18 Sarcastic Answers To Obvious Questions You Want To Avoid

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You’re so annoyed with someone’s obvious questions that you have no idea what to say. 

It’s not like you’ve no answers to share. 

But it’s such an obvious thing that sounds useless to explain it. 

Maybe they’re too dumb to ask so or just want to talk about something. 

And, if someone catches you discussing such an obvious topic, they will make fun of you.  

You want to respond in a way that could save you. 

So, in this post, we are sharing some sarcastic answers to obvious questions you get every day that challenge you emotionally. 


How To Sarcastically Answer Obvious Questions?

We are with you if you feel frustrated when answering someone’s obvious question. 

Possible that they just don’t understand such simple things. 

Or, they just have to bother you, that’s it. 

But enough, you don’t want to deal with their timeless Q&A anymore. 

Whether you want to give them a message like it’s an ‘obvious thing’ or want them to think before asking such a question, responding sarcastically is the best option. 

If you need some suggestions about sarcastic answers to obvious questions, let us provide you with some to share next time. 

How To Sarcastically Answer Obvious Questions

1. “Everybody knows that. You’re not the first one to know this, okay!” 

And they are actually celebrating like they are the first ones to know it. 

2. “Are you testing your intelligence or my patience?”

You’re just curious about what you want to achieve with such an obvious question. 

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3. “I don’t understand why you are behind on all things?”

Maybe they were living in the stone age. 

Don’t blame them.  

4. “Man, you’re way behind the present generation.” 

Tell them to keep updating themselves with the time. 

There are a lot of things to do. 

5. “I never know that you’ve some issue with your vision.” 

It’s apparent what you do right now but they still ask. 

So you share such a sarcastic answer. 

6. “No, I’m just here checking how everything is doing.” 

When someone asks ‘What are you doing at the movie theater?’, this is an obvious answer to share. 

7. “I’m so worried about your future as you asked me this.” 

The question they ask in such an obvious situation shows their level of intelligence. 

It scares you, and makes you feel worried about them. 

8. “It’s an obvious thing. I can’t believe how someone could be so silly.”

Here someone means them. 

Yes, they are being so dumb enough to ask this question. 

9. “You better tell me something I don’t know.”

Because you don’t want to discuss such obvious things over and over again. 

sarcastic answers to obvious questions

10. “It seems like you got to know it just now.” 

Tell them it’s a general thing or maybe viral on the internet. 

That they should have been aware of it long ago. 

11. “Oh I’m all fine. I was just trying to see if I felt any pain.” 

After falling from a chair or stumbling upon stairs, when someone asks silly questions like ‘Are you okay?’, this is how you reply sarcastically. 

12. “You’re too young enough for this question. Just wait for a few years and I will answer you then.”

So, you tell them to grow up without actually saying it.

Obviously, a sarcastic response but it will take them some years to understand so. 

13. “I wish my college exam was as obvious as your question.”

Then, you’re certainly going to make 100 out of 100. 

14. “Why don’t you ask the same question to your parents?” 

It will certainly make their parents and family feel proud that their son is still so innocent in this online world. 

15. “Oh it’s too hard to answer this. So I consider ignoring it.” 

This is a funny answer to an obvious question that’s too easy to answer. 

So, you avoid it hilariously. 

Funny response to obvious questions

16. “Next time, ask me a question of my intelligence level, not yours.”  

Let’s hope, they will understand exactly what you mean with it. 

17. “It’s so obvious that I think you should ask it yourself first.”

Share this polite response to someone who just needs to self-search and study to learn something.

Beacuse it’s important and they should know it.

18. “Are you doing some kind of torture on me? Then congrats, you’ve achieved your goal.”

Their obvious question sucks you up.

You feel wasted every time you hear it. 

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When Someone Asks Obvious Questions

When someone asks an obvious question to you, the first thing that comes to your mind is: ‘But, why do you have to ask this?’

They could have answers by themselves. 

Or, they better know it without anyone’s help. 

It’s not your fault that they’re dumb to ask such silly questions. 

But, they don’t stop at one and keep coming back with more than after.

When Someone Asks Obvious Questions

Which makes you feel more wasted to have such a conversation with them. 

We don’t want you to feel the same torture again. 

So for you, we have prepared this list of sarcastic answers to obvious questions when they hit you again from nowhere. 

Hopefully, this will save you time. 

And, maybe this person realizes that they shouldn’t have to ask this.


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