9 Wiser Responses To “Respect Your Elders”

  • February 21, 2024

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Sometimes, your family or relatives keep reminding you that ‘You should respect your elders’ during the argument.

Here, they want you to accept everything they say to you. 

And, that’s only because they are older than you.  

No denying that elders have more experience and a better understanding of life.

But, the young also need and deserve respect, too. 

This you will explain them with the mature and wiser responses for the same.


How To Respond To “Respect Your Elders”?

Thinking of a proper comeback to ‘respect your elder’ excuse from your parents, older sibling, family, or relatives? 

But hey, be mindful, we don’t want you to disrespect or talk back to your elders.

Well, when you have valid points, in this way you’re just saying that ‘Respect should be earned rather than forcefully demanded’.

How To Respond To Respect Your Elders

1. “I do respect everyone (except you).”

Tell them your parents raised you well. 

You learn to respect everyone. 

But, especially not the one who always demands it. 

2. “Right, but only those who are helpful and mature are respectful as .”

This is a response to your annoying relatives that try to give you advice that you didn’t ask for

3. “And, the younger one deserves care and love.”

Like the elder seeks respect for what they did, the younger need support for what they are about to do.

Being older doesn’t give them the right to keep advising the younger ones. 

Sometimes, they also forget to justify their role being seniors.   

4. “And you should act like a grown-up, too.”

Your sibling tries to take advantage of being older than you.

Saying, ‘I’m older than you, you should respect your elders, forget that?’

And, this is your comeback for your annoying siblings who don’t act mature.

5. “We get respect not because we’re old, but with the right deeds.”

It’s not the age that makes a person respectful, mature, and greater. 

What they do to their family and others is what makes a person respectful. 

Age is not a perfect criteria to respect someone. 

6. “You might be older, but not mature for your age.”

Here you’re roasting your older brother who is trying to look wiser than you. 

While they still fight with you like teenagers or don’t provide you with enough support.

7. “I respect my parents and grand, that’s enough for me.”

This relative argues that you’re supposed to respect every elder, including them. 

Clearly, they’re demanding it. And, you know whom to respect. 

For you, your parents’ respect is greater than anyone else’s. 

8. “Agree with that. And, elders who are good for nothing are exceptions.” 

Respect those who respect you back. 

No matter how old are you, behave respectfully to all equally.

Sometimes, older people do wrong things and they also need to accept that to keep respect. 

9. “You’re right, I’m telling the same to kids younger than me.”

‘Yeah, this new generation has no sense of how to respect the elders.’

Indirectly, you’re trying to tell this person that your generation is still better than the new ones after you. 

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Well, we don’t deny that ‘you should respect your elders’ is certainly good advice. 

But, why just elders, the younger even kids also deserve respect and equal care. 

The point is that ‘Respect your elders’ doesn’t fit every person. Because not every elder is respectful.

Mostly, when they demand respect (also attention). 

Your family or relatives often try to keep you quiet, saying ‘Respect your elder’, this only means ‘You should accept whatever we say. Even if that’s wrong. Because we are older than you.’

Well, everyone at any age or situation in life deserves respect. 

You should respect your elders, no doubt.

But they also should respect you, your choices, and your opinions, too. 


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