22 (Sweet &) Sarcastic Responses To “You’re Funny”

  • February 16, 2024

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You want to make them laugh, so when someone says “You’re funny”, that’s a compliment. 

But, it’s an insult, when you’re being serious but they found you funny. 

To someone who appreciates your sense of humor, there are some best wreplies to this comment, considering the context of it. 

First, you just need to be sure if they find you interesting or silly. 

In this article we are sharing the sweet to sarcastic responses you can share when someone calls you ‘Funny’ or ‘Silly’.  


How To Respond To “You’re Funny”?

Your crush is impressed with your sense of humor and calls you ‘So funny’. 

Even if she has called you ‘silly’, you will find it cute, though. 

Because it’s from a crush, Right? 

Whereas, when your friend calls you ‘Funny’, you will respond with sarcasm at them for being boring. 

Because, it’s not right to say ‘Thank you’ to friends, Right?

Whether you feel it like a compliment or not, here are the ways you reply to ‘You’re so funny’ comment from someone. 

You can share it as a response or as a comeback for being called ‘funny’ considering it’s from whom. 

How To Respond To You're So Funny

1. “That’s not funny at all, dude.” 

You are so confused about what’s funny about it. 

Their humor sucks and you can’t complain more. 

2. “What a joke!”

They call you funny and you think it’s a joke itself. 

You say it sarcastically because you don’t believe that you’re any funny here. 

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3. “I’m very serious this time.”

Sometimes, people think you’re joking, even when you’re talking about something serious. 

It’s because of your image as a funny guy.

So, you make it clear to them to take it seriously as you’re not joking this time. 

4. “And maybe you should, too.”

So you tell your friend that they are boring, who calls you funny, actually. 

A sarcastic response to tell them to learn from you regarding how to be funny. 

5. “Your girlfriend also said the same to me.”  

Say it playfully with your friend, and they know that you’re kidding again.

But you’re silly if you respond this way to a sensitive friend.  

6. “What did you find funny in it?” 

You want an explanation of why they are laughing so much. 

This sarcastic reply you can share over text when you don’t get a joke. 

You shared it with someone to explain it to you, but they call you funny anyway.

Sarcastic response to you're funny

7. “Funny who me? Nah, man!” 

Even if you know you act like you’re not funny. 

Because you want to hear more from them. 

8. “Yeah, someone has to be funny in this group.”

Well, this is indeed a sarcastic response to being called funny by your friends. 

You can’t tolerate being in a silent group where everyone is so serious. 

9. “I just want to make you smile, that’s it.” 

Your crush can’t stop laughing at your joke. 

She said ‘You’re so funny and you make me smile’ and you’re so flattered.  

Such a sweet response to acknowledge her compliment on your sense of humor. 

10. “That’s why you never take me seriously, Right?” 

Secretly, you really want someone to take your feelings and this connection seriously. 

But, your funny impression leaves you in a friendzone every time. 

Witty comeback for being called funny

11. “I wasn’t before I met you.” 

It’s their friendship that makes you a funny guy. 

You can give credit to your bestie who has a part in developing your sense of humor. 

Or when a guy says you’re funny, you can respond this way. 

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12. “Around you I feel more comfortable being silly.”

A crush sometimes calls you ‘silly’ but it’s a playful gesture. 

So, you tell her that you are happy that she enjoys your silliness. 

13. “I’m just being honest and that’s how comedy comes out.” 

That’s an ironic response there. 

Indeed, honesty brings the most humor out of any situation. 

14. “Humor comes naturally to me. I’m doing nothing.” 

The way you say or do anything eventually becomes comedy. 

A confident response to show you’re proud of spreading laughter. 

15. “So, do I have scope in stand-up comedy?” 

When someone says ‘You’re so funny’, you can ask this to get their review on it. 

A clever response to check how they rate you as a comedian. 

16. “My whole family is funny, you should meet them.” 

Being part of the family with humor and positivity, you become funny too. 

If you’re developing a connection with your crush, this way you make her feel interested in you. 

This response also shows why are you so funny to a girl.  

Sweet reply to you're so funny

17. “Then you can’t stand by my brother.” 

It could be your brother, sister, or parents, mention the one from when you take your comedic inspiration. 

This response shows that you might be funny, but someone is funnier. 

18. “That’s a pretty silly name.”

When someone calls you funny, you act like they are giving you a name. 

So you use your humor to mention that you don’t like this. 

19. “I’m not joking, I’m serious.”

Whether you ask a friend for your money back or taunt them for something.

But, your friend sees it as a joke and calls you funny.

And, this response is to show that you’re serious and not joking.

20. “Cause you’re so funny looking.” 

And, that’s where all your humor comes out when you look at them. 

21. “Glad that I can make you laugh.” 

You wanted to make them laugh and appreciate their compliment.

A typical response to share with a stranger who thinks you’re funny.

22. “All I know is I’m rich, maybe that’s why.” 

You already know that you’re not funny at all. 

But when someone still calls you funny, this is a sarcastic comeback to share. 

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What To Say When Someone Calls You “Funny”?

Based on who says this or in which tone, you know if they are complimenting you for being ‘funny’ or making fun of you for being ‘silly’.

In normal cases, you shouldn’t have any problem with being called ‘funny’ or ‘silly’. 

When Someone Calls You Funny Or Silly

You might take it as a compliment when you try to be funny and share jokes to make them laugh. 

They appreciate your sense of humor and like being with you.  

But when someone calls you ‘You’re so funny’ or ‘funny looking’ when you are being serious, they are making fun of you

Here you better use your wit to respond to them. 

We have shared the sweet responses and sarcastic comebacks to ‘You’re funny’, and you should choose what to say based on the context of this as a compliment or mean comment. 


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