9 Better Responses To “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” Message

  • February 22, 2024

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Everything is going smoothly in your relationship like it used to. 

But, one day you get a text from your boyfriend or girlfriend that says “You don’t love me anymore”. 

That’s shocking.

You’ve no idea why they said so. 

And, you have to respond to it immediately, but you’re not sure what to say. 

Don’t worry, we are here to help you with some flirty and romantic responses when your partner says “You don’t love me anymore” over a message. 


How To Respond To “You Don’t Love Me Anymore” Text?

It happens (sooner or later) that your partner argues that you don’t love them anymore”. 

Wait, what? How can they say it? 

You give them all the love you have in your heart. But why do they still say this to you? 

Are they trying to test you on how you react? 

Or, Are they truly serious that your love gets depreciated (Like, most love stories)? 

Well, over time your love life may feel somewhat dry. 

But, with some romantic responses, you can make your love life active again when your partner feels like you don’t love them anymore. 

How To Respond To You Don't Love Me Anymore Message

1. “That’s not true. I promised to love you forever.” 

Remind them that you are not going to stop loving them. 

Agree that you have no more time, but there’s and will be love forever. 

2. “What?? I feel like I love you even more now.” 

This truly surprises you when your girlfriend tells you that you don’t love her. 

Maybe she’s just kidding with you or wants to get your attention. 

But you tell what you feel. 

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3. “Sorry, babe, I can’t give you enough time lately.” 

Indeed, you can’t spend enough time with each other like you used to. 

Better admit that. 

Sometimes accepting is better than arguing over changed priorities and busy life. 

5. “Please don’t say that. It hurts me.” 

Because you still love her or him and will do it forever

That you can’t live without them, and you mean it.

And hearing you don’t love them enough is breaking your heart. 

4. “It’s not like that. I’ve been some bad days.” 

Maybe your partner has no idea that you’re going through some hard times

You should tell them finally when they think you don’t love them. 

This one to show you love them, just the time isn’t good. 

6. “Who told you that? And, you believed it?” 

It must be her bestie who told her that ‘Your boyfriend isn’t loving you enough’. 

Who the hell she’s to define the love in your relationship?

7. “I think you’re right. Now let me love you like I never loved you before.” 

You’re not going to make your girlfriend feel any less loved. 

If that’s the case, you want to prove to her that you love her more than ever. 

And for that, you can do anything.

8. “You can’t say that. I just made you love last night.” 

Try this funny and flirty response to your girlfriend’s text ‘You don’t love me anymore’ with a sad emoji. 

You know she’s not serious about it and sends this message just casually

But you remind her of the time you loved her. 

9. “There’s no way I will ever stop loving you.”

There might be some differences between you.

But you’re not going to ever stop loving your partner or lover.

So when they tell you that you don’t love her anymore, you show that it’s impossible.

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When They Say You Don’t Love Them Anymore

When your partner says “You don’t love me anymore” that doesn’t mean they doubt your love or think you’re having a loveless relationship.

It’s just that they feel that your relationship isn’t as perfect as it was before.

Here they expect you to treat them like you did in the beginning of your relationship.

There might be many reasons why you can’t spend time loving each other. 

When your partner says You don’t love me anymore

Maybe your priorities change could be the matter. 

Just make sure that your feelings haven’t changed. 

If feelings have changed that means your partner is absolutely right. 

Sometimes a partner texts you ‘I feel like you don’t love me anymore” just for no reason or to get your attention. 

You better take it too seriously, either way. 

So you make them feel loved again, say something nice, romantic, and cute responses that we shared here. 

This is to show that you love them still. Importantly, you love them more now. 


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