14 Good Comebacks For “Don’t Argue With Me”

  • February 26, 2024

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When parents realize that they’re wrong or the teacher must keep their ego, they may tell you ‘Don’t argue with me’. 

This is the most common thing elders say when they’ve nothing to add while arguing. 

It’s the lamest escape most elders use when they don’t want to lose an argument with younger ones.

And, this is how they end the conversation.

If this happens, the sentence makes you stay shut even if you’re right. 

But, not anymore.

Instead, you let them end the conversation, for next time you better have strong comebacks to end it the right way. 


What To Say To “Don’t Argue With Me”?

Especially the elders who try to shut you up will use sentences like ‘Don’t argue with me’, ‘Respect your elders’, and related. 

In case, when you have a valid point, never just let them win over you. 

There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, everyone including elders can be wrong, too. 

But, when their ego comes in between accepting and understanding your point, say it right. 

Some might say it is a talkback.

But this is instead a comeback to tell the truth as it is.  

What To Say To Don't Argue With Me

1. “Do you think I even enjoy arguing with you?

Nope, no one likes to argue with anyone. 

Especially those who are your nearest ones.

You want to make it a discussion instead. 

2. “Oh, it’s now become my favorite thing to do.” 

When you’re in your teens and often get into an argument with your parents on anything, this is what you can say.  

3. “Because you can’t tolerate facts. I guess.”  

This is for your elder brother or sister who thinks they’re better at everything than you. 

Just tell them that they could be great in some, but not in everything. 

4. “Why, because you’ve no more thing to add. Right?”

Spot on! 

The elders who have nothing more to point out, will inform you that they’re senior and you should listen to them.

(Even if they’re wrong sometimes, as they believe it)

5. “Okay, but you should also see who’s started that.” 

There’s no problem at all, you were just asking for money from your parents and ended up getting the whole life advice. 

You didn’t mean to argue.

But, it’s them who initiated the argument. 

6. “Yes, I do not even want to talk to you.”

It’s better to not talk to them for some hours instead of trying to explain something. 

You can’t change their perspective.

Accept that. 

Give them time to understand, hopefully, this might work.

7. “If you want me to stop arguing. I want you to stop judging me.” 

You’re mature and know what to do at this age. 

Those relatives or family won’t understand your perspective, ever. 

This one is a clever comeback that you also want them to stop making judgments. 

Maybe they still think that you still have to grow up.

8. “Then you should know how to shut your mouth up.”

It’s your elder sibling who often annoys you with their negative remarks. 

You just don’t want their involvement in what you’re doing or planning to do. 

9. “Please don’t drag me into another argument again.”

Arguing with them eventually spoils your positive mood. 

And those thoughts always affect how you feel and do something for the rest of the day. 

This means you also want them not to argue with you. 

10. “Yes, because that will change nothing, I know.” 

Some relatives or family members are just to advise you on something. 

They never listen to you and care about your decisions. 

That’s what you say if you choose this reply.

11. “I’m not crazy that I ever think about that.”

You want to say ‘What’s wrong with you’. But you already know the answer. 

So better if you try your best not to deal with them anyway. 

An effective comeback to share when someone brings you into an argument somehow. 

12. “Why not? I just like you more when you get mad at me.” 

Sometimes even your partner or lover feels tired of the argument and tells you to stop arguing with them.

You can’t give them a comeback, but at least this cute response is the right choice. 

13. “What now? Because the truth hurts you.” 

This is the most common fact for why someone says you to not argue with them. 

No matter what, they won’t admit it. 

So, Be real and just say this.

14. “It’s you who argues with me. While I’m just saying things as it is.” 

Because when you’re right, you can’t say that you argue, you’re just stating the fact. 

If they’re wrong, (they are already aware of it) but still try to look right, this makes them the arguer.

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During the argument, when someone tries to shut you up with ‘don’t argue with me’, have these comebacks ready as a backup to say. 

It’s their way to prevent being wrong or defeated by you.

Indeed, they are senior and admittedly mature in many cases.

But, you could be right about some. 

If that’s so, never let them win over you again. 

With these good comebacks, you’re just sharing things as it is and telling them to accept it and not to argue with you instead.


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