6 Polite Replies To “No Rush, Take Your Time”

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When your boss or manager says “No rush, take your time”, you feel relaxed.   

But that doesn’t mean you should take a break from your work and, get it done when you feel ready. 

Well, that’s definitely not the case. 

For their patience and support, acknowledge them sincerely.   

In this article, we are sharing the best replies to give when someone says ‘Take your time’ at work. 


How To Reply To “No Rush, Take Your Time”?

Your boss wants you to take no pressure about the work. 

They want you to work without rushing and with complete focus.  

It’s the way to comfort you on your first day at a job or as you take on a big assignment.  

Having a boss who doesn’t pressure you and lets you work freely is something you should be thankful for. 

Of course, this is a normal statement. But this releases you from any stress or pressure. 

In most cases, a simple ‘Thank you, sir’ is enough. 

But if you are looking for possible ways to respond to ‘No rush, take your time’, here are the best examples: 

How To Reply To No Rush, Take Your Time

1. “Sure, thanks for comforting me.”

You feel relaxed when your superior tells you not to hurry about something. 

This task made you feel so nervous. 

And their statement releases you from such pressure.  

2. “That’s such a big relief, glad you informed me.”

You have been feeling pressured about this new task. 

And, your boss comforts you with ‘take your time’. 

3. “Still, I will try my best to get it done.”

There might be no deadline, but you know it’s an important task. 

You can assure your boss that you will take your time, but maintain the work quality more. 

By saying ‘I will give my best’ shows your readiness to work.

How To Respond To Take Your Time Professionally

4. “Noted, I will update you as soon as possible.”

Share this response to show that you exactly know what your boss’s direction is. 

They want you to take your time, but they still hope you get it done as fast as you can. 

5. “Thanks but I think I’m ready to restart the work.” 

You’re new to the team or trying to settle at work after sick leave. 

But when you feel comfortable that you can do it best, you can share this response. 

It shows your confidence that you’re ready to work.

6. “I know it’s not urgent, but it’s important.”

Your manager wants the work quality and not get it done. 

As they tell you to take your time, it shows how important this work is. 

And to show that you get their message correctly, you can respond this way. 

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What Does “No Rush, Take Your Time” Mean?

When someone says “No rush, take your time”, it simply means that this person somehow feels that you’re nervous or feeling pressured. 

So they have to assure you that there’s no burden to take. 

They want you to feel at ease. 

Here ‘no rush’ means, there’s no deadline. 

What Does No Rush, Take Your Time Mean

At work, when your superior or boss tells you to ‘Take your time’, it shows they can wait for results, but they want the expected quality of work here. 

But they want you to take no pressure but pay attention to the quality. 

The shared best replies to “No rush, take your time” are to show that you understand what your boss is trying to tell you. 

By responding in such ways, you can thank them or assure them that you will try to get it done as expected. 

Even though there are no deadlines or pressure, you know how to do it better. 


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