(18 Funny Replies) When Someone Says “Calm Down”

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You have those irritating people in connection who first provoke anger and then say ‘Calm down’. 

As if, they want to prove that you’re the nuisance.

And, they want peace.

Such ‘peacemakers’ secretly get under your skin, and do anything to get your worst reaction.

When you act out, instead of apologizing, they tell you to relax.

Obviously, this makes you even angrier.

But eventually, it works in their favor and everyone starts believing that you’re crazy

Don’t let that happen again. 

Know what could be the good and funny comebacks to share, when they tell you to calm down or chill. 


How To Reply When Someone Tells You To “Calm Down”?

It wasn’t your intention to get angry, but someone made you do it.

By saying something hurtful or offending you anyway. 

And, then they act so innocent and ignorant, like they did nothing. 

Well, instead of being enraged, better if you have sarcastic replies ready to expose them. 

When someone says ‘calm down’ but they’re the one responsible for all the nuisance, this is how to reply.

How To Reply To Calm Down

1. “No, first you calm down.” 

It works both ways, you’re not going to calm down until they are. 

2. “I was here to relax, you just did what you usually do.” 

Blame them for spoiling the entire event, and everyone’s mood.

It’s not you, they’re the ones responsible for creating such drama for no good reason. 

This good comeback is for those relatives who talk rudely or friends who don’t know how to joke.

3. “All I learned, it is from you only.” 

Those toxic parents or family members who now keep telling you to calm down, tell them it’s they’re the one who makes you like that. 

4. “Sorry, around you I can’t.” 

So, you need them to leave this place. 

As long as they’re here, it’s hard for you to stay calm.  

5. “It’s you who started and now you tell me to chill. How ironic!” 

First, they create a nuisance and act like they have no idea what’s going on

Tell everyone who to blame for making you behave harshly. 

6. “Do you even know what’s happening here?” 

This someone has no idea regarding what’s the matter or what makes you angry, simply advises you to ‘calm down’.

You can say the same thing to them, and then see how they react. 

If they can stay calm, you, too. 

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7. “Now you act like you want peace, huh!” 

Being sarcastic you tell everyone who they are. 

The person who is trying to maintain peace is the one who is a real troublemaker.

For other who know this person well, it’s a funny response.

8. “Why, because you don’t want others to know your secrets?”

You’ve been very close to this person and know what kind of person he is. 

As you start to reveal their dark intention and identity, they advise you to relax. 

9. “What now? Because I’m speaking the truth.” 

This person has done everything to make you look worse. Which they almost did. 

But instead of acting mad, you start telling the truth about them. 

And now they feel scared and say ‘Please calm down’. 

10. “For that, you first need to get off my face.” 

You want this person nowhere around.

Clearly tell ‘I don’t like you‘ to get rid of them. 

They just irritate you with their presence, giving off unpleasant vibes. 

11. “I’ve been a calm person for life, ask anyone here.” 

Most people know who you are and that’s not how you behave normally. 

But when you act so, that means someone has made you behave like this. 

12. “Don’t tell me, better tell him/her to calm down.” 

It’s a regular sibling fight when your parents tell you to calm down. 

But your sibling is the one who first annoys you.

13. “Okay, I’m calm down, but if this changes what you said.” 

By replying this way, you tell them to take responsibility or apologize for what they just said. 

14. “On your order, I will relax. Now order, when I can say a word.” 

You say this in a sarcastic tone. 

You’re still frustrated because first, they force you and then try to act nice. 

As if you’re taking their order and you will do as they say.

15. “I’ll. But, after you.” 

First, you want them to calm down, relax, and don’t argue with you anymore. 

16. “Oh, look who is saying to ‘calm down’?” 

It’s the one who is always the root of all problems. 

You say it sarcastically to someone who is responsible for this heated argument. 

17. “Stop acting like you’re the calmest person here.”  

They’re trying to show everyone how nice they are, as they try to relax everyone. 

But what others do not know is that this person is the one who started it all. 

That is what you say with this direct reply. 

18. “Then, you better not say a word around me.” 

Because every time they open their mouth, it creates problems. 

Here they tell you to ‘calm down’, so you have the right to advise them to ‘stay shut’. 

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When Someone Tells You To “Calm Down”

If someone has to tell you to relax and calm down, then it means you’re really loud and acting at your worst. 

First, you also look at the side, Did you really act so crazy? If so, then you better relax as someone says. 

There’s no point to be loud and rude when things can be resolved by being calm. 

When Someone Tells You to Calm Down

While there’s also a situation when someone who has frustrated you, now tells you to ‘calm down’ and ‘chill’ at it. 

They try to prove that you’re a real piece of work and there’s some problem in you.

And they start acting nice all of a sudden.

To deal with such double-sided people, these funny and good comebacks to ‘calm down’ or ‘relax’ prove who is responsible for this problem.  

While you, you’ve been calm the whole time. 


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