19 (Funny And) Flirty Replies To “Can I Have Your Number?”

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You are mature enough to know with whom to give your phone number. 

And, when your crush asks “Can I have your number?”, there are better ways to respond with this polite request. 

Don’t rush, have some funny and flirty responses while sharing your number. 

But hey, it is clear that your crush also has an interest in connecting with you. 

This is not to play hard but to share your number in a memorable way. 

In this article, we are sharing the better ways of giving your number to someone, you’re interested in. 

Also, we’ll discuss the savage ways to avoid giving your number to strangers.  


Funny Answers To “Can I Have Your Number?”

With someone you get along well, you have no problem sharing your number.

You know that they just ask for your number to stay connected. 

But sometimes it’s fine to tease someone for asking for your number. 

If it’s a friendship or more, here are funny ways to share your number with someone you have a developing connection with.

Funny Answers To Can I Have Your Number

1. “Remember, you can only call or text between 9 AM to 9 PM only. 

You are giving your number to your crush or someone you know. 

But you also tell them to call only at specific hours of the day. 

Because you want to show that you have clear boundaries. 

2. “Why just a number, you can have my phone? Take it, I already want to get a new one.” 

This is a funny thing to say when someone asks for your phone number. 

Because they ask for your number and you hand over your entire phone.

3. “Do you think that would be this easy?” 

You just ask this question to them straight so you know what this person is thinking of you

Maybe you’re just kidding, but this question gets them. 

4. “For what? I don’t think I can help you with anything at all.” 

When someone you barely meet asks ‘Can I have your number?’ tell them you are not useful. 

This way, you eventually know what their intention is to ask for your number. 

5. “Instead of giving you my number, it is better if you give me yours.” 

When you don’t want to give them your number, but don’t want to break the connection, this is a clever response. 

You can have a guy’s number so you can give him a call when you feel comfortable talking. 

6. “Why don’t we first meet on social media and then we’ll exchange numbers?”

This one is a smart choice when you want the connection but want to give it some time. 

You want to know this person well first.  

Instead of giving your personal number, you can connect over social media, that’s a safer route. 

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Flirty Responses When Someone Asks For Your Number

Whether your crush or online match asks for your number, you share it in no time. 

Because you want to have connections as you’re so interested in them, too. 

Still, it’s a good idea if you don’t look so eager.

Yes, you want to play hard to get while sharing this number with your crush. 

So, here are some flirty responses to ‘Can I get your number?’ from someone you have an interest in.

Flirty Responses When Someone Asks For Your Number

7. “Normally, I don’t share my number with anyone. But I trust you, so I’m giving it to you.” 

Show your crush how much you trust him

This is indeed a special response to make him feel admired. 

8. “That’s what I was about to ask.” 

So long, you both were thinking about who will take the next step. 

And finally, he asks ‘Can I have your number?’, and you tell him that you were about to say the same

9. “Here it is. But only call when something serious or special.” 

You don’t think there’s any issue sharing your number with him. 

So you give him it. 

But because he’s the guy you want to have a connection started, this is a good response. 

10. “Sure, you can give me a miss call so that I can have yours, too.” 

And this is how you start a new connection with your crush. 

When your crush wants to have your number, this flirty reply shows that you also want to have their number. 

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11. “Well, this is the first time I’m giving my number to someone so fast after knowing their name.” 

Because this connection is special. 

And you both feel so connected to each other in a short time. 

You guess this is probably the start of a special relationship.

12. “Let me know what’s going on in your silly mind, huh?” 

You both have had some good conversations so far. 

And suddenly, this person felt so comfortable and asked if they could have your number. 

Well, you want to share it but better if you ask why they need your digit. 

13. “Hey, you’re cute, but not that much that I can just give you my number, Okay?” 

With this reply, you can avoid sharing this number with your crush. 

But why would you do that? 

Because you don’t want your crush to know that you’re so in love with them. 

Play hard to get, because now you know that your crush also has an interest in this connection. 


Savage Replies To Avoid Giving Someone Your Number

You clearly don’t feel right bout giving someone your number. 

No matter what the reason is, you don’t need to clarify to them. 

So when someone asks why or insists you, have these savage replies to ‘Can I have your number?’

Savage Replies To Avoid Giving Someone Your Number

14. “Woah, slow. We are not in that stage, Bro.” 

This guy is actually in a hurry and just asks for your number.

He could be a jerk, so you stop him by calling him a ‘Bro’

You don’t want to share your number, so this is something you can say. 

15. “And, what will you do by having my number?” 

This is a direct question to ask to check what they are up to. 

Because you sense something isn’t right. 

16. “Sure, but first give me your mom’s number.” 

Actually, you don’t have any trouble giving your number. 

Just you want her mom’s number first, for some reason. 

If his intention is no good, he will ask the reason and hesitate to give her mom’s number. 

17. “I’ll give you the first five digits of it and the rest you have to figure out.” 

Challenge him like this and check how badly he wants you or your number. 

This one is a smart way to avoid giving your number when someone is insisting on you. 

Or you can say that the rest digit you will share, once you trust them fully. 

18. “Instead of my number, you can have my dad’s number. He’s a better talker than me.”

And, your dad might have something to talk about.

Because you’re so boring and there’s no need to have your number.

19. “Sorry, you’re not still worthy to have it.” 

Yes, say it straight, when you’re not interested in someone who asks for your number. 

They might think you’re so nice and will share it anyway. 

But this response is enough to show that you’re not innocent, though. 

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What To Say When Someone Asks “Can I Have Your Number”?

It’s all up to you when you want to share your number, you can give it. 

But if you don’t want to share, just don’t. 

Considering your choice and comfort, decide whether to give them your number or not.

If you sense something off or there’s no point in having this connection, you better not share your number. 

Of course, someone will insist on that and you feel awkward. 

What To Say When Someone Asks Can I Have Your Number

Well, in that case, you can give them the wrong number. 

Or, your inactive number to get rid of this person. 

In other cases, when you want to give this connection some time to know more before exchanging numbers, tell them to connect over social media. 

Else, as a girl, ask for his number instead. This is better than sharing yours. 

There’s no need to feel sorry if you don’t want to give your number. 

You have to be sure about your privacy.

In other cases, when your crush or someone you like to have a connection with asks for your number, you can play hard to get or tease them a bit. 

Based on the connection you’ve, decide what to say when someone asks ‘Can I have your number?’.

Because this could be the start of some special friendship or relationship for life. 


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