19 (Flirty &) Funny Responses To “How Have You Been?”

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Well, you can take ‘How have you been?’ as an engaging alternative to standard ‘How are you doing?’.

So, it’s better if you reply it differently. 

The person who asks you wants to discuss how your life has changed since the last time you met. 

Because it’s been such a long time. 

So, be sure to respond with some interesting and funny responses when someone says it. 


Funny Responses To “How Have You Been?”

When you re-meet a long-lost friend or former bestie again at some point, they may ask ‘How have you been?’.

Or sometimes, you may get a text of it for no way. 

Whatever it is, when you want to make your reunion interesting, such are funny replies to give.

Funny Responses To How Have You Been

1. “I’ve been good, but not like you.”

Saying ‘everything is simply good’ is a normal reply to ‘how you have been?’ question. 

And, adding this you show that you’re hopeful that they’ve been good someway.

2. “Well, I’ve been not good, but the bad ones.” 

While everyone is forcing the same response like ‘I’m fine, thanks’, you keep it real. 

3. “From our last meeting, I’ve been better, not sure about now.” 

So far you’re doing great in life and enjoying life the best way you can. 

But, like everyone, you’re not sure if this fun will last forever, who knows?

4. “Busy, very busy!”

This is your college or old friend from a school you never met in many years. 

At this stage, you all get so busy in life and career that you don’t have time to get together.

5. “All the same nothing changed a bit.”

You might have met after such a long time, but you still are friends. 

Here nothing changed means you might have grown up, but are still ready for some crazy fun. 

6. “Life is going well, and I made some new friends.”

Friends go and come in every stage of life. 

Well, you might lose contact with an old friend, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t make new ones. 

And if this friend is mean, you can add ‘…who are supportive.’

This make it a sarcastic answer.

7. “I didn’t get a chance to do much in life, but I’m doing something anyway.”

You’ve been trying to figure out your purpose in life. 

There might be challenges and failures.

But you learn a lesson, that’s what you see.

8. “There’s nothing exciting about me. You tell me how you have been.”

You don’t want to talk much about how you changed and what you’re doing.

But, because they ask, you thought they’ve so many things to talk about. 

You just give them a chance to speak up. 

9. “Thanks for asking this, I never get time to check how I’m doing.”

Because you’ve been just doing something without checking it back.

You really have no idea how far you have come. 


Flirty Responses To “How Have You Been?”

If your old crush comes up and texts ‘How have you been (all these years without me)?’ These are some flirty replies. 

Whether you’ve feelings for her or not, being a flirt shows you still have feelings for her and might also be ready to catch up if she is interested now. 

Flirty Responses To How Have You Been

1. “Without you, I’m just busy with my career alone.”

You could do many things together if your crush said yes last time. 

Well, probably, you’ve moved on and have been more focused on making money than making love to someone.  

2. “I’ve been getting good from the day we met for the first time.”

You see your crush as a lucky charm.

It’s like they bring happiness and love into your life. 

This response allows you to be clear with your crush that life has been really good, because of the special person’s presence. 

3. “I just have been waiting for you.”

This is a perfect reply to a crush who has been ignoring your texts, and now restarting to connect with you. 

You’re still hopeful that someday she will realize that you do love her. 

4. “I really have been good, but if you were with me, I’d have been great.”

Life is good and getting nice. 

But not perfect as you expected it with your crush. 

Well, this flirty reply is to inform your crush that you planned something special. 

5. “Umm, I’ve been living life without love, without you.”

Now you have everything in life you ever wanted, but love. 

By replying this way, you give your crush a chance to correct their mistakes to ignore a special person like you. 

6. “I’ve been trying and hoping to meet someone like you.” 

This is a good reply to your crush or ex who asks ‘How have you been?’.

You care for her now and realize that you deserve someone better just like them. 

7. “Well, I’m the same as you know me.”

After all these years, your feelings for a crush didn’t even change. 

You still carry the same feeling for a crush. 

And it would be fine if she wants to reconsider her decision. 

8. “I could have been better if you realized how much I loved you.”

You have planned so many things to share a perfect life ever after. 

Sigh!! This girl never realized your special feelings for you. 

But now she’s asking ‘How have you been?’ like she had no idea.

9. “If I ever tell ‘how I have been actually doing’ you’ll marry me.”

Without your crush, you’ve no idea what you are doing and where are you going in life.

You’re just being witty here to show that you’ve not been any good. 

10. “From the time you are in my life, I have been better.”

This is such a cute answer to give someone you feel lucky to be with.

You make them feel appreciated as their presence means something to you.

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What’s The Meaning Of “How Have You Been”?

Instead of saying ‘How are you?’, some people prefer to say ‘How have you been lately?’. 

Asking ‘How are you?’ – is more like a regular question that you could ask anyone, anytime.

Whereas, ‘How have you been?’ feels nice when you get to meet this person again after such a long period. 

When someone says so, this could mean anything from ‘How’s life going’ to ‘How are you doing in life?’. 

What’s The Meaning Of How Have You Been

And, based on your connection to them they ask about your life, career, and relationship.

Importantly, you want to decide your responses to ‘how have you been?’, based on your connection with this person.

If you, too, are equally happy to see someone after a long time, share the best responses that will lead to a meaningful conversation. 

But, if you don’t want to share anything, a short reply like ‘I’m good’ is the smart choice. 


Hi, there 👋! It’s nice to meet you.

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