12 Best Replies To “Good, HBU (How About You)?” Text

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In chat, you asked someone ‘How are you?’ and they replied ‘I’m good, HBU?’. 

If you continue to respond with ‘I’m good, too.’ this will be another boring interaction. 

Of course, you want to avoid that.

Especially while texting with your crush, you want your chat to go on and on.  

To help you well, in this article, we are sharing better replies to “HBU (How about you)?” text from someone you are genuinely interested in chatting.


How To Respond To “Good, HBU (How About You)”?

With your regular interaction, you let the chat end in no time.  

But with someone you wish to talk about something, you must respond with something funny, witty, and interesting.  

To friends or with your crush, you want some good chat. 

How To Respond To Good, HBU (How About You)

So if someone says ‘I’m good, HBU?’, look for the response that can add something to your conversation and keep it going. 

If you have no idea what to say, we have some ideas to help you.  

Check out these possible and better ways to respond to “HBU (How About You)?’ in texting to make your chat engaging.  

1. “Well, today I’m feeling a lot better. You know, why?” 

You have some good news to share with this person. 

When they ask ‘How about you?’, you tell them that you’re feeling good at the moment. 

And, you give them time to make a guess what it could be. 

2. “If you are good, then I’m good, as well.” 

This one is a flirty reply to share to ‘Hbu’ text from someone close or your crush. 

As they care to know about how you’re doing now, you tell them you’re doing the same good as they are. 

It expresses that how they feel affects your mood and feelings, too. 

3. “What about me? I’m just as amazing as always.” 

You don’t take anything seriously, so you can keep calm in life. 

A bit proudy response, but a good way to respond to ‘Hbu (How about you)’ message from a friend. 

This shows you’re cool and keep enjoying life like you used to. 

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4. “Why don’t you just come here and see how about me?”

Here you’re chatting with your crush and he asks, ‘I’m fine, Hbu?’. 

You need him to be with you at the moment.

So you give this flirty response to ‘Hbu’ text as your desire to be together right now. 

You hope your crush’s company will make this day better. 

Flirty Reply To HBU (How About You)

5. “Nothing much, It’s just the same old. Do you have anything new to say?”

You give them a chance to say more about them. 

Because you have nothing more to talk about.

So you ask if they have anything to say about something else.

6. “Do I need to say anything to that?”

This one is a friendly response when your friend sends ‘I’m good, Hbu?’ in chat. 

You could say that you’re so amazing like always. 

But as they know you well, they already know how you’re feeling or doing at this particular time.  

7. “I’m just hoping this day will end, somehow, anyway.”

So, you’re quite bored at work. 

This day is not good for you and you want it to end anyway. 

If this person cares about you, they may ask ‘What happened?’, and you can tell them your story.

8. “I’m not good, I just wanted to talk to you.” 

Be honest when you’re not feeling fine. 

You trust this person that they are someone who makes you feel at ease. 

So you can give such a honest response by asking ‘How about you?’ and you tell things as it is. 

9. “Same here. I don’t want to complain about anything.”

You’re texting your work friend, that you first asked them how’s their day at work

In response, they give average responses like ‘It’s good for me, how about you?’. 

You already felt that they were also holding up on something. 

But they are not in the mood to say anything negative at the time.

So, you tell them that you’re also doing good or pretending to. 

10. “I was feeling a little off today. But now feeling better as I know you’re doing well there.” 

When it’s not your day or you feel low for some reason. 

By talking to your friend, or close one you feel relaxed. 

Even sometimes, you wish them to be with you at the time. 

As they ask ‘Hbu?’ this shows they care about you and you assure them that you’re getting better. 

11. “I’m here counting how many days are left to the weekend.” 

You’re feeling so bored on such a hectic workday.

All your eyes are on the approaching weekend. 

You can’t wait to follow your weekend plan and relax yourself. 

This fun response to ‘I’m good, Hbu?’ is worthwhile to share with your friend who is feeling the same. 

Funny Response To I'm Good, HBU (How About You)

12. “Well, I’m trying to have a chat with my crush but he’s not a good texter.” 

Here you vent your frustration because you expect to have a good chat. 

But your crush isn’t responding enough. 

Well, this is a clever response to “How about you?” and they will know that you’re talking about no one else but them. 

It’s them who respond late and still hit you with lame responses.

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What Does “HBU (How About You)” Mean In Text?

Whether you ask them ‘How’ your day?’ or ‘How are you doing?’, you usually get a follow-up question like ‘I’m good, how about you?’.

This question states that this person is doing good. 

But, they also care to know your condition on the same. 

So, it’s a sweet gesture that allows you to talk about something common within.

In other cases, you get this question from someone who isn’t interested in talking about anything. 

What Does HBU How About You Mean In Text

Some people use this question to avoid discussing anything extra. 

In chat, ‘HBU’ is the short form of the phrase ‘How about you?’ and also ‘What about you?’ like someone asking your situation on what you asked them first. 

Based on your relationship, you express how you feel as it is. 

To avoid having regular interaction, you can try the above shared best replies to “Good, Hbu?’ that gives you a chance to have something to talk about rather than repeating yourself.  

Depending on your connection with them and your both’s mood to chat, you better choose how to respond to ‘Good, Hbu’ text from someone.


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