31 (Sarcastic &) Funny Replies To “Long Time No See”

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When you run into an old high-school friend or ‘that’ annoying relatives, they might say ‘Long time no see’.  

Possible that this person is happy to see you after a long time.

Or this person finally catches you, as you’ve been trying to get away from them. 

Now, you have no chance but to face them.

Depending on the person, you might be equally happy or not happy to meet them. 

In either case, there are some sarcastic and funny replies to share after ‘Long time no see’, to make the conversation stimulating even if you’re not excited.  


Funny Replies To “Long Time No See”

This is your long-lost friend or someone who hasn’t seen you in a while or it’s years from your last get-together.

Now you met them at a random meeting. 

In such cases, to make a conversation interesting and refreshing, try these funniest responses. 

1. “Yeah, I’ve been house-prisoned for the last four months.”

You might be right.

Even if you live in the same building, you don’t get to see each other too often.

To match the citation, this is a funny reply to share when someone says ‘long time no see’ from your neighborhood. 

2. “I don’t recognize you, who are you?”

Yeah, it’s been a long time since you two met each other.

So long, that now you don’t recognize this person, or you just don’t want to. 

Or you can also ask: ‘Do I know you?’ to make it even more interesting. 

3. “Yeah, I’m a married man now.” 

Because you’ve family and a wife now, you don’t have time for your friends or even for yourself.

That’s what this fun reply means. 

4. “I’ve been to the rehabilitation center.” 

And when they ask ‘where you’ve been’, you can simply say to get away from bad things in life.

That person will take it as a funny response, but you’re just letting them know you’re better than before.

funny replies to long time no see   

5. “Someone told me that you were in prison.” 

Even after meeting for a long time, you didn’t forget how friendly this person is.

So it makes complete sense to make the conversation a little more interesting with fun replies like these. 

6. “Have you checked with the eye doctor?”

You’re confused if this person can’t see properly or what.

Because you’ve been here for a long time and everyone sees you every day, but this person. 

7. “And, I’m a long time no speak.” 

As someone says this, you mean it as this person can’t see any longer.

But, you’ve never talked to them lately, so you reply jokingly. 

8. “Indeed, last time when we met, we were unmarried and happy.” 

The sad truth, but fact, actually.

If your friend met you after college or high school, to make a fun conversation you can reply this way. 

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Sarcastic Replies To “Long Time No See”

You have been avoiding this noisy neighbor or relatives who have nothing good to talk about. 

If they still catch you, use some sarcastic responses to let them know why they can’t see you around. 

9. “Thank god, we don’t see that often.” 

Simply direct and clever responses to share when you really aren’t excited, as this person is.

Or you can simply say this in your lowest volume to not get caught. 

You try to ignore this person and already do by not responding to texts from them.

10. “What!! We met just yesterday.”

This is such a talkative person, which bothers you the most.

You want to get rid of them.

So try this sarcastic response the next time they say so. 

11. “I’ve been going away from you, finally you catch me.” 

Another direct but sarcastic response to share especially when your friend says ‘long time no see’.

With this reply, you just give them a good laugh, when they’re friendly and not taking you seriously.

But, maybe you’re serious this time. 

sarcastic replies to long time no see

12. “Yeah, I’ve been away from any negative things in life.”

Did you mean this person? No, that’s not.

Of course, that’s what you mean when you respond this way.  

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13. “You’re right in this case. See you soon, maybe.”

Anytime you meet with this person, there is an argument. Plus, this person is the one you don’t want to meet every day.

So, to avoid any discussion or waste of your time, you simply agree with them here and leave. 

14. “From how long you been unable to see?”

When this person tells you that, you take it as if they have a problem with their eyesight.

You can share it as a comeback.

If they’re smart enough, they’ll get it instantly that you’re just joking. 

15. “I thought you had left the earth. Glad that you’re still here.”

Not to clarify but you clearly treat this person as an alien.

This your friend or someone is always daydreaming and talking nonsense.

So, you thought they’ve been to mars already?  

16. You still don’t get it. I was actually ghosting you.

If you try to hide from someone and they finally catch you, give this answer.

You don’t mean to hurt their feeling. As this person even not going to change a bit.

They might laugh at your savage reply, instead feeling offended.

17. Oh, you? I have been dying to meet you.

You just want to show your fake excitement to annoying person.

Because you have no chance to escape from here.

So you have to act nice to them.

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Good Replies To “Long Time No See”

Meeting old friends and someone after a long time is such a good thing.

This person’s excitement makes you happy, as well. 

And by replying in such good ways, you share your excitement, as well. 

18. “I, too, really missed you a lot.” 

It’s like you meet someone special.

After all, you two have had so many memories.

This is overall a nice reply showing you didn’t forget them after so many years.

19. “I didn’t see you for a long time, too. Where have you been?” 

Despite being in a neighborhood, you haven’t get a chance to meet for a long time.

Possibly, this person might have left the city or moved away.

But, this response shows you’re glad to meet them again. 

Also, have these responses when someone says you’re changed as they meet you after years.

20. “Can’t tell when we are going to meet next time.” 

You both are living a very busy life now.

Your meeting is just accidental, and this is a clever reply to inform maybe ‘the next time’ you’ll meet would also be after a long time, too. 

21. “Let me know when you’re available.” 

You exactly don’t know when and where you meet each other because it’s been such a long time.

With such responses for a long time no see, you express your interest to have a meeting sometime.

how to reply long time no see

22. “Can’t blame time, it goes this way.” 

Indeed, time goes fast and we have no choice but to keep going along.

You both are now at different stages in life, in a much better position than before. And, happy, too. 

23. “So, where have you been so far?” 

It’s always amazing to share each other’s journey after college is over.

Reply with such a good response when you want to keep this conversation going. 

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24. “Wow, I’m so happy to see you, my friend.” 

Overall, this is a friendly and nice reply to a long time no see.

It shows your excitement and happiness to meet old buddies. 

25. “Meeting an old friend after a long time is such a beautiful thing.” 

Meeting old friends from school or college gives you a chance to rewind those old days.

If this person is also available, you may start to rewind those memories that you shared. 

26. “Yeah, now we’re going to meet every day.” 

You just have moved to a new place and realize that your friend is also living there.

With this response, you’re simply informing them that now you might show up quite often. 

To make it an even more engaging interaction, add ‘It’s nice meet with you after a long time’.

27. “How are you doing in life?” 

Because it’s been such a long time, you both have no idea where you are in life.

This makes a normal but interesting reply to have good chit-chat after ‘long time no see’. 

28. “You’ve no idea how much I’ve missed you.”

Maybe you really missing them or not, but this one is a special reply.

To someone close, like your old friend, tell you still remember them sometimes.

29. “I’m all here, just you don’t show up too often.”

May this person try to limit his access to the outer world or just doesn’t get time to connect with friends.

It’s also good to ask ‘How have you been?’ because you want to discuss how life is going lately.

30. “I have just missed you yesterday and here you are.”

This response is to show a person that you still remember them.

You can say this to show your excitement meeting your old connection.

31. “I lost my memories. Who are you?”

No, you don’t. you’re just having some fun with this person.

Because you both are changed now.

This way you simply want to know how you both remember each other now. 

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So, now you know how to reply to ‘long time no see’, you can make the next conversation as interesting and direct as possible. 

Instead of saying ‘Yeah’ or ‘Hmm’, these sarcastic, and funny responses are good enough.

Whether you’re also excited to meet this person or were happy that you don’t see them quite often, you want to consider the other person’s feelings, too. 

Hence, choose the right replies to share, when you meet someone after a long time.


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