(7 Clever Comebacks) When Someone Says “You’re Wrong”

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It’s never easy to prove someone wrong when they call you ‘wrong’ in the first place. 

Does their opinion matter to you? 

Well, that shouldn’t be. 

But as this person keeps annoying you, you must have something to say. 

Definitely, you can’t make them change their perspective about you.

But, you can use clever comebacks to let them know that their words have no impact on you.

Because you are right and you know it.


How To Respond When Someone Says “You’re Wrong”?

It was a normal conversation going on where you just shared your opinion. 

And, like that friend or relative is waiting for this moment and starting an argument over it. 

They are so on to prove you’re so wrong in this case, too. 

Whether they know it by themselves or not, but they just have to make you feel wrong about yourself. 

You feel it already. 

So, next time someone tells you ‘wrong’, be ready with these quick and clever comebacks.

How To Respond When Someone Says You Are Wrong

1. “Okay. If that’s what you feel about me, I don’t mind.”

You don’t care much about their opinion. 

What you know and say, you’re so confident about yourself. 

And this is a confident response to irritate them more. 

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2. “In this case, you’re wrong to judge me.”

They don’t know much about you, just they know you are wrong. 

You have support and confidence from others. 

But this person is always up to make you feel bad, even if you’re right. 

3. “Oh, am I? Really? How so? Sorry, I don’t want to hear.”

 When someone says ‘You’re wrong’ you actually ask them why. 

As if you want to know what they said about you. 

But later you stop them as they are about to say anything. 

This way you embarrass this person because nobody asked them anything. 

4.“Not only me but you’re also wrong here.”

Especially they are wrong here. 

It’s about the statement they just made about you. 

Share this clever response to show you don’t believe them either.  

Clever Response to You Are Wrong

5. “I admit that things go wrong since you have been in my life.”

Share this sarcastic response to a friend who just has no idea what they are talking about. 

By calling you wrong, they just want to test your confidence. 

But with this quick comeback, you make them stay shut. 

6. “And, you think you’re only right?”

If you are wrong here, then who’s right there? 

That’s a valid question. 

To end this nonsense argument, you can ask this question sarcastically. 

7. “I could be wrong.”

You don’t guarantee about anything what you said. 

Or maybe you just don’t want to explain to them anything. 

So you share this response, and it leaves them nothing more to say.  

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What To Say When Someone Calls You “Wrong”?

This person who tries to prove you ‘wrong’, thinks they are right not you. 

Or, they might also think everyone is wrong except them. 

That’s what it normally means. 

What To Say When Someone Calls You Wrong

But this time you’re so prepared with your comebacks and you’re not going to win them over you again. 

It’s not you attempting to prove yourself right, you just have to embarrass them. 

Because they don’t have any clue about what you say and they have to show that ‘You’re wrong’ literally every time. 

Whereas, you make a statement with proper knowledge and understanding.

This eventually proves how wrong they are about you. 


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