58 (Funny &) Flirty Responses To “Thinking Of You” Text

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This feels admiring, when someone texts you that “I’m thinking of you”. 

Your friend, crush, or long-distance partner, says they’re thinking about you, it normally means they’re missing you.

They care about you as you’re away. 

Maybe they also want to be with you. 

Well, you’re lucky to have someone who can’t stop thinking about you. 

So, when you get this text, you better know how to respond in a way that makes your conversation even more special.  

But wait, in this post, we will discuss some funny, witty, and flirty ways to respond ‘I’m thinking about you’ text from someone. 

You pick the perfect list of responses, based on your connection and the mood. 


Witty Responses To “I’m Thinking Of You”

While asking to ask someone ‘What are you doing?’ in text, their immediate response could be ‘Nothing, just I’m thinking of you’. 

You’ve no idea what to say in response at that time. 

So instead of replying anyway, choose to reply in a clever way as if you already know the reason or want them to talk about it more. 

Witty Responses To I’m Thinking Of You

1. “Can I know why I’m on your mind right now?”

2. “And, what’s this about?” 

3. “Just today? I’m thinking of you every day.” 

4. “You’re so sweet that you always think of me first.”  

5. “I hope this is all regarding good thoughts only.”

6. “How many girls have you forwarded this message to?” 

7. “I hope these thoughts about me make you smile today.” 

8. “What’s the matter, you’ve been thinking about me a lot lately?”

9. “Thinking that how awesome I am, right?” 

10. “To share your new car with me.”

11. “That’s really nice to hear that. Thank you.” 

12. “You’re such a good friend, that I’m very lucky to have.”

13. “I know you’re among only a few people who actually think of me.” 

14. “Sorry, I didn’t want to interrupt you during work hours.”

15. “And, what are we doing when you think about me?”

16. “I’m interested to know what are your thoughts about me.”

17. “We’re all good here. Now, you can stop thinking and get back to work.”

18. “Sorry, I will try my best to leave your mind sooner.”

19. “Let me tell you if you think too much about me, you will fall in love with me.”

20. “And, would you mind telling me what this is regarding?”

21. “Stop, I don’t want to know anything about It. I know what you’re thinking about me.”


Flirty Response To “Thinking Of You” Text

You suddenly got a text from your long-distance partner or friends with benefits that they think about you today. 

What’s in their mind and their intention, you already know that. 

So, to make the conversation intimate, you can try the flirtiest replies like these. 

Inform them that you’re also thinking the same.  

Flirty Response To Thinking Of You Text

1. “I feel as universe sends me signs that you think about me.”

2. “You’re thinking of me right now, but you’re on my mind always.”

3. “Then let’s catch up sometime. Inform me when you’re free.” 

4. “That means we should be together right now.” 

5. “I got that signal and I’m already on my way to your home.”

6. “I can’t tell you how much I’m missing you here.” 

7. “That’s why I see your face in everything I look at.” 

8. “I’m just in your mind or also in your heart?” 

9. “Yeah, I just saw a dream of you and me together.” 

10. “If you’re done thinking, then can we start doing it?” 

11. “Hey, honey, I, too, really wish you to be here now.”

12. “Not just during the day, I think of you every night.” 

13. “If you’ve something to share I can call you right now.” 

14. “Yeah, I, too, can’t wait to meet you again.”

15. “Then why are we still chatting here, let us meet up!”

16. “Why is there nobody at home?”

17. “That’s why suddenly I start to feel so happy for no reason.”

18. “I’m very lucky to have someone like you who thinks of me.”

19. “It’s always good to have someone who thinks of you.”

20. “Yeah, I have been thinking of you since our last date.”

21. “I, too, miss you here, I will try my best to come back to you soon. “

22. “Thinking that you shouldn’t have to wait to propose for marriage, right?”

23. “Aww, that’s sweet. I also can’t stop thinking about you.”

24. “It’s not just you, I’m here thinking only about you, too.” 


Funny Replies To “I Was Just Thinking About You”

Possible that you get a message from your old friend informing you how they were thinking about you and recalling the memories. 

You could say ‘I’m thinking about you, too’, but there’s no fun in replying like this. 

We’re talking about better responses here.

With friends particularly, you want to share such funny responses to make it a hilarious conversation. 

Funny Replies To I Was Just Thinking About You

1. “Only you think of me, no one else.” 

2. “I hope I won’t disturb you in your study or your work.”

3. “Am I in trouble now? “

4. “Please believe me I have done nothing wrong.” 

5. “How do you end up being with a crazy person like me?” 

6. “I think you’ve sent this message to the wrong person.” 

7. “Don’t think of me much, you might have a headache then.”

8. “Are you drunk texting me or what?” 

9.Then keep thinking of me, I don’t mind at all.”

10. “Tell me this is a joke. So, I will laugh at it.” 

11. “You think of no one, but only yourself.”

12. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to come to your mind.” 

13. “Okay, that’s good for you.” 

14. “I know it’s not easy to get me out of your mind.”

15. “Yes, you can do that, it’s beyond my control.” 

16. “The way you say, it scares me, Bro.” 

17. “You can just think of me but never do anything.” 

18. “Take me out of your head, I told you that nothing is going to happen.” 

19. “Only thinking will not help, you should help me with money or something.”

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How To Respond To “Thinking About You” Text?

When someone says ‘I’m thinking about you right now’ it could be because of many reasons. 

Maybe this person is missing your presence and they wish you were here with them. 

Maybe they care about you and are worried. Because of what happened recently. 

It could be just random thoughts about you. 

Or maybe, like couples usually text each other, it could be the same regular text. 

How To Respond To Thinking About You Text

But, the text ‘thinking of you’ from someone close like your lover, clearly means that you’re on their mind and they need you.

Whether it’s your friend, lover, or long-distance partner, when they text, you thank them for thinking about you. 

But, if you share special responses as we shared here, you make your conversation feel meaningful and memorable. 

Based on your mood and the type of mutual feeling, you can choose to share witty, funny, and flirty responses to ‘I’m thinking about you’ text from someone. 

Further, if possible, you also invite them or meet them personally. 

Because it’s also a way to say ‘I’m missing you right now’ to special someone!


Hi, there 👋! It’s nice to meet you.

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