79 Funny (& Savage) Responses To Hate Comments On Social Media

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No matter which platform it may be, the haters will be there. 

Waiting to say something rude or mean to shut them up.

Want to deal with such hate comments on social media in the most confident way possible?

So, in this article, we’ve got some better responses for haters online to never let them win over you.


How To Respond To Hate Comments On Social Media?

When you have a growing fan following on social media or your popularity increases subsequently, chances that you might come across such haters with negative comments. 

Either they might spread rumors about you or body-shaming you, by calling you skinny or fat on your pictures.

At first, you might ignore them.

how to reply to haters on social media

That is the best response to give to haters. 

But, sometimes, you also have that urge to give some tight responses to hate comments, right? 

That’s why we come up with these great ways to reply to mean comments on social media.

We aim to make such responses powerful enough to silence your haters.  

So, these are the funny, smart, clever, and better responses to rude comments whether on social media or on community sites whenever you spot them. 


Funny Responses To Mean Comments On Social Media 

Funny Responses To Mean Comments On Social Media 

1. “Oh, you again. I’ve been waiting for you. Friend!”

2. “What caused you to come so late? Don’t do that again.” 

3. “I felt like something was missing. Now I realize it’s your stupid face.”

4.”Thank you so much for working so hard to bring me on top.”

5. “Can you please repeat yourself? You’re speaking so low.” 

6. “Dude, how tall are you? I’m assuming that you who you’re dealing with.

7. “I really really need a dedicated follower like you. You’re the best.”

8. “I’m feeling so sorry for your friends, and everyone who has to face you every day.”

9. “Do I look like I care for what you say?”

10. “What! Did you say something? I didn’t hear you at first.”

11. “Brother, go get a job and stop spreading hate. This isn’t going to pay your bills.”

12. “Seriously, I don’t even care about what you think, say, or do against me.”

13. “Did you have your coffee first or check my page first?”

14. “I’m sure, I am the first and last thought you have every day.”  

15. “Dude, why do you love me so much? I don’t deserve such great love.” 

16. “I feel like you’ve not had your tea yet. Go get one, bro.” 

17. “Do you have your own life? Or you’re just ruining others’.” 

18. “Hey, everyone…. look. Here come the mood spoilers.” 

19. “You really think so much about me. Thank you for that.” 

20. “Sis, I have so many people to take care of me. I hope you take care of yourself, too.” 

21. “Truly appreciate such a genuine reaction from someone. Hats off to followers like you.”

22. “I advise you to start a course on: “How to say mean things to others?”

23. “Thank you for always taking care of me and showing up in every comment even If I don’t take it seriously.”

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Savage Responses To Hate Comments On Instagram Or TikTok

savage replies to hate comments

1. “Life for people like you is really not easy. I’m sorry for you.” 

2. “Wow, this time you bring something new. I like this one!”

3. “I was so bored and then I saw you. Then I feel double bored again.” 

4. “You make me feel grateful for the work I do. Because at least I have work to do.” 

5. “Does it come naturally to you or do you steal ideas from someone else?”

6. “I really feel for you, but I can’t do anything for you. You can’t be repaired.”

7. “Thanks for letting me know that ‘I’m awesome‘.”

8. “Is there anyone who likes to meet you in the morning or anytime?”

9. “I’m sure most people in your life try to ignore seeing your face in the morning.” 

10. “Well, I will take it as a compliment, even if it’s from you.” 

11. “I hope you can also see the bright side of life. I’m feeling so sorry for you.”

12. “Your life is such a hard one. When was the last time you laughed heartily?”

13. “I have very important things to say. But that means nothing to you.”

14. “I’m so grateful for people like you because I know that I’ve gained some popularity.” 

15. “Thank you so much for promoting me for free, not anyone can do it.”

16. “What you’re doing for me, I don’t think anyone can do it for free.” 

17. “Well, I have never met someone like you, and I never want to meet again. (Blocked)”

18. “You keep spreading hate and I keep spreading love. We do what we are great at.”

19. “Is this how you were created or has something happened to you lately?”

20. “I wish I can change or fix you. But, nobody can help you, not even you.” 

21. “Frankly, I appreciate you for keep sharing mean comments without taking a day off.”

22. “You’re such a pro at leaving rude comments. You’re a great man.”

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Best Replies To Hate Comments You Received Online

best replies to hate comments

1. “May god give you a brain and heart that he forgets to add while creating you.”

2. “I don’t think that you’re a bad person, you’re just miserable.” 

3. “Damn, go brush your teeth. Your lies stink the same as you are.” 

4. “Did I ask you to say something? Nobody asks you anything.”

5. “People can be whatever they can be. But, you choose to be a hater, that’s unique.” 

6. “For your Information, I’m trying to ignore you and not feeling any guilt about it.” 

7. “Most people are doing adventurous stuff and you do this. Good for you.” 

8. “You’re really getting better at these. You’re working so hard.”

9. “Keep doing it, because I don’t care what you do or say behind my back.” 

10. “Sometimes I just want to block you. But I don’t because I know you’ve to pay your bills.”

11. “Man, you’re so funny. Don’t worry I don’t take you seriously.” 

12. “Whatever you say actually reminds me that I’m not a loser like you.” 

13. “You always bring the best out of me. Thanks, you brother, keep hating.” 

14. “I really can’t believe that people do these to survive.” 

15. “Your family and parents are going to be proud of you for this.” 

16. “Keep talking, it’s your word, your time, and your choice. Nothing is mine.”

17. “If you get one dollar for every hate comment, you would be a millionaire by now.”

18. “How can you think in a negative way only? I’m shocked.” 

19. “You’re talented, you shit with your mouth. Just like everyone, I don’t like it!”

20. “So, what do you do for a living other than leaving mean comments?”

21. “No one can do this so well as you can. Keep going! Btw, who are you again?”

22. “Thank you so much. Because of you, I’ve extended my meditation by an hour.” 

23. “I don’t beat animals and that’s why you’re safe around me.” 

24. “Even your parents feel that they made a big mistake seeing you.” 

25. “You’re two-faced and both with an uglier one.”

26. “I found you on eBay and you’re the cheapest product on the site.”

27. “You’re the free sample that everyone has to take because it comes free.” 

28. “I was feeling so down. But, I’m glad that I’m at least not awful like you.” 

29. “Do you have a life outside this hate? Oh, I feel sorry for you then.”

30. “Have you ever talked to yourself? Even the mirror doesn’t want to see you.” 

31. “If you notice closely, you will find that everyone in your life ignores you.” 

32. “I was striving for perfection. But there’s nobody so perfectly imperfect as you.”

33. “You’ll find mistakes in anyone. But actually, you’re your parents’ biggest mistake.”

34. “I’m lucky to have dedicated support like those who never fail to support me anyway.”

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Haters are going to leave such mean and hateful comments, anyway. It’s their job. 

Ignoring them and focusing on the genuine supporters, the followers, is the smart man’s move. 

But, the rest followers are also seeing such hate comments on your Instagram page, TikTok posts, or YouTube channel. 

When you feel like you need to reply something to haters’ comments, the above are the better responses. 


Remember, the lists of best responses we’ve shared to hate comments are for fun purposes, you can use them for the same intention without having to be like a hater.

You don’t want to ruin your reputation and name.

Because haters will always try to get under your skin and spoil your image. 

So, whenever you respond to hate comments on social media, don’t cross limits, too. 


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