16 Formal Ways To Ask “Is It A Good Time To Talk?” (With Sample Answers)

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Asking someone, “Is it a good time to talk?” shows you value their time. 

Also, you consider other’s priorities before reaching out to them

Whether you have something to discuss or ask for help, if you first confirm if this person is available (and when it is a good time), this leaves a good impression. 

Especially when contacting your formal connection, there are also alternative ways to ask for the right time to talk with them. 

Alongside, you better know how to answer it formally, when someone asks the same to you.

That is all, we are going to discuss in this post. 


How To Ask “Is It A Good Time To Talk”?

When you ask this, it is sure that you’re asking for their availability and if they’re free to discuss something. 

This is a formal question when approaching someone. 

You could ask the same of your clients so that you can have their full attention.

Or, while asking for a coworker’s availability to discuss something work-related. 

The context of the question is to check do they’ve time for you or not. 

But, there are also some other ways you can ask the same. 

Let’s take a look at some other ways to ask, ‘Is it a good time to talk?’. 

How To Ask Is It A Good Time To Talk

1. “Please update me on your availability to discuss it further.”

You’ve something really important to talk about. 

So, you can wait for the time when they can pay full attention to it. 

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2. “When is a good time for you to talk?”

If you want to make your question more polite, this is the way to ask. 

This clearly shows that you consider their other priorities and ask them for their availability. 

3. “So when you’re available for the interview?”

While fixing the interview, you’re not forcing candidates to come at the perfect time. 

If so, you might get some excuses for missing an interview from them. 

Instead of that, you just make it comfortable for candidates to decide the time of the interview themselves. 

4. “Okay, then what time works perfectly for you?”

If you somehow feel that it’s not the right time for them to talk.

You directly ask them the time when they can be available for a talk.

5. “Can I arrange our next meeting tomorrow? Is that fine to you?”

Sometimes this question comes off as a picky one. 

But this is an effective one. 

As this is also a time when you could be available and check if they’re too. 

6. “Can we talk about it for a moment?”

It’s an urgent need and you want help from your coworker or boss immediately. 

Most probably they might say no, on asking, ‘Is it a good time to talk?’. 

But this alternative question shows it’s an update on any matter

7. “Are you available for just a five-minute talk?”

This won’t take much of their time, you’ve to tell them. 

Your client might think that you would take much time to discuss something, but tell them it’s just small talk.

8. “If you’re free we can discuss it now.” 

You can’t wait forever to get to hear from them. 

Because that’s what happens most of the time when you politely ask if it is the right time to talk.

But when you say this way, you’re also asking them if they’re available right now.

9. “I would appreciate it if you confirm your availability.” 

Some clients just keep you hanging saying ‘I will keep you updated’. 

And then never update you on anything. 

To prevent the situation, you can tell them the exact time to set up your meeting. 

10. “Can I get 10-15 minutes of your time? And, not much longer.” 

Sometimes the boss or client never directly gives you time.

But you’ve to manage likewise. 

To make them pay attention to something, it’s a good idea that you tell them how much time it takes. 

So, they can make some time available for you. 

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How To Answer “Is It A Good Time To Talk”?

Well, you’ve seen some possible alternatives to the time availability question like ‘the right time to talk’. 

Next, let’s discuss the ways to respond to ‘Is it a good time to talk?’ when this question comes to you. 

You can answer it based on your time availability. 

But there are some answers to make your response more formal and polite. 

How To Answer Is It A Good Time To Talk

1. “Of course, we can talk right now.”

This person has something to discuss, you don’t want to keep them waiting. 

So, you can share this positive answer. 

2. “Why not, I’m all here for you. Please continue”. 

When your client or coworker asks for your time availability and is looking for a good time to talk, tell them you’re available to help. 

This is a comfortable response to make them share their concern freely. 

3. “It’s not possible right now, I’ll let you know when.” 

Maybe you’re busy or it’s just an excuse that you’ve no time right now. 

Because you tell them that you will update, but do not confirm when. 

4. “I’m in the middle of something. But we can talk before the end of the day.”

It’s not like you’re avoiding their request. 

You’re being polite and telling them when is a good time for you to discuss. 

Because you’re busy at the time. 

5. “What is this regarding, is anything urgent?” 

Whether you are available or not, you first need to confirm if this is an urgent matter or not. 

Based on that you give them your time. 

6. “Right now this isn’t possible. Please remind me after an hour.” 

You give them the right time to discuss as they care to ask for your availability. 

Simply giving them the right time to talk is the whole point of the conversation. 

You make it clear that shows you’re interested to talk about it. 

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Well, the habit of asking ‘Is it a good time to talk?’ works great for your formal connection. 

Sometimes, you can also ask the same of your informal connection, too.

You have something to talk about or expect help, and asking for the right time is the right way to do it. 

If it’s your friend, coworker, or client, it’s not good to just call them at any time and start talking. 

Especially when you want to discuss something during working hours, you must ask and confirm that ‘Is it a good time to talk?’ in this or alternative ways.

In many cases, you eventually get their attention, simply by asking them. 

Because you do care for their time, and mostly, you’re not being impatient and making them hear you. 


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