18 Best Ways To Respond To Backhanded Compliments

  • February 24, 2024

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If you regularly receive backhanded comments on social media like Instagram or in person, that means… You’re a hater’s target!

They’re your actual ‘follower’!

Their mean comments on you are often intended to insult you. 

So, knowing the effective way to respond to any backhanded compliments makes complete total sense.


No matter how great your content is or amazing person you’re, you’ll have to deal with haters. 

Indeed, you can simply ignore them. 

But, when they cross the limit, your ultimate responses to backhanded compliments could put them off for good.

So you won’t have to deal with them anymore. 

Hopefully… After getting savage replies like these, they’ll stop bothering you.


How To Respond To Backhanded Compliments On Social Media?

Whether you get the ‘insult in disguise’ on social media or even in person, these are some responses for your secret haters. 

In the comment section, if you see one person always leave mean comments and you are unsure whether this person complimented you or insulted you… you’ve received a backhanded compliment. 

There’s nothing for you to do, this is how they’re. 

But, when it’s too personal or mean, they deserve one of these replies: 

How to respond to a backhanded compliment

1. “Sorry, I usually post content for a mature audience only.”

Do you mean to say this person needs to be mature?

That’s exactly what you want to say, they deserve this.

2. “Thanks but no thanks! Hope you have a good day, somehow!”

This person really doesn’t deserve your attention.

So, this would be the positive comeback to backhanded compliments.

That’s it!

3. “Go get a life, have some fun. This isn’t giving you money.” 

Just a savage response you can say to someone leaving mean compliments on your posts.

Because they seem to have no enjoyment in life at all.

Instead of sneaking into other’s life, they need to get a life for themselves.

4. “Thanks for your feedback, I’ll consider this idea for next time.”

You’re not losing your mind; you just want to give them nice responses even if they give you some backhanded advice or find something wrong in your appearance. 

5. “Yeah, you’re right. But at least I’m living on my own.” 

This person clearly seems to be your hater.

You never get any positive comments from them, this sarcastic reply is the right option.

Need something more to handle haters? You need some savage replies to hate comments online.

6. “Are you sure about this, because you’re the first one to say this.”

There is always the one who never says any good things about you.

If you have one already in your friend circle or social media, let them know how different they are from the rest. 

7. “Nice try, man! Don’t worry I never take you seriously.” 

Give this online friend or follower a funny response to backhanded comments on you.

You can also say “Best luck” because they try hard to insult you.

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8. “And, in this case, I like to ignore you completely.”

They try to insult you secretly.

You want to shut them down for sure.

So, this is the honest reply you can give to haters. 

Funny Replies to backhanded compliments

9. “Do you do anything or just pass backhanded compliments to those who do good?”

You want to look for if they’ve any other options.

Because you never get anything good from them ever.

10. “I have a suggestion for you: You could be a film critic.” 

Because they’re good at finding faults in anything, this field makes sense with their ability to criticize anything. 

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11. “Welcome. I’ve been waiting for your mouth to open!”

This person is always criticizing you for your appearance or content, they deserve some appreciation and little respect, though!

12. “Why do most of your comments sound like you leave them after getting high? ”

Well, you rather respond to drunk texts from someone than anything that’s full of nonsense.

But this person’s comments on your posts are something else, not pure compliments but not insults either. 

13. “I’m so glad that you pointed this out, and now you’re my most loyal fan, Thanks! ”

If you want to give a savage response to backhanded compliments, give something like this.

When they really hate you, they feel ashamed of following you on Instagram, too. 

14. “Well, if you see it that way. I have nothing to say, the problem is in you, actually!”

With such a cleverest response you can give to someone who always leaves a backhanded compliment on your Instagram or TikTok posts. 

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15. “You’re such a kind person who always cares about me so much!”

Indeed, they are.

While others are only praising you for no reason, this person is at least being honest.

And they deserve such a respectful comeback. 

Savage replies for backhanded compliments

16. “I never met someone like you. And, never want to.”

No matter what they comment about you, you have what to say back.

This will inform them how you feel about them, clearly.

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17. “Bro, go get a job, these things won’t get you nowhere in life.”

This is another hater, who just hates you for no reason.

You aren’t in the mood to roast him.

So, you politely inform them to do something that is worth their time.

18. “Totally understand you. But at least I’ve something to do in my life.”

There’s nothing you can do about their mean comments. 

Whatever they say every time is just BS! 

When they take time to leave any comments on you, this would be the right response to give. 

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Replying to Backhanded Compliments Is Required, Sometimes!

At first, they seem like they are complimenting you, but secretly they want you to feel bad about yourself. 

Yes, some followers on social media are just your personal critics.

This person could be one from your own friend circle, as well. 

Inside they feel jealous about your increasing popularity. And, success, undoubtedly! 

Anytime when haters show up with backhanded comments, they try to get your attention.

They might manipulate your honest supporters with fake remarks.

That’s the same way some random guy says ‘You’re hot’ on your average picture.

You can’t (and, don’t have to) just ignore them always.


Sometimes, it is required to give something back to them.

Because if you don’t, they feel they have the upper hand. And, they won’t leave you alone.

When you give a clever response, you let them know you’re being direct. 

And yes, you don’t have to insult them always. Sometimes nice and funny responses to backhanded compliments are enough. 

All worth it just to get them to stop playing with you, any further!


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