they look for other ways to say ‘goodbye’ that are more friendly. 

More like ‘later alligator’ is also a way to say goodbye to your friends. 

To end a meeting in a humorous tone, when someone says so, make leaving even more interesting by responding in a cute and funny manner. 

We’ve prepared some better responses that you can share with your friends who say ‘See you later, alligator’ after a catch-up or chat ends. 

What To Reply To See You Later, Alligator

1. “Sooner, but not later.” 

This meeting was just fantastic and you enjoyed being with them. 

You can’t wait enough for your next meetup. 

So, to rhyme with it correctly, you say ‘sooner’ not ‘later’. 

2. “Yeah, I’ll text you when I reach my zoo.” 

This friend calls you an alligator, in this way. 

You’re taking it lightly.

So, to inform you, tell them that you’ll text on reaching home

But, as you’re an alligator, you change it to the ‘zoo’.

3. “Of course, when you fix your matter.” 

You say that when they’re done with their work, you will meet again. 

The word ‘matter’ here is just to rhyme with the word ‘alligator’. 

You could use another word that suits you well. 

4. “Maybe never. Because you’re my number one ‘hater’.”

Either you’re saying it genuinely or just kidding. 

When this person is actually like an alligator. 

They come close slowly and attack when it’s the right time. 

Well, you can use it to roast your ex-friend

5. “Grow up, kiddo!” 

You just want to make fun of this friend for using this antique phrase.

It’s not to insult this friend, you just wish them to say something of this age. 

6. “Whatever. I will call you later.”  

If you struggle to use the rhyming word to ‘later alligator’ try this. 

Maybe you’re so busy and have no time to properly say anything. 

But, this is still a fun response to tell that ‘This alligator will talk to you later’. 

7. “Sure, later. But, not never.”

It’s just a bye and not a goodbye.

It’s just leaving the meeting and not a friendship.

And, to confirm that you can share this response.

Because some friends just need to know it clearly and concisely.

8. “Yeah, don’t get too late. Because you’re too fat.” 

Like your friend uses the goodbye wish to ‘ later, gator’, you do the same. 

Such a witty reply to give a phrase that rhymes with ‘late’ and ‘fat’. 

Be sure that they don’t feel offended that you joke about their weight. 

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What Does “Later, Alligator” Mean?

The phrase ‘See you later, alligator’ was actually from an old song. 

Mostly, kids use it to say ‘goodbye’, in a friendly way. This simply means, ‘See you soon’. 

Someone who uses this phrase makes it a friendly and cute bye-bye while leaving. 

What does later alligator mean

You can use it with your grown friends instead of saying the usual ‘goodbye’. 

Some also prefer to just say ‘Later, gator!’ which is shorter but the same!

To this cute farewell and desire to catch up soon, you can respond with some rhyming words to ‘gator’ or ‘alligator’. 

It’s just to make you feel better!

We will see you, Alligator!


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