16 (Sarcastic &) Funny Answers To “Can I Ask You Something?”

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After staring at you for two minutes, someone finally asked “Can I ask you something?”.

You feel that this must be something awkwardly personal. 

So, you wish you could stop there here. But you can’t say no directly. 

In that case, you can try some sarcastic and funny answers when someone asks if they can ask about something. 

Because you just want to avoid their question, and this could be the way.


How To Answer To “Can I Ask You Something”?

Depending on who is asking, you can answer “Can I ask you something” in different ways. 

When this is your genuine connection and who knows what to ask, you can reply with ‘Sure you can’. 

You’re safe here. And, their question is answerable. 

How To Answer To Can I Ask You Something

But if it’s from your friend who just teases you with stupid questions or a co-worker asking a personal question, you wish you could just deny them.

This isn’t just easy enough. 

Sometimes you want to share witty reactions to avoid the discussion further. 

Here are the sarcastic and funny answers to share when someone asks you ‘Can I ask you something?’:

1. “No, first let me ask you a question.” 

Whatever you ask them, make sure this is a big topic. 

It has to be great enough to let them talk for hours. 

Because you don’t wish to talk about anything, you just divert the question. 

2. “Yes, but only if this is something good or new.”  

You are ready to take their question. 

But you don’t want to handle anything stupid or such an obvious question

3. “Nah, sometimes it’s good to find answers yourself.” 

You know what they are about to ask. 

And you don’t have any intention to spend your time on it. 

You just want them to be independent, that’s all.  

4. “You can ask me anything, but I will decide whether to answer it or not.” 

Of course, they are free to ask you something, or anything.

You are ready to listen to their question but show them don’t expect that you’ll answer them.

This is a clever response to draw your priorities straight. 

5. “But just one question, Please!” 

This is your curious cousin who always has further ‘why?’ questions waiting. 

You know his questions never end.

And, as you have no time, you must keep it limited to one question only. 

6. “Right now, I’m not in a mood to talk to you.” 

You are busy or just not in the mood to handle any questions. 

This one is a direct denial. 

7. “I will tell you when I’m in a mood to answer you.” 

Right now it’s not a good time to talk to you

But you assure them that when you have time or mood to listen to them, you will update them

8. “You asked something already. Time’s up.” 

This one is the most obvious answer you can give. 

A friendly response to make someone regret wasting their one chance. 

Funny Answer To Can I Ask You Something

9. “Sorry, my time to answer any question is over. See you tomorrow.” 

You playfully tease a friend for asking this polite permission. 

Of course, they can ask you anything, but here they act formally.

So, you tease them with funny answers saying see you tomorrow.

10. “Save it for another day, not today. I request you.” 

Because today is your day to answer anything. 

You are in a good mood and don’t want to spoil it. 

11. “If this is something serious, go ahead. If something stupid, go backward.”

Let them decide if they see their question as serious or stupid. 

You let them decide it on their own.  

12. “Sure, why not, I’m here just to answer your every ‘nonsense’ question.” 

This is a sarcastic answer to tease someone who always asks something stupid. 

Because they annoy you with their question, this is a worthy reaction.

Sarcastic Answer To Can I Ask You Something

13. “Make sure this isn’t something that makes me punch you in the face.” 

You want to clarify what will happen when they ask something personal or embarrassing.

14. “And what’s the prize money for this question?” 

You are not there to answer any questions they have. 

They can expect the answer, but you also want to know what you will get. 

15. “You can ask but don’t expect any answer from me.” 

Because based on their question you will decide whether to answer it or not. 

This is a good response to share with your friendly coworker who could ask something personal at work.

16. “Ask me any question, but not money.” 

This one is a witty response to give your friend who could ask for money. 

So, you play safe here and tell them that you are there to answer any question, as much as they want. 

But not going to answer, if you have money or how much you earn


What Does “Can I Ask You Something” Meaning?

When someone asks “Can I ask you something?” they are being polite before straightaway asking anything to you. 

And it won’t be just any question. This must be something personal. 

So, they have to confirm before going ahead. 

Here they act politely and ask for your permission before sharing their question with you, which is good. 

What Does Can I Ask You Something Mean

Based on the connection and situation, you can decide what you can respond to. 

If this person is serious and asks it politely, let them share the question. 

In other cases, you want to avoid the question but can’t tell them straight. 

Especially to someone who annoys you with stupid questions, you can try here shared funny and sarcastic answers to ‘Can I ask you something?’.

This is just to divert the conversation which could be awkward or personal. 


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