11 Funny Comebacks For “Age Is Just A Number” Joke

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Like a supportive friend, you tried to make them take life seriously at their age. 

But instead, they respond with ‘Age is just a number’ as a joke.

Further, they tell you to chill, as they think they have a lot of time to do anything. 

It seems they didn’t get your point or completely avoid it.

Because they’re immature anyway.  

If you have someone like this who sees ‘age’ just as a number, this article discusses the best comebacks you can give. 


What To Say When Someone Says “Age Is Just A Number”?

The phrase ‘Age is just a number’ must be used in a positive and motivating sense.  

Normally, when someone uses ‘age as just a number, they use it to show that they are positive and feel young enough to do anything

To respond to that, you can be positive and encouraging, too. 

But some people take it as a whole different meaning. 

What To Say When Someone Says Age Is Just A Number

They just never understand the actual context of this phrase. 

And, they use it either as an excuse to avoid doing something meaningful at a certain age.

Like a start working or behaving maturely.  

In that case, you can correct or criticize them, if you care for them. 

Tell them how wrong they are with such thinking. 

Well, you might have that friend who is always in a joking mood or a sibling who never takes life seriously even if they’re at a certain age.

To deal with someone like that, you can share these funny comebacks to make them realize that ‘age is just a number’ but this number does count.  

1. “Then I think you should take admission in kindergarten.”  

This is just one example in response to a joke. 

And, there are plenty of examples that you can give. 

Mention the cases, when age number matters the most. 

2. “Agreed that. Then you should take money as a number, too.” 

You tell them that not just age but money is also just a number. 

And, we need to utilize both in the same way. 

This one is a clever comeback to anyone who uses ‘age is just a number’ as a joke and does not find what it actually means. 

3. “Yeah, but maturity should also come by the age.” 

Here you’re roasting your friend for never taking anything seriously. 

They always joke about anything and make fun of you for being thoughtful.  

4. “And, you need a mind to understand this well.” 

Because how they mean with ‘age is just a number’ is not what it means. 

Funny Comebacks to Age Is Just A Number Joke

5. “Then you’re just a person and not any good than that.” 

Everyone is different as a person. 

And, every age is different in life.  

There’s the whole point of what you can do and what not by age, which everyone should understand. 

6. “I think you see your weight is just a number, too.” 

Share this comeback with a friend who is overweight.

That clearly shows they are not taking their health seriously, either. 

It’s not a good idea to joke about weight, but they started it. 

7. “Yes, and all number has its value and purpose.”

That’s why someone should take it seriously for good. 

There’s a time for doing something and you better do that when you get a chance.

Grow as a person and add value to life as you get older. 

That is what this response means.    

8. “Tell me, At which age do you plan to start working, seriously?”

Maybe your sibling takes ‘age is just a number’ too seriously. 

And that’s why they never do anything to complete their education at the right age.

Or even start working and earning. 

This way you roast your sibling who always uses ‘age as a number’ excuse.  

9. “The number that we all should take seriously.” 

And when you reply to this, you mean in many ways. 

Sarcastic Response to age is just a Number

10. “No, it’s not, it’s a word. How we measure age is a number.” 

This person tries to make fun of your advice and take it as a joke. 

So you share this clever response to shut them down

11. “So, that is why you never act like a grown up., I get it now”  

To a friend who never acts their age and always behaves like a kid, you can say this. 

Such a comeback is to tell them to grow up because age is a number.

And the number also grows. 

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What Does “Age Is Just A Number” Mean?

Well, firstly the phrase “age is just a number” is used as an encouraging statement to make someone believe that they can do or achieve anything at any age. 

So if someone believes that they are too old to do something, you can use this. 

Here you say this to give them confidence. Make them believe that they can still do it. 

It’s just a common phrase to motivate someone to believe they still have time to do something. 

And there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

What does Age Is Just A Number mean

But some people take it as a joke and often use it as an excuse. 

Here they wait for the right time to do something or keep delaying doing the right thing. 

This is something which they should do by this age. 

To deal with ‘Age is just a number’ joke, you can use sarcastic and funny comebacks like we shared here.

Because that’s how this person will understand it better. 


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