25 (Savage &) Funny Replies For ‘Just Kidding’ Excuse

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The phrase ‘I’m just kidding’ is mostly an excuse.

You know that well.

They use this trick to prevent fights and to take it as a joke. 

Well, first they intentionally mess with you and then tell you not to take it personally.

If you have that person in your group who always does this, you better have solid replies for ‘Just kidding’ excuse. 

They are testing your limits, but you will stop them now.

For you, here we are sharing the funny, sarcastic, and savage replies so they won’t try to ‘kid’ you again.


Funny Replies To “Just Kidding”

When you’re with your friends, you don’t take their comments too seriously. 

You can, however, give some hilarious comebacks like these instead of awkwardly laughing there:

Funny Replies to Just Kidding

1 “Don’t worry I never ever take you seriously.”

There must be a friend in the group who always pokes fun at anyone. 

If your group has one already, share this fun response to ‘kidding’ excuse to let them know you are not affected at all. 

Because you know this person is a joker.

2. “Oh really, I didn’t know you could also share jokes.”

When it’s just a joke and the person is kidding, everyone is supposed to laugh. 

Since no one laughs here, you share these clever but witty replies to the ‘kidding’ excuse.

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3. “If so, I’m still going to punish you.”

You seem to be in a fun mood. You make the situation even more amusing. 

But as this person is just kidding, you warn them before sharing your wicked response or embarrassing them back. 

4. “I’m sure your parents said this to you.”

Basically, you want to convince this person that his entire life has been a joke. 

And his parents are the ones who made such a bad joke. That’s what this fun comeback means.

5. “Ask anyone, if they feel that ‘you were kidding’?”

Often, this person makes fun of anyone and then gets away with a “just kidding” excuse. 

This time you don’t want to let this person go this easily, so this is your response to confirm how everyone feels. 

6. “I don’t even have any better expectations from you.”

Because they were kidding in the past, and you have stopped expecting any good or mature thing from this friend. 

Even to roast your bestie, say ‘But, this time you’re funny’.

7. “And, you can’t do any better than that, Right?”

When you talk about something serious and someone is trying to mess things up, you can simply shut them out with such a hilarious response to ‘I’m kidding’ excuse. 

It’s fun because now everyone is laughing but that person.

8. “Then, keep kidding. Because you’re nobody.”

Come on, this person is made this way. You can’t do anything, better accept this friend as they are.

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Savage Comebacks To “Just Kidding”

Well, especially when a friend says ‘I’m kidding’ habitually, it’s important to respond powerfully.

Give them some savage replies like these to keep them from sharing any mean comments at you anymore.

Savage Comebacks To Just Kidding

9. “I have no words left to insult you.”

You’re speechless, this is happening repeatedly. 

There are so many worse things you can say in reply.

But you care more about your image than insulting this weirdo who’s always in a ‘kidding’ mood. 

10. “Of course, you should be.”

Because if they weren’t kidding here, it would be their lifetime regret. 

They might wish they hadn’t messed with you that time.

11. “You just saved yourself from getting beat up hard.”

For talking nonsense, you can punish this person hard. 

Instead of taking things personally, you give some savage replies to ‘I’m just kidding’ excuses. Just as a final chance.

You admit that this person grown up faster, and this surprises you.

12 “Good for you. Today I’m not in a mood.”

Maybe today, you’ve promised yourself to keep your cool the entire day. 

Even though you don’t want to hurt this person right now, such comebacks are worth it.

13. “Do you think it’s funny? No, it’s certainly not.”

Well, here you asked them what’s funny about it. 

And then you quickly answer by yourself… before they even respond.

This comeback is enough for this person to realize how childish and immature they are. 

14. “Oh really, I’m also kidding with you, how about that?”

After leaving a comment on you, that friend already knows that they made a mistake.

If you have something powerful to say, give it to them.

If not, you can reply with ‘same here’, to let them know that you’re also kidding the same as they are.

15. “Hell yeah, like you always did, huh?”

It’s not the first time when this person messes with you. 

They do it every time and you always have some powerful reply to shut them down. Because ‘you don’t kid’ usually.

16. “I’m not interested in hurting anyone’s feelings today?”

You really know how powerful your response could be. 

And if you will say what’s on your mind, you will make this person’s next few days difficult around you.

It’s a secretive response but make this understand your point.

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Sarcastic Replies to “Just Kidding”

These are probably the most effective ways to respond to secret haters with ‘kidding’ defense. 

If someone says ‘I’m kidding’ whether it’s from your friends or office group, these are some sarcastic replies to clearly warn them not to mess with you again.

Sarcastic Replies to Just Kidding

17. “Ha-ha, LOL… look how sacred you’re?”

Their mean comments and jokes about you are to bring you down. 

Now that you are ready to give your response, you pause.

Because you can’t stop laughing at the fear in their eyes or the sweat on their forehead. 

18. “This completely sounds rude and you say ‘I was just kidding’?”

You can’t be more honest than this when you respond to the kidding excuse this way. 

If you don’t want to deal with this person in the future, this is how you reply. 

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19. “Grow up man, we’re not impressed at all.”

You were all discussing the important stuff. 

And this person comes with his silly jokes or nonsense comments.

This sarcastic response is a clear reaction to how you see this person in your group.

20. “I can’t help but you made this way.”

Like everyone else, you’ve finally accepted that this person won’t change.

All of them have stopped complaining

It’s a sarcastic comeback to let him know why nobody is laughing at them. 

21. “You can’t escape with that, I tell you.”

When someone says something rude to your family or you, things get personal. 

In such serious comments, the ‘kidding’ excuse is not enough, the person should apologize. 

22. “Are you even being serious?”

Anytime someone crosses their limit and fails to take it seriously, this is how you respond to ‘Just kidding’ excuse.

23. “We never get any better from you.”

Some people aren’t going to improve or develop the sense. 

You might already have a friend or colleague who never takes his words or role seriously. 

Give them this response next time when they dare to kidding.

24. “But, not I am.”

This person always hurts your or others’ feelings and safely runs away from ‘kidding’ excuses. 

You waited for the right time to teach them a lesson. And now you’ve it finally.

25. “Mark my word, one day this habit will put you in big trouble.”

You might be mad at them for messing with you.

But right now you are not in the mood to make them regret messing with you.

Still, this response works as giving them the first warning.

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How To Respond To ‘Just Kidding’ Excuse?

In friendly discussion, when someone says ‘I’m kidding’ might be because they sense you are hurt by their comment and really care about your feelings.

In such cases, you can respond with clever and funny responses to keep the joke going. 

But, sometimes you might have a hater who tries to mock you and thinks they can put you down.

How To Respond To ‘Just Kidding’ Excuse

They are totally insulting and quite personal in their comments.

If they see your rage, they try a ‘I’m kidding’ excuse, in the hope that this will save them, again. 

This ‘rude’ or ‘childish’ someone deserves savage and sarcastic replies to ‘just kidding’ as a defense. 

Clearly, to let them know not to mess with you anymore. 


Overall, before responding to “I’m kidding,” you would be wise to confirm if the person is really kidding or just using this excuse for a response. 

It will give you time to prepare your effective replies. 


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