24 Better Responses To “I Feel You”

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Maybe they want to comfort you.

Or wish to grow a connection. 

But when someone says “I feel you” you should respond to such emotions uniquely and meaningfully.  

This article will provide you with some possible responses to the same.

Well, you can decide based on how you feel after hearing them.


How To Respond To “I Feel You”?

You tell someone what you are going through, and they say “I feel you” to show that they can relate to it.  

Their tone is enough to know if that person understands you.  

Or, they just say it to make you feel at ease. 

Depending on the situation and your connection with them, there are possible ways to respond. 

Whether it’s a friend or partner, there are different responses to share.

Next, let’s discuss the better ways to react when someone says they feel you either in text or personally. 

How To Respond To I Feel You

1. “Thank you for being with me.”

A simple response that suits the most situation. 

When you have nothing more to say, this response works. 

2. “I know that, my friend.” 

This response means you also know why this friend can feel like you. 

Because they also had the same experience before. 

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3. “I’m so happy that you’re here with me.”

In this tough situation, you hope to be with someone who can relate with you. 

And, this response shows you feel comforted to have them around.  

4. “That means we both feel each other.”

A guy tells you that he feels you and he means it. 

This flirty reply is to show that you admit there’s a mutual connection is developing. 

5. “That’s so sweet of you.”  

When someone you’re growing connection with tells you I feel you, this is a sweet thing to say.

6. “No, you don’t. No one can relate how I feel.”

This is the experience that only you can relate to, that’s how you know. 

You share this sarcastic reply in frustration.

7. “And, I also know what you’re feeling right now.”

To someone you are in a romantic connection with and when he/she texts you ‘I feel you’, this is a flirty response to share.  

You know where they are going, being so cute.  

Flirty Reply To I Feel You Text

8. “Feeling so glad to hear that.”

Having someone who can relate with you, is all the good things in life. 

It’s the first time you hear from them, and they mean it.

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9. “Thanks, I appreciate everything you do for me.” 

You appreciate that person’s presence and support in your life. 

They don’t just feel you but also help you in many ways. 

10. “Only you can understand me correctly.”

This friend or partner tells you they can feel you. 

This is a cute response to show you trust them genuinely.  

11. “Really? Then tell me what I feel right now.”

By responding cleverly, you want to know what they think, understand, or feel.  

12. “So, finally, you understand that.”

It’s your crush who never took any of your hints. 

And, when he or she tells you ‘I can feel you’, this is a clever reply to share. 

13. “Thanks for being with me. It means a lot.”

Because you two shared a common experience they can relate to you. 

You appreciate their presence and moral support.  

14. “That means you have heart. I didn’t know that.”

 A friend who tells you ‘I feel you’ just to comfort you, gives this funny reply. 

Funny Reply To I Feel You

15. “I feel better now as someone can feel me.”

So far, you were feeling so alone. 

Because no one could understand and relate with you. 

Now as someone says ‘I feel you’ and it makes you feel better. 

16. “Seriously, did you have the same experience?” 

You get ‘I feel you’ text from them and you excitedly tell them to share more about it. 

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17. “The way you comfort me, no one can ever.”

This could be your best friend or partner. 

But when their presence in life means a lot, this is a special reply to give. 

18. “Thanks for not letting me go through this alone.”

Being with them you feel more encouraged. 

And this is a good reply to show that you heartily thank them. 

19. “You know having you beside me helps a lot.”

This person has no idea that with such small words, they make your day

20. “That’s why I like to discuss everything about you.” 

This reply is to show that you feel comforted around this person. 

21. “How can you feel me? It’s a girl thing.”

When your guy friend tells you that he can feel you, this is a fun response to give. 

Because he has no clue about it, but still says so.  

Cute Reply When Guy Says I Feel You

22. “And, that makes our connection better.”

You don’t have to ask much.  

Because you both know and feel each other well enough. 

23. “I know, we both are on the same page.”

You admit that there is a mutual understanding within.

24. “Yes, but don’t worry much about it. I know how to get over with it.” 

You just shared your experience with this person and they tell you they can feel it. 

But you want them not to worry about it. 

Because you know how to deal with it, whatever it is. 

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What Does It Mean When Someone Says “I Feel You”?

Normally, when someone says “I feel you”, it means this person has an idea of what you’re going through.

Also, they can relate to what you’re trying to tell them. 

This is a slang phrase to show ‘I can understand’ or ‘I feel the same as you’re feeling right now’. 

Someone express their sympathy or connection with you.

What Does It Mean When Someone Says I Feel You

How you feel, think, or react, they can feel the way you do. 

This proves they don’t just listen to you, but also they relate with you on something. 

Well, this person could be your friend, family member, or close one, who says “I feel you”, for that empathy and connection, showing how this small expression comforts you.  

According to the context and your mood, you can decide how to respond to it. 


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