17 Flirty Responses To “Where Have You Been All My Life?”

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This guy or girl just admitted that you’re ‘the one’ for them.  

What you just did or said, make someone go “Oh, Dear, where have you been all my life?”. 

It’s a compliment, you feel it! They’re impressed and so happy with you.

They wish you were with them before.

A guy or girl tells you so because you’re someone they have been looking for. 

If you wish to lead such an admiring expression to romantic talk, here you will find flirty responses to give someone you’re developing a connection with. 


What To Reply To “Where Have You Been All My Life”?

Firstly, you get this phrase from someone who is impressed with your qualities or nature. 

They tell you that you’re a perfect match for them. 

You’re the one they have been looking for their whole life. 

It’s their genuine admiration for you. They’re so glad that you met them. 

This person accepts you and says they have been dreaming of such a connection, with someone like you

But anyway, as you’re here together. That’s the good thing here. 

When you’re starting a relationship and a guy or girl says ‘Where have you been all my life?’ or ‘Where have you hiding yourself?’ with flirty responses you make them feel so connected. 

This way, you show that you feel special and see them as ‘the one’ for you. 

What To Reply to Where Have You Been All My Life

1. “I’ve been here the whole time. Just you didn’t notice me before.” 

Tell your crush that it’s their mistake that they played hard to get. 

Because they never upfront about their feelings to you, it took you some time to start your connection. 

2. “Well, I didn’t know that you were looking for me, I wish I knew it before.” 

You admit that you’re shy and hide your feelings from them. 

But, as now she tells you that she has been waiting for someone like you, you can give this cute reply.

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3. “I was just so scared of you. I was trying to hide away from you.”

Their tough nature makes you stay away from them. 

But as you realize their soft side, you feel more comfortable with him or her. 

This is a flirty response to “Where have you been hiding?” from your crush. 

4. “Maybe I was looking for you in another part of the world.” 

This reply tells them that you’re also looking for someone like them. 

But you’re glad that you met each other now. 

5. “I wasn’t hiding; I was searching for the way to get to you.”

And, it took you many challenges to face, tell them.

This girl asks ‘Where have you been hiding yourself?’ and you tell her that you’re just in search of a way to get closure to her. 

6. “So sorry, I make you wait for so long. But I’m not going anywhere now.” 

A cute reply is like you’re apologizing to a girl for not meeting before. 

And a promise to her that you want to be with her forever. 

7. “Just hoping that someday you will find me. And see, you’re here.” 

When a guy says ‘Oh, where have you been all my life?’ he wishes to meet you before this. 

You tell him that you’ve been waiting for him for your whole life. 

Flirty Response To Where Have You Been All My Life

8. “Here, right here. In front of you, as your bestie.” 

She never sees you more than just as a friend. 

But lately, a girl recognizes your love and starts to respect your feelings. 

9. “I had to prepare myself to be perfect for you.” 

Tell a girl that you worked on yourself. 

You have changed a lot in the past few years. 

Just, so you are compatible now. 

10. “I was lost but I’m glad that we both met each other finally.”

Maybe you have been stuck in a bad relationship or with the wrong person. 

But you’re happy as now you’re with someone who completes you. 

11. “I have been just one call away from you.” 

You weren’t any far from each other. 

But you both are just taking the time or waiting for who’s making the move. 

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12. “I was here hoping someday you will realize my love.”

And, that day is today.

So, that’s good for you.

You’ve been all around her, just wishing that one day she will look at you like you look at her. 

13. “If you didn’t make yourself so tough, you didn’t have to wait this long.” 

This girl complains ‘Where have you been hiding yourself?’ sweetly. 

But with this playful response, you tell her that she made you hold your feelings to her. 

If not, you may have been together for a long time. 

flirty response to where have you been hiding

14. “I’m so glad that you’re with me now.”

In her eyes, you see this girl wants you badly.  

You also see her as your perfect someone. 

So you share this sweet response to tell you were also desperately looking for her. 

15. “I was just making myself perfect for you.” 

It takes you some time to prepare yourself for some commitment. 

But you’re confident that you’re a better person now. 

16. “I’m so sorry, that I have made you wait.” 

 A cute response to express that you didn’t want to keep them waiting for you.

You apologize here as you know it must be hard for them.

17. “Honestly, I was preparing for our marriage.” 

When you’re serious about this relationship and look at her as your future, this response will melt a girl’s heart. 

This way you make her feel assured that you’re committed to this relationship.

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What Does It Mean When A Guy/Girl Says “Where Have You Been All My Life”?

This guy or girl you’re growing a romantic connection with, says “Where have you been all my life?”, it means they are so happy that you found each other.

They express that they have been searching for you. 

It’s also a way to show that they found you’re perfect for them, it’s like you’re made for each other. 

They also wish it would be better if your connection started a little early. 

Because they need you and want to spend more time with you. That is what it says.  

What Does Where Have You Been All My Life Mean

Well, while replying to it, you can acknowledge the compliment. 

And, ‘Thank you’ isn’t the ideal choice here. 

This is the start of your new connection, so you can try sweet or flirty replies. 

To impress them or to express how you’re glad to meet them, too, the shared flirty responses to “Where have you been all my life?” are better choices. 

Show that you might not have met before, but you have a whole life in front of you. 

By being playful with your response, you express your excitement to start this new relationship with him or her. 

Maybe you’ve not met before, but you’re together right now. That’s what matters the most. 


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