16 Funny (& Flirty) Responses To “I Like You”

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When someone says ‘I like you’, maybe they’re impressed with your personal quality.

And, that they like to be with you more often.

It’s not every time that they say this, because they’ve some feelings for you. Remember that. 

Friends often say that they like you or show it with their actions. 

That means they enjoy your company.  

Well, over texts or in person when someone admits that ‘I like you’, how you respond matters. 

Possible that you also like them the way they are or you don’t like them at all.  

Whatever it is, based on your interest and connection, here are the best responses you can give to someone who likes you. 


Flirty Response To “I Like You”

Don’t be shy, if you also have a crush on them. 

This person finally takes courage and confesses to you directly that they like you. 

Maybe you want to say it or have been waiting for them to make a move.

But anyway, with your flirty replies, you tell them that you also have the same feelings for them. 

Flirty Response To I Like You

1. “I know that already.  But, you have taken a long time to say that.” 

There’s already a mutual crush going on and you both are waiting for each other to make a move. 

Finally, they make a move and tell you that they like you. So you reply this way. 

This also shows that you don’t have any issues because you like them back. 

2. “Just ‘like you’? I expected you would say ‘I love you’.” 

Maybe your crush is shy and still hasn’t fully admitted their feelings for you. 

They just say ‘Like you’, but you expect your crush to say ‘love you’

You’re ready for that, as well. So, you give them a second chance. 

3. “I’ve been dying to hear that, You said it finally.” 

The way she looks at you and smiles, itself shows she likes you. 

You know that if it’s coming. 

And finally, as she confesses her feelings openly, this response expresses your excitement for this moment. 

4. “Oh, you make me blush. I’ve to say I feel the same about you.” 

Like most others, you can normally respond like ‘I like you, too’.

It’s like saying ‘I love you more’.

But, if you are really into them, make your response unique. 

5. “I was about to say the same.” 

You’re a bit late to reply, but fine as they say it. 

Because if they’ve not said this to you, you were about to. 

6. “Thanks! But, I want to hear this in person.” 

On social media or dating sites, someone you’ve been chatting with for quite a while, one day texts you ‘I like you’.  

Well, you also have an interest in them. 

So, you don’t want to keep it over text only, you want to experience it personally. 

7. “So can we go on a date or something?” 

There’s no way you’re going to wait any longer to make the next move. 

They already have made you wait so long to say that they like you. 

So, you take the lead and ask for a coffee date or some meeting. Because he’s just too shy. 

8. “And, what makes you like me?” 

When a guy says he likes you, ask him straight what is something that he likes about you.

Because he has complimented you many ways, you just want to know some good reason for his liking.


Funny Replies To “I Like You”

Those who tell you ‘I like you’ don’t mean they have a crush on you. 

Sometimes, they tell you jokingly and nothing personal about that. 

Or sometimes, they say it because they need you for some help. 

Especially when your friend says that they like you, here are the funny ways to respond. 

Funny Replies To I Like You

1. “I like you, too. But as a friend.” 

You’re scared as your friends tell you I like you. 

So, you can give this witty response to avoid any drama. 

And, you just friend-zoned them just now. 

2. “I know that. Now tell me, what do you want from me?”

Being friends with them for years, you know someone very well. 

They never say anything nice to someone, unless they need someone. 

So, it’s a funny response but a smart move to ask what they want from you.  

3. “Sorry, but I don’t like you. Yeah, Hate you.”

Of course, when you say this to a friend, they know you’re joking, too.

And they don’t mind at all. 

Because they said that they like you in a fun mood, too. 

4. “That’s great, I like me, too.” 

Instead of giving any attention to their feelings about you, present your self-love. 

You very well know what they mean, you just want to play safe. 

5. “Wow, my boyfriend texts me the same every hour.” 

This random stranger online just texts you that they like you.

You want to handle this situation effectively.

So, you can try to reply like this. 

It’s your way to show that you have a boyfriend, so they stop thinking any further than that. 

6. “I don’t know what to say in return.” 

As they randomly tell you that they like you, it leaves you speechless. 

Maybe you don’t want to say anything or are just shocked. 

7. “Who doesn’t?”

This might be a boastful response but it expresses you know it.

When a friend or crush tells they like you, you can share this response with confidence.

8. “Thanks, but I cannot say the same about you.” 

This person likes you and tells you that you already acknowledge their interest. 

But, you’re not into them, so this is the way you can make it clear. 

They might be expecting you to say the same, but you’re not saying it. 

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What To Say When Someone Says They Like You?

Well, if someone tells you that they like you, you respond to it based on your interest. 

If they say so, because of your personal quality and not with personal feelings, you could thank them. 

Because it’s a compliment that most of us like to get. 

But when someone says ‘I like you’ and it means they’ve feelings for you, choose to reply considering how you feel about them and the connection you have. 

What to say when someone says they like you

Possible that you like the same way or just as a friend, whatever it is, make your response clear. 

There’s no need to keep them waiting or be rude to them. 

Either in person or over text, they take the courage to say it, and valuing that, be honest and share what you think about them. 

You could remain friends though, or it could be the start of your special relationship, your response to ‘I like you’ decides that all. 


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