39 (Savage &) Funny Responses To “I Don’t Like You”

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When someone doesn’t like you, it’s how they think or feel about you.

You don’t have control over that.

So, Just chill!

Why worry about that, Right?

But, if you know that it’s due to jealousy for you, you better give this person a proper reply. 

Sometimes they say it to your face or comment on your post.

Mostly on social media, someone you barely know says that ‘Hey, I don’t like you at all’.

Who’s this person? Do you even know them?

Of course, NOT. 

To handle someone who doesn’t like you for no valid reason, we’ve listed below the best responses.

Maybe this way, you end up giving them few good reasons, eventually. 


Witty Replies To “I Don’t Like You”

Those who say they don’t like you, possibly because they’re insecure that they can’t be you. 

You can do nothing about them.

But at least respond cleverly to let them know you’re awesome anyway, whether they like you or not. 

Witty Replies To I Don't Like You

1. “Okay, so what?”

2. “Thanks for letting me know. Truly appreciated.”

3. “To be honest, I don’t even like myself, too.”

4. “How dare you call me this to the face. You must be my real friend.”

5. “But why are you talking to the mirror?”

6. “So, what do you want me to do for that?”

7. “Do you ever like someone doing good in life, I doubt.” 

8. “Glad you say that, but I don’t ask you, Did I?”

9. “And no one knows anything about you.”

10. “Who are you, I never met you this before?”

11. “Your this nature, make me love you more, Dear.” 

12. “So, you were thinking that I have no idea about it?”

13. “That’s alright, I still even won’t care if you like me.”

14. “I bet, and you have no reason for that.” 


Funny Responses To “I Don’t Like You”

Often your friends or follower says that they no longer like you for some crazy reason. 

You don’t take it that personally.

Because you don’t care about their opinion, as well. 

That you can prove by replying to their comments hilariously. 

Funny Responses To I Don’t Like You

1. “That makes you my truest fan.”

2. “Thanks, at least someone is being honest with me.”

3. “No way, I thought you’re mine, the one and only. What happened?” 

4. “Then why you don’t just unfollow me here.”

5. “I don’t need your opinion, there’s a thousand more to like me.”

6. “Okay, one down, against 134 people who like me.” 

7. “Oh no, that breaks my heart into pieces, Get lost.” 

8. “So sad, you’re not going to hear me from now on.”

9. “I think nobody asked you if you like me or not.” 

10. “Yes, you can do it. I’m not forcing you to do anything.” 

11. “Shut up, I’ve blocked your first and you’re still following me with another account.”

12. “Yeah, it’s not possible to be liked by everyone.” 


Savage Comebacks To “I Don’t Like You”

How surprising is that, you need a reason to like someone, but someone could just dislike you for no reason.

There’s someone who says they don’t like you and you don’t know why.

That person is a bully and you should respond to their comments savagely and no less.

Savage Comebacks To I Don’t Like You

1. “I don’t even want to know who you like then. “

2. “And you think that I even care?”

3. “But, your mom says she loves me more than your dad.”

4. “Then you’re quite one in a million.” 

5. “Thanks, for reminding me that I’m famous now. “

6. “Amazing, even I feel the same about you, the same pinch, ha-ha!”

7. “But I know who you like, I know your tastes.”

8. “Okay, I get it, you don’t like me, but you love me, correct?”

9. “That’s fine, I’m not forcing you to like me or anyone.” 

10. “But, I always like you for being my loyal follower.” 

11. “Fine, people often hate someone who is doing way better than them.”

12. “Did I ever tell you to like me, either?” 

13. “Easy man, there are many people who love me, be careful from now on!”

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When Someone Says They Don’t Like You

No matter how good you do or good-looking you are, some people just won’t like you ever.

They always have something to discourage you from being you.

Maybe your online followers or fake friends, often comment on your posts, saying how they don’t like you and all. 

While in person, some friends don’t show but dislike you secretly. 

When Someone Says They Don't Like You

You don’t have anything to do in either situation. 

All you can do it so keep working your best, for yourself and for those who like you genuinely. 

If you come across such people saying ‘I don’t like you’, take care of them by being witty, hilarious, and savage, showing it doesn’t matter to you at all.


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