38 (Savage &) Good Roasts For Fake Friends To Expose Them

  • February 19, 2024

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You won’t easily recognize them, but they’ve been there the whole time.

Those ‘fake friends’.

Yes, you might come across them who act so nice.

That you easily trust them, like a friend.

Then, you may share everything, unaware that they could be a backstabber or traitor.

Of course, that hurts when someone tricks you and takes advantage of you.

So, when you sense their presence already, inform them that you got them. 

To do that, here are some honest roasts to say to a fake friend who was up to something ‘fishy’

Now, they’re not going to succeed as you recognize their ‘real side’.


Good Roasts For Fake Friends

You spot them already. Just you didn’t let them know. 

While dealing with fake friends in your connection, they make it hard for you to stay calm. 

If you wish for some timely roasts, this is what to say to that backstabber friend.  

Good Roasts For Fake Friends

1. “If I will do what you’ve done to me, I will make myself ashamed of myself for life.”

2. “I kept you on my back to kiss my ass, and not to stab me from the back.” 

3. “You’ve two faces and both are in no way good. Even your parents don’t want to see it.” 

4. “Whatever you do you’re making yourself a terrible friend.”

5. “Beauty is inside, but in your case, jealousy is inside and also outside.”

6. “You can go now, I have nothing to say, you’re nobody to me.”

7. “I can’t thank you enough for telling me what it’s like to be a fake friend.” 

8. “Well, if you’re in my life or not, that won’t affect me anymore. I don’t care about you.” 

9. “No one needs hundreds of friends, just one genuine friend is enough. And that’s not you.” 

10. “So sad that due to your behavior, nobody wants to be your friend.” 

11. “You can’t hide yourself anymore, now everybody knows how fake you’re.” 

12. “If you want to leave, just go, nobody even wants you around.” 

13. “You’re the fakest friend and the worst person I ever know.” 

14. “Bro, you messed up with the wrong person. I already played you more than you ever know.” 

15. “So, you think you have played perfectly. Bro, you don’t know me yet.” 

16. “I never make any mistakes in picking a friend, I never trusted you.” 

17. “You believed this would hurt me? Nah, I have never considered you as my friend ever.”

18. “Call me friends and do something that not even haters do. And, you still want me to trust you.”

19. “Well played my friend. I realized now that I shouldn’t have to trust anyone this much.”

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Savage Comebacks For Fake Friends

That’s enough you can’t tolerate them in your connection ever. 

Whether you want to throw them out of your life forever or just make them at a distance, these are the right things to say to fake friends. 

Being sarcastic and savage you tell that fake friends not to mess with you anymore. 

Savage Comebacks For Fake Friends

1. “To me you were not like a friend, you were just a person I had no connection.” 

2. “From the very first moment, I knew you were fake, I just kept it a secret like you.” 

3. “I have a superpower that I can scan people to see what’s inside them.” 

4. “That’s in your nature I don’t blame you, nor I’m surprised at all.” 

5. “You can think you’re smart to trick me, but I’m the one who trusts you.” 

6. “Whatever you did to me, you made me respect my enemies more.” 

7. “I’m just done with dealing with such fake friends. I would rather be my friend.”

8. “I think I played you way better than you can ever to me.” 

9. “Back then I was so afraid to be alone, now I just want to be alone.” 

10. “It’s only me who is stupid enough to trust you, that doesn’t make you smart though.” 

11. “From the very first, I knew who you are actually. So don’t think that you can hurt me.” 

12. “I’m not mad at you, you did just what I expected from you.” 

13. “Nobody even hurt me, because I expect nothing from anyone.” 

14. “Your presence has never benefited me so your absence won’t affect me.”

15. “Why do I have to be sad? It’s you who has lost a genuine friend, but I lost a fake one.” 

16. “This might be tough for me to accept. But, I’m happy that I have learned a lesson from you.”

17. “The nicest person somebody wants to look like, the fakest person they are inside.” 

18. “So that’s you have been hiding from me and from the world, Right”

19. “No, no it’s not your fault at all, it’s all mine that I gave you a second chance as a friend.”

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What To Say To Your Fake Friend?

If you want to give them a warning like not to take you lightly, turn down your fake friends’ every comment with savage comebacks.

While, if you just really to get rid of that ‘exposed’ fake friend, having some roasts will remind them that you’re smarter than they’re. 

What To Say To Your Fake Friend

Not sure what their intentions are, those fake friends add nothing good to you. 

Even if you’ve no hate for them or did nothing wrong, they do what the worst they can do being your fake friend. 

When you know that one friend always makes fun of you, tries to insult you, or never tolerates any good things about you, they are ‘the fake ones’. 

They don’t just deserve to be in your connection, but also in your life, too. 

When you’ve no option but to deal with them, these savage comebacks and good roasts for fake friends will remind them, that they can’t win over you.


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