17 Savage Comebacks For “Who Cares”

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When someone says “Who cares”, for them it’s an unimportant and useless thing. 

They think there’s no point in discussing or worrying about something. 

Because nobody pays attention to it or most people have no idea about it. 

Well, it’s just their opinion. 

It’s hurtful to hear ‘(Who) no one cares’ about something that you care the most.  

So, based on the context of this statement, in this article we are sharing savage comebacks you can give to ‘Who cares’ to enlighten them. 


How To Respond To “Who Cares”?

Most of the time, when someone says ‘Who cares? ‘ they are not asking questions, but sarcastically implying that no one cares about such things. 

Maybe you’re interested or think it’s important, but this person thinks it’s pointless. 

Well, they can’t say that, they just have no idea about it. 

Totally accepted that it’s their personal opinion. So, take it that way. 

But, assuming no one cares just because they don’t, makes no sense. 

When this person is so careless and does it so often, you better try these good comebacks when you hear ‘Who cares’ from them one more time. 

How To Respond To Who Cares

1. “Everyone cares except you.” 

They have no concern for anyone’s feelings or passion. 

But they should know that it’s just they who think that way. 

2. “Not one cares, I know. But, I do care.” 

You don’t even care what this person thinks of such a thing. 

But, you feel passionate about it, so you’re going to care, believe, and do it. 

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3. “Maybe only you, because you’re still listening.”

Like every time, they just say ‘Who cares’ in the end. 

A savage response to someone ‘Who cares’ to ask so about it in the first place. 

4. “I guess… nobody, Right?” 

You respond to it clearly to admit that nobody cares about it. 

It’s you who needs to stop worrying about it

Better if you take it as a suggestion. 

5. “It’s the first time you’re right about something.” 

You might also have the same opinion on it.

Or, you just agree with them to avoid any discussion further.  

6. “Yeah, no one cares about you, either.”  

There are many things that nobody don’t care about but it’s still there.

Just like this, your annoying friend

7. “I wish I knew this before.” 

You have wasted your time on something that’s so unimportant. 

Good comebacks for who cares

8. “How can you say that?” 

They have no idea that there’s an entire community out there.

Else, you can ask how they are so sure that nobody cares about it.

9. “Why do you always have to like that?” 

You criticize this person’s careless approach to everything. 

10. “I know some people who care and are crazy about it.”

 Tell them that they don’t know how big the world is. 

Just because they don’t care about something, doesn’t mean no one cares. 

11. “Is there anything you care about?”  

You give this sarcastic comeback to someone who just cares for nothing or no one. 

And now, you really want to know. 

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12. “Right now no one. But, everyone will in the future.” 

You cleverly answer someone’s ‘Who cares’, like it’s a question to you. 

This is something you believe in and know there’s a growing market. 

13. “Then why are we even talking about it?” 

If they don’t have any care for this topic, there’s no point talking about it anymore. 

To stop getting anything negative from them, you need to respond savagely.

14. “Not too many, but just a handful of people.” 

You are part of that group who cares about something. 

And you share this witty comeback on behalf of those who care about it.

Witty response to who cares

15. “I don’t care about nobody, but I care about this.” 

Who believes it or not, you have no any problem with it

You feel passionate about something, and you believe it, that’s what matters to you the most. 

16. “Whatever, I still care for this.” 

And, you don’t want them to make fun of your feelings like this. 

It’s not a joke and you’re serious about it.

17. “Okay, I will try to be careless like you do.” 

You admit that no one cares about it much, but only you. 

Somehow you know this person shared a valid point here. 

So you also try to care less about it. 

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When Someone Says “Who Cares”

It’s important to know, with whom you talk about something important or thing you care about the most. 

There are people ‘who care’ about it and also who don’t. 

So, make sure that you share something with someone who is equally interested and cares about it. 

Yes, just like you do. 

When Someone Says Who Cares

But, those who don’t care might get bored and tell you ‘Who cares about this? Me, neither”.

Overall, it’s their honest reaction, and you can’t do anything about it. 

If you feel their reaction is insulting or too careless, you can at least give the best comebacks for ‘Who cares’ to show you care for it. 

So you can’t accept such harsh words.

Right now they don’t care much about it, but maybe they will in the future. 


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