16 Best Comebacks For Unwanted Opinions (From Relatives, Obviously)

  • February 21, 2024

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You stay away from family functions.

And that’s only because of your ‘sneaky relatives’, who have their best life advice for you.

When you have no chance but to deal with such people, have some good comebacks for unwanted opinions ready.

Especially this helps you be safe around annoying relatives. 

You can’t stop your relatives from giving you unsolicited advice on career or marriage decisions. 

They might often catch you off guard asking if you’re seeing anyone or what’s your future plan and all.

Although you have plans for your life, they can’t stop sharing opinions.


Thinking, they’ve celebrated more Christmas than you.  

They just have no idea, you’re mature enough.

When you want to let them know that you’re ready to take your decisions your way or wish they wouldn’t interfere in your life anymore, you need to know…

How To Respond To Unwanted Opinions?

You could smile at them and accept unwanted suggestions like you always did. 

Otherwise, you can give effective comebacks explaining that you do not need their advice, only their blessings.

And, here are the clever, sarcastic, and overall good responses to unwanted opinions. 

How to respond To unwanted opinions

1. “Thanks for your advice. I’ll consider that.”

Well, this is the first thing to do when someone offers some advice anyhow. 

Whether you want it or not, thanking someone for their advice is a respectful move. 

2. “Wow, such great advice this is. It changed my life forever.”

If you get unsolicited advice from a friend about talking to your crush, from a colleague regarding some work-related matters, or from a relative regarding life decisions, this is how to respond effectively.

And because it’s unwanted, this person can take it as a sarcastic response, much like you’re taunting him or her.

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3. “Please don’t charge me. I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

This one is quite a funny response to an unwanted opinion from someone who is known to give advice to everyone. 

This person thinks of himself as an expert in everything.  

So you make sure that they don’t ask for advice fees, because you ask for nothing. 

4. “I wish I knew more about my life than you know.”

Particularly those relatives who think that they know you better and have figured everything out in life, will advise you on everything.

They may comment on your future and choices in life. 

And this is how you respond to unwanted opinions and advice when you don’t need it. 

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5. “You must be an expert in it. Right?”

When dealing with a friend who acts as if he knows everything, this is the way to reply.

No matter what advice someone gives, when you ask so, it makes them feel awkward.

Because you asked for their expertise in the field. 

6. “I think the time has changed the way it was in your days.”

It is a habit for most relatives or family members to offer unsolicited advice. 

If you come across one, let them know time changed the way it was for them.

Plus, their suggestions from the past don’t work anymore. 

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7. “Oh, this was your opinion. I thought you were just sharing your experience.”

It’s been half an hour since this person has been speaking and lecturing you about something. 

They don’t give you a chance to say something. 

You are just lost in between, and when they finally stop, this is the clever response to share. 

When someone gives unsolicited advice

8. “I really forgot about you, I should have asked you first before anyone else.”

Indeed, a sarcastic comeback for unwanted opinions. 

You’re clearly expressing how lost you feel without this person.

Here, you just taunt this person; hope they get it. 

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9. “Not to offend you. But, sharing opinions is easy.”

Of course, you’re the one who has been going through this. 

But this person appears out of nowhere and starts advising on anything. That makes no sense. 

Let them know they don’t know enough about you and how you feel.

10. “You know what surprised me? It’s to get advice from someone who has experience about nothing.”

When you respond to unwanted opinions this way, either to strangers, relatives, or friends, you effectively shut them down. 

Maybe after this comeback, they’re not going to give any advice or opinion ever after. 

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11. “I’m so impressed that you literally have knowledge of everything.”

We all have that one friend or family member who always has something to say about anything.

They either have some experiences or suggestions for you. 

To handle such people with unwanted opinions, there can’t be any better comeback than this. 

12. “And… How sure are you about what you just said?”

Certainly, you hesitate to follow their advice because it’s nonsense. 

Although it is possible to follow it, it would be better if this person had some proof.

Plus, we’re sure they don’t have anything.

13. “I’m sure if I follow your advice, I’ll be one like you. Right?” 

This person thinks of himself as superior and the best. 

With this reply, you’re not only boosting the ego, but you’re also making sure that you don’t end up like them.

14. “Just wondering are you giving the same advice to your son or daughter.”

Well, as you respond this way might make them feel uncomfortable.

But, who cares.

If they don’t care about your time or passion, neither you should care about them, too.

15. “Thank you for giving such a lifechanging tips without even asking.”

So you actually thank them and also criticize them for giving you advice.

You know they just want to help you out.

But they just forget to ask if you really need their help or not.

16. “Umm… you’re actually late. I already took the expert’s advice. (That’s me!)”

It’s always best to follow your gut feeling rather than someone else’s opinions. 

You know your life more than anyone else. 

You better know what you want in life and how you will get there. 

This is a bit of a savage comeback, but sometimes it shows that you’re confident and proud of what decisions you make. 

And especially you don’t want any opinions or approval from relatives or anyone. 

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Well, these are our ways to respond to unwanted opinions from relatives, colleagues, and friends. 

Depending on the context and situation, you better go with sarcastic to good comebacks for unwanted opinions, advice, and suggestions you didn’t ask.

By the way, what’s your move? 

Do you give them a tight response to completely shut them down or merely make them feel good, showing you hear them?


What’s your approach to handling such unwanted advice and opinions? Let us know. 


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