8 Ways To Respond When A Boss Says ‘Sorry’

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‘A boss is not always right.’… if your boss accepts it and apologizes when he’s wrong, you’re in good company. 

Well, you must have a good day, when a boss says ‘Sorry’ for their mistake.

Because that happens rarely.

But when this happens that means, you have a responsible manager.

Also, he has a sense of maintaining professionalism.

But, you find it confusing, because you’re unsure how to respond to an apologizing boss or manager.

So, here are some good responses to ‘sorry’ from your boss or manager for some mistakes, delayed feedback, or unavailability.


How Do You Respond When A Boss Says ‘Sorry’?

There are different reasons your boss might apologize to you. 

Such as he can’t guide you properly because he is too busy, often replies to emails too late, or completely forgets about your request. 

No matter what the case may be, these are some effective ways to respond to ‘sorry’ from the boss.  

How Do You Respond When A Boss Says Sorry

1. “No problem. We’ll continue when you’re available.” 

You already know how busy your boss is.

In such cases, your boss can’t be with you and guide you well.

If so, then you can reply like this when the boss says ‘sorry’ about his busy schedule.

2. “It’s okay! You don’t have to be sorry for that.” 

You’re just trying to be understood here and tell your boss that you’re not blaming him.

Whether it’s a mistake or the unavailability of a boss, you’re able to adjust.

As you know it’s not his fault.

There must be a better priority for your boss. 

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3. “Don’t worry. This project is quite challenging.”

In managing other tasks and multiple projects, your boss may lose track of something you usually do.

In such a case when your boss says sorry to you for missing something, your reply shows you aren’t overreacting.

But, you’re trying to understand the situation.

4. “No problem, sir! I will take care of that.”

Because your boss is out of the office for some important work or personal reasons, he or she cannot respond to your request.

With this reply to sorry from the boss, you’re comforting him.

Instead of putting pressure on your boss, you manage the situation, which certainly makes your boss feel less stressed. 

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5. “I think everything is fine in the end, that’s what matters the most.” 

He has a valid reason, not an excuse, for not being available during project execution.

Finally, when he has time, your boss might say sorry for the inconvenience and all.

With this reply on apologizing from the boss, you show that the project is done on time, which is what matters to you both.

6. “I’m not sure for what reason you’re apologizing to me.”

Here, you are shocked to hear why your boss is saying ‘sorry’ to you.

Also, you’re unaware of what’s the reason.

It is normal to make mistakes in a professional setting. Maybe your boss is referring to one of the routine errors.

But, as you’re unaware or unaffected by the situation, you better reply with this.  

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7. “Not an issue. This is just a part of my job.” 

Your boss has been facing some technical difficulties in the system and being in tech support you’re at work.

Because this task is taking more than it should your boss say sorry for your time.

In case, he might have no idea, inform him this is your work responsibility.

8. (Just for fun) “Okay, but don’t let it happen again.” 

Not all bosses are frank, but if you’re lucky to have one.

So, you can share this reply when your boss apologizes for something.

Maybe your boss asks too personal questions and now realizes his mistake. Or if that’s related to work alone.

Whatever, this is a fun reply to give as if you’re acting like your boss’ boss but in a friendly manner.

Try this response when you have known your boss for a long time and you often joke together. 


When Your Manager Says “Sorry” To You

Well, no matter for which reason your boss apologizes to you, you better know how to reply right.

You can’t confront your boss for the mistakes, as he’s still your boss. 

But, when your boss says ‘sorry’, you can accept the apology professionally.

Your responses are important to your work relationship.

As well, it’s appreciative that your boss is responsible and cares to say ‘sorry’ when he’s wrong. 

The shared responses are our best suggestions for you to reply with to an apologizing boss.

While it’s still a good idea to respond appropriately considering the reason for an apology and your connection with a boss.


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