9 Best Answers To “How Was Your First Day At Work?”

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Well, the ‘first day’ at work is always a thrilling experience. 

It’s so exciting as you begin your career.

But, you also feel nervous about how it will go. 

Knowing that, your boss, coworkers or someone may ask “How was your first day at work?”, to make you feel comfortable. 

The best way to answer this question is to share your experiences honestly.

But a positive approach is still better.

Here are the examples replies to express your first-day experience of work.


What To Answer To “How Was Your First Day At Work?”

A boss or coworker might ask you about your experience at work when you get to meet them again before the first day ends. 

Of course, they ask you to relax, as you’re new here.

They hope to get a positive response from you.

Although you might feel nervous or fumble at something, stay positive while relying on them. 

Do not worry about anything, stay positive as if all went well, and answer like these:

When Your Boss Asks: “How Was Your First Day At The Company?”

If you get to meet your boss at the end of the first day, he may ask ‘How is it going?’ or your entire first day’s experience there.

With your answer, show your boss how excited you are about the new position.

When Your Boss Asks How Was Your First Day At The Company

1. “It was just a perfect day, thank you for giving me the opportunity to work here.”

You had a busy ‘first’ day at work. Not working. 

But doing some HR procedures, introductions, responding to welcome aboard emails, and so on.

So, there’s nothing much to share. 

Yes, tell your boss you’re having a great day and thank him for this chance. 

2. “I enjoyed my first day here, learning about the company, my work, and meeting my teammates. Now, I’m feeling ready for work.”

Of course, your boss doesn’t mind that you didn’t work much on the first day. 

Plus, for a more professional response, you can reply with this. 

Share how the company environment and team culture make you eager to work there.

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When A Coworker Asks: “How Was Your First Day Of Work?”

You can’t make friends in one day. Especially on the first day at work.

To make it easier for you to connect with others, your coworkers may ask you this question.

Make your reply more exciting and engaging. 

It’s because you’ll be working with them for a long time.

How Was Your First Day Of Work

1. “Such a best first day ever. I still can’t thank you all for making me feel welcome here, that lowers my anxiety level.”

Let your teammates know you’re happy to meet them on the first day. 

You were nervous before meeting anyone, but their friendliness made everything better. 

And, if they are friendly, your coworkers ask you to catch up after work.

2. “This was such a great day. I also met my old friends here working, too. It’s great to be here.”

The response shows a positive workplace experience on the first day of work.

Also, you’ve some connections there already, which could start a new conversation.

The energy in this answer shows you’re also excited to make new connections.

3. “In the first half I was so nervous. But the second one makes me feel at ease.”

Your teammate or coworker who asks about your first day at work, this answer will impress them.

This shows you might be nervous at first, but being with them, you feel better.

And, the team environment is the main reason for it.

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When Someone Asks: “How Was Your First Day Of Job?”

Your family and friends are equally excited about your new job as you are. 

On reaching home, they may ask about the first day at your new job.

So, here are some answer examples that hopefully relate to you.

When Someone Asks How Was Your First Day Of Job

1. “Oh, that was a great day. I already feel like working at my dream job.”

Your family or nearest one asks about your experience with a new job.

Because they’re also excited (and concerned) about how it went.

Make them feel happy, too, by responding with the most positive answer.

2. “It was a nice experience. The entire first day went in knowing each other and all.” 

If you start a new job away from your hometown, you get a call from your parents, asking about your experience. 

They’re more worried about you.

So, give answers that relax their tension.

3. “Well, things seemed pretty good on the first day. Found that people are somewhat boring there, though.”

Your friends who know you just started a new job, may ask about your first day.

There’s no problem, you can be real with them. 

Give them the most honest answer about what you experienced and how people are at their new job.

4. “Please, don’t ask, Bro. My ex is my boss now.”

We just shared this answer just for fun purposes.

Of course, we hope you won’t have such a terrible experience. 

It’s still something to consider before accepting a job offer.

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Why Respond Positively About Your ‘First Day’ Job Experience?

You’re not alone if your first day at work wasn’t the perfect one.

It takes time to adjust to new people and environments, while a lot is going on in your mind. 

Everyone knows that it was your first day and whoever asks about your first-day experience of work, expects you to have a positive and exciting response. 

There’s no point in being negative, even if you face some challenges. 

It was just one day and you have a long way to go. 

Don’t think about the first-day experience again when it’s not so good.


When you share your first-day experience as positive and acknowledge mistakes, you’re more likely to adjust to the new environment faster.  

In your answers to ‘How was your first day at work?’, you can share what you learned, and talk about your friendly team members, your boss, and the company environment. 

Being positive makes you feel good to go to work the next day, as you start a new journey there.


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