8 Savage Replies When A Girl Calls You “Bro” (The Best Ones!)

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If she feels comfortable calling you ‘Bro’, you should be fine to give savage replies. 

Because this is your honest response to tell her that you’re not kidding. 

Of course, when a girl calls you ‘Bro’, especially the one, you’ve a secret crush on, it shocks you when you hear it for the first time.

You feel confused about what to say and how to deal with it. 

Because you can’t figure about why she called you her ‘Brother’. 

Maybe you’re too good for her or she’s just being friendly with you.

Even if it’s a joke or she feels so relaxed, the fear of ‘being bro-zoned’ is what makes you feel helpless. 

But, you also want to make it clear that you don’t want to be her ‘Bro’.  


What To Reply When A Girl Calls You “Bro”?

Your friendship was going all well and that one day she calls you ‘Bro’.

This is where everything starts to change. 

No doubt your entire mood and feelings hurt when you hear this. 

But instead of getting angry and just starting an argument with her, you better have some comebacks for calling you ‘Bro’.

Who knows, she might be trying to see your reaction and knows well that you have a crush on her. 

At the same time, you also want her to stop calling you ‘Bro’ again. 

What To Reply When A Girl Calls You Bro

So in that case, we have prepared some savage responses for you.

But the condition is, that you both have to be comfortable to share inside jokes around. 

And, she won’t be offended and handle it like you did it at first. 

This is just a way to hint that you’ve some sort of feelings for her and that’s why you don’t like her to call you ‘Bro’. 

So, here are the honestly savage ways to respond to ‘Bro’ from a girl you’re crushing on. 

1. “I’m not your brother, okay!”

Nor are you interested in being her brother or bro ever. 

Even if she said so in a friendly tone, you don’t like it. 

So you make it clear to her. 

2. “Well, you don’t deserve to be my sister, but someone close.” 

Tell her she deserves to be your girlfriend or more. 

This is a perfect response to share with your crush when she calls you bro for no reason. 

Maybe this is what she hopes to hear. 

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3. “Call me anything but your bro. PLEASE.” 

You strictly tell her that hearing ‘brother’ from her actually hurts you. 

So, you request her to stop saying it.

Even over text.

Possible that she does so just to tease you. 

4. “I’ve one sister that’s enough for me.” 

And you don’t want another sister. 

When your friend calls you ‘Bro’ and you’ve no romantic feelings for her, but it still doesn’t feel right, you can share this reply. 

It is also a funny response to show that your sister is enough that you don’t need her anymore. 

When Your Crush Calls You Bro

5. “You better call me ‘Babe’. Because ‘Bro’ doesn’t feel right.” 

Well, this clearly shows what’s on your mind with your connection. 

A girl will get the idea that you have a crush on her and have some feelings for her. 

Maybe she attempts to be real with what’s in your heart. 

This could be a bold response, but it could work in your case if you’ve been shy to express your love. 

6. “Seriously, that’s how you see me from day one?” 

This is the first time when you hear her calling you ‘Bro’ in text. 

It might be playful, but this actually changed your entire mood. 

You were joking around and spending time with each other. 

But you didn’t know that she is seeing you as her brother. 

7. “What did you just call me? Fine, we are going to share bills from now on.”

Well, the way she calls you ‘Brother’ it clears everything.

You had some expectection from this connection.

But as you now how she sees you, you’re ready to keep it that way.

8. “Hey, you don’t have the right to say that. It also doesn’t sound appropriate.” 

You already have a sister who holds the right to call you brother forever. 

But even as a friend, this doesn’t feel any good.

It doesn’t matter if you know this girl or not, no girl has the right to call you ‘Bro’. 

Only one girl, your real sister, has the right to call you ‘Brother’. 

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What Does It Mean When She Calls You “Bro”?

Well, when a girl calls you ‘Bro’, no every time she sees you just as a friend. 

So you better not overthink and just react frustratedly.  

Maybe she might call you bro, but to show that she trusts you and feels comfortable with you. 

Indeed, a girl calls a guy ‘Bro’ for many reasons.

Rather than just one. 

Possible that a girl, your crush has the idea that you have some sort of crush on her but you’re too shy to admit what you think about her

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Bro

In that case, she might tease you just to see how you respond to being called ‘Bro’. 

She wants to put some pressure on you, to see your honest reaction and feelings out. 

Likewise, it’s also possible that you both have a crush on each other, but she’s also shy, too. 

And by calling you that, a girl tries to hide her feelings from you or others around. 

So, yes, you can believe that when a girl calls you ‘Bro’ is just a test, to check how you react and what you say afterward. 

If you want to be clear with her that you don’t like when she calls you ‘Bro’ or want to share what kind of relationship you hope with her, be honest with her.


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