29 Best Comebacks For Short Height Jokes And Comments

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No matter if you’re popular, talented, or successful… being short, makes you an easy target. 

It’s irritating when someone calls you short and comments about your height, you feel it. 

To deal with that, we’re sharing comebacks for short height jokes from your friends, relatives or anyone.

It also makes them think twice before mentioning height differences again.

What to reply when someone calls you short

If you’re a short person, no need to feel any low because of your height.

Such immediate replies will show off your confidence.

To make it even more impactful, you need your comebacks to be the best ones.

We’ve some suggestions ranging from savage, sarcastic, and funny comebacks for short people to keep their dignity intact. 

And, it’s up to you to choose how to respond, based on who is calling you short and in which manner.


Savage Comebacks For Being Called ‘Short’

If comments on your height and short jokes leave you embarrassed, you can shut them down by being savage here.

When you aren’t sure how, then here are savage comebacks for short people to deal with such comments.

 Savage Comebacks For Being Called Short

1. “Not only short but I’m sexy, too!” 

You should respond with more confidence when you are sure the person who is calling you short is trying to break your spirit. 

Of course, you’re short, and it still makes you look and feel sexy. 

This response reflects your confidence in yourself.

2. “I’m good with that, what’s your problem?”

You’re comfortable with your short height.

Also, you don’t think of it as a flaw.

But when someone tries to make it your weak point, this reply can stop them from getting any further. 

3. “Still, I’m good enough for a lot of things, on my own!”

Here you let that bully know that you might be short, but also independent. 

You pay your bills and have work to do.  

While this person has nothing to do in life other than bullying others and leaving mean comments,  such as calling someone short, tall, skinny, or fat.

4. “So sorry to hear that what I can see, you can’t.”

A perfect comeback you can give to a tall person. 

This person is so tall that he is so used to the top views. 

While talking to others, they only see their heads, from above. 

And, being short, you can easily maintain eye contact with others.

5. “Yeah, but the advantage of being short is I don’t look my age.”

The fact is that most short people don’t look older because of their height.

When someone always makes fun of you, sharing short jokes with you, informs the positive side of being short.

Tell them, you thank god every day for making this way.

8. “Oh, Hello Mr. Mount Everest, How are you?

This could be your friend or someone who calls you short, and to make it even more hilarious, you respond with this. 

It will certainly make that tallest friend laugh, as you are also criticizing their height. 

And it’s even funnier when this person is of average height and still acts as if he’s a tall guy.

7. “Dude, stop being so jealous of my heights.”

Those who often say you’re so short and all, actually make fun of you.

With this savage comeback, you tell this person not to compare yourself with whoever they are. 

Because what you have they can never, such as ‘short height’. 

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Good Comebacks For Short People

If someone you have a good connection with often asks, why are you so short and all, you don’t want to immediately shut them down. 

You know this person has just commented on your short height for a normal conversation. 

In such a case, you can give some good comebacks for short heights like these. 

Good Comebacks For You're Short

1. “How surprising is it that most famous people have short heights!”

Have a confidence, that says itself ‘I don’t care about anything like perfect height or body measure. I just love what I am.’ 

I think this one is the best comeback for short people to have when they don’t know how to reply to height comments or jokes about them. 

2. “God gave me a perfect height and I’m happy with that.”

If someone asks why you’re short, have this a prompt comeback. 

You let them know that your height has a purpose.

So, you don’t complain about it. 

But you’re still wondering why this person is so tall.

3. “Short people are more successful than taller ones. Do you know that?”

There’s no way you’re going to take comments and jokes about your heights seriously.

You know your heights don’t define your achievements and abilities. 

And this is one of the smart comebacks for short people to have to boost their confidence. 

4. “Well, I would rather call myself well-organized than short.” 

This makes a perfect reply to those who are tall but with no brain. 

You look good the way you are and feel more comfortable in yourself. 

That’s what you try to say with this response to short jokes or comments. 

5. “By the way, I’m closest to the ground and you’re to the sky! That’s the only difference.” 

When a tall person calls you short, this one is the best response for ‘You’re so short’ like a height-shaming comment. 

You don’t see any difference between this person and you. 

This indirectly asks, what does matter with the extra height, when you’re still not good as short people? 

6. “Am I short? I don’t think so.”  

It’s the first time when someone calls you short, so you react this way. 

You disagree with what this person says about you. 

This response also proves that what you’re, you’ve accepted yourself. 

7. “That means I have scope in being a stand-up comedian.”

While most comedians are short, you use it as an advantage. Maybe you’re already doing good at making others laugh. So this is a confident response to share. READ NEXT: Best Replies To ‘Same Pinch’

Funny Comebacks To Short Height Jokes From Friends

Well, if you’re the shortest person in your friend circle, you’re often the target. 

The friends, however, don’t take each other personally and exchange inside jokes. 

Still, you can’t find anything to say when friends call you short and make fun of your height, try these fun comebacks, next time. 

Funny Comebacks To Short Height Jokes

1. “Yeah, because I have given up my part of height for you.” 

There’s the one person who always talks about how short you are and laughs at your height. 

But the next time they try it again, give them this response.  

This is to inform them not to take so much pride in height. 

You’re short because it was you who sacrificed extra inches to make them taller. 

2. “Glad that people don’t use me as a selfie stick.” 

During a friendly conversation, when the tallest friend teases you for your short height, give him a funny response. 

Let him know that people aren’t using you, but are happy to take pictures with you, as well. 

On top of that, you’re not taking too much space in the frame. 

3. “Oh, yes… I forgot to wear my high heels today.” 

This time, other people notice that you’re short actually. 

But, with such clever and witty comebacks for short height jokes or comments, you’re accepting that without hesitation.

4. “I might be short. But at least I have a personality.” 

Shut up that boring friend who is simply no fun to hang out with.

When such a friend comments on your short height, give this comeback to inform that with this height you can connect and entertain others.

5. “You forget to add some more things. Short…. smart and successful!”

This is enough to let them know that you’re proud of yourself and what you are. 

You never let your height interfere with your wittiness and achievement. 

Maybe this friend takes it sarcastically, but at first, it’s a fun response to short jokes about you. 

6. “And that’s why you look down on me, right?”

Of course, this friend is a bit jealous of you and your heights. 

And to make him even more insecure, you can use this witty response on short height comments.

With your reply like this, you certainly bring a chuckle to those who are with you.

7. “Hello bigfoot, everyone is looking for you.” 

When a friend makes a joke about you being short and pulls you down, share this comeback. 

It’s enough to lower their confidence and bring them back to the same position as you. 

This is also a hint for them to not call you short again, because you know to fight back.

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Sarcastic Comebacks For Short People

You’re losing patience, as someone isn’t stopping commenting on your short height. 

This person is getting under your skin and wants you to remain insecure. 

But, you’re a confident person, who knows how to carry yourself. 

And, these sarcastic comebacks will give them back what they deserve for calling you short. 

Sarcastic Comebacks For Short People

1. “I’m just fine with whatever I am. Don’t worry about me, Relax.”

Whether you’re short in height or slightly below average, that’s not a problem for you.

With this reply, you’re asking someone to explain their problem with it. 

You just want them to calm down and not express their worry again, sarcastically.

2. “Nope, I’m not that short as you know.”

You are just letting this person know that what they see isn’t true. 

They have no idea how big you are. 

Just give them hints of being sarcastic here. Let them think whatever they can.

But you’ve given an ultimate comeback for short height comment. 

3. “So sorry to hear that you can’t wear high heels!”

She must be jealous of you because your short height allows you to wear high heels. 

As she’s skinny and tall like a pole, high heels aren’t for her. 

Also, she’s not comfortable with that. Use it when you have a chance. 

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4. “Don’t worry about me, you better watch out if drones won’t hit you.”

They pay attention to you and always say how short you are and all.

With this response, you inform them to first look at themselves. 

Because you’re there to take care of yourself, and they don’t have to do it for you. 

5. “It’s good to be short. But, it’s bad to be this tall and have a stupid face.”

That bully won’t shut up until you give them a tight comeback.

With their comments about your short height, they want to make you feel bad

And if you have nothing to reply to, this one is to use as sarcasm. 

6. “Okay, but I have the option to improve height, but you can’t be any shorter. So sad!”

Of course, short people have a chance to get an extra inch of height.

While tall people have no chance to reduce their height if that’s too much. 

This response not only shows your confidence but also brings the bully down. 

7. “And, that’s why I can keep my head up forever. Sorry for you.”

The tall people have to look down to have a conversation with someone. While short ones keep their head up.

If you give these clever responses to someone calling you short, they no longer bother you, because it’s true, though!

8. “But, that’s the reason why I’m more popular than you.”

Most short people are quite talented and more famous than those who are taller.

Also, you are doing well in your life and field.

You completely have a right to show off, when someone is trying to put you down by mentioning your short height. 

With this comeback, you tell that it’s the short height that works for you. 

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What To Say When Someone Calls You Short?

You’re a short person, and that’s not your problem. But most people have. 

They don’t consider how you feel.

Also, they never stop commenting on your short height. 

What To Say When Someone Calls You Short

Even in your circle, your friends might make fun of you for being short.

And you have nothing to do there just to accept it. 

Well, now you don’t have to tolerate height-shaming or comments anymore. 

Look up the best comebacks from the list above when you’re not sure what to say when someone calls you short either jokingly or sarcastically.

Stand up for yourself and have some savage comebacks for short height jokes with you, already.


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