14 (Flirty &) Funny Replies To “I Have A Crush On You”

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When someone finally comes out and says ‘I have a crush on you’, you can respond flirty, funny, or even savagely. 

That’s based on, if you like them back or not. 

Of course, this guy or girl took time to decide when (and how) to express their feelings to you. 

So, you make sure your responses aren’t regular or rude anyway. 

Try to make it special or memorable.

Mainly, when you also like them back.

And if you don’t like them, be clear so they can move on. 

Whatever your decision is, in this post, we’re discussing what to say when someone tells you, he or she has a crush on you. 


How To Reply To “I Have A Crush On You”?

When someone has a crush on you and you see them often, you might have some idea, of what’s going on.

And this guy or girl could be your friend or acquaintance. 

It’s not like you just get a random text from someone online telling you that they’ve feelings for you. 

Means you already have some connection with that person. 

So, when it comes to responding to such a crush proposal, you reply based on how you feel about them. 

And, second your existing connection with this guy or girl. 

Check also, if this person is serious or if this friend could be joking about it.

Whatever, here are some ways you can reply when someone says ‘I have a crush on you’ in person or over text. 

How To Reply To I Have A Crush On You

1. “Tell me you’re serious. Because I too have the same feeling about you.”

Yes, you’re admitting this, because you really have a secret crush on them back. 

It surprises you when your friend finally tells you about their feelings. 

But you also have to make sure that they’re not kidding. 

If they’re, then say you’re also joking, too. 

2. “Okay. So, Tell me something more about it.”

You aren’t being suspicious or want to scare them. 

But, you just want to know. 

Like what else they feel about you or why they want to be with you

3. “Do you think that I didn’t know about it? I knew it from day one.”

They might think that you’ve no idea if it’s coming. 

But you already get those special feelings that they hold for you. 

It’s a sweet response, saying that you’re happy to know that they have a crush on you. 

4. “Thanks, I just want to know when did this happen?” 

This happens completely at random times. 

That you have no idea that a guy your friend has a crush on you so far. 

Whether you like him back or not, if you respond this way, you want some answers. 

5. “First tell me. Why do you’ve to take so much time to say this, huh?” 

You want to know why he made you wait so long. 

This guy has no idea that you’ve been crushing him back. 

It’s a mutual crush. 

So, start your connection with a unique response like this. 

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6. “Thank god, you finally admitted, I thought you would never say it.” 

From the day you see each other for the first time, you felt this connection. 

But, you both kept your crush feeling secret. 

Finally, when it’s the right time, he admits that he has feelings for you. 

This flirty response is to tell him that you also have a crush on him. 

Flirty Replies to I Have A Crush On You

7. “Still, you’re not the first one. It’s me who has a crush on you.” 

It’s your valid point to win thelove you more’ argument

Make it a special way to accept his feelings. 

As you respond this will make him feel appreciated. 

8. “But I only like you as my best friend.” 

Well, maybe you need some time to think or you’re just sure about your feelings. 

You say how you feel about them. 

That’s the straightforward reply to someone who has a crush on you. 

9. “Do you ever catch the hints that I’ve given? I, too, have a crush on you, fool!” 

While here you’ve been giving all the hints, but they are still afraid to follow your lead. 

You’re mad or not, but this one is a cute response to a guy who tells you that ‘I have a crush on you’, finally.  

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10. “You make me wait so much, so I’ll give my answer next week.”

Acting like proposing to you this late breaks your heart. 

Of course, you have a crush on him.

But, just for a cute punishment, you can say this to him. 

Well, it’s like you have already started acting like his girlfriend. 

11. “Okay, so when we’re planning to get married. Any plans?” 

This one is a bold but funny response, for sure. 

When a guy says ‘I have a crush on you’, you’re so happy about it. 

Being overjoyed, you ask about the marriage plans

This will surprise him. Because that’s more than he expected.

12. “Did your parents know that? Let me inform them.” 

Somehow you realize that your friend says ‘I have a crush on you’ jokingly. 

But you’re not going to be easy on them.

To make them admit I’m just joking, scare him with such a fun response. 

Funny Replies to I Have A Crush On You

13. “You’re late, sorry. I’m in a relationship now. Thanks for your feeling, though.”

This happens when a crush story takes so long. 

It only has a sad ending.  

Maybe this person took forever to share their feelings. 

It’s already late that now you have a boyfriend, which they aren’t aware of.

But fine, you can make it clear to them. 

14. “And??”

Based on your mood, this could be a sweet or sarcastic reply. 

You are waiting for them to say more after admitting their crush feeling. 

A sweet response, because you want to know what makes them like you

Same it’s a sarcastic response, as you’re waiting if they’re done saying. 

So you can get back to your business.  

Because you just don’t care about their feelings. 

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When Someone Says “I Have A Crush On You”

Anytime when your friend says that they have a crush on you, your first thought would be, is it a joke or what. 

But when it’s a genuine feeling, you already know that it’s coming. 

Maybe being a girl you, too, have a crush on him, giving him hints to make a move. 

But that guy took time to follow your lead or he’s just too shy. 

When Someone Says I Have A Crush On You

No matter, if he takes time to admit this or if she has been crushing on you lately, you should respond to it clearly. 

And, that without making any complications. 

When it’s from a friend, you can make your response quite funny. 

If you also have a crush on your crush, make your response to be cute and special. 

But when you don’t feel the same, just be clear and don’t play with their feelings. 

Because you’ve no idea how much it takes this someone to say ‘I have a crush on you’ and you just can’t crush their feeling without further thinking. 


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