12 Witty Responses To Sarcasm (When It Gets Too Far)

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Well, dealing with sarcastic people isn’t just easy.

They always have something more insulting to say about your nature, lifestyle, or appearance. 

So, you must be ready with your quickest responses to sarcasm.

This is to defend your self-respect and confidence.

And, that you can do it by responding cleverly and even more sarcastically. 

For your help, here, we will share with you the best replies you can give to sarcasm. 

No matter whichever way it comes to you, either via social comment, text, or in person, you at least have your comebacks to share when someone is being sarcastic to you. 


How To Respond To Sarcasm?

Is that your friend being so sarcastic and you’re their always target? That’s frustrating. 

If it’s your relatives who behave rudely to you, they say nothing about you for no reason.

That’s enough, never let them win over you with their sarcasm. 

You need to say something. 

Something so effective, that reverses the impact and embarrasses that sarcastic person. 

When you are not sure what to say to sarcasm, here are witty, savage, and sarcastic replies to have as options. 

How To Respond To Sarcasm

1. “I would rather correct your grammar. But your entire existence is wrong.” 

You’re not going to correct their language because you’ve nothing else to say.

But tell them that, their presence on earth is a major issue. 

This response proves you’re witty and sarcastic. And, much better than them. 

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2. “Now I know, that’s what you do for a living, Good job.”

Every time you meet them, they have nothing good to talk about. 

They never are serious about their work, life or relationship, or anything. 

But they always have to make fun of others. 

That’s how sarcastic people make money for their family, as they’re good at this only.  

3. “Say whatever you can, I don’t mind. Because you’re nobody to me.” 

They try mocking you and do anything to put you down.  

You obviously do not like it. 

But if you react angrily, they will win. 

So, telling them they are nobody compared to you, is a clever response here.

4. “You’ve no idea but your family is hiding something big from you.”

Someone crosses their limits and makes fun of your parents or family. 

That’s not sarcasm but a pure insult.

So, to divert their mind from your family life, you cleverly tell them to focus on theirs.

witty replies to sarcasm

5. “Who asked you, anybody? See nobody here knows you even here.” 

That friend always has to say something mean about you.

Because they’re being personal, no one pays attention to them. 

But they keep it going. 

Saying ‘no one asked’ is regular but effective when you don’t have much to say. 

6. “Okay, so we are supposed to laugh? But at which part?”

They are doing their best to make you a joke for everyone.

But, that’s not happening. 

And your immediate response like this will make a sarcastic person ‘a big joke’ instead. 

7. “What happened to you? When we found you, you were a good guy.” 

Maybe there’s something wrong with their system or it’s their real self. 

You don’t want to insult them, but they make you. 

Fine, if that’s what they choose, give what they deserve. 

8. “I’m so sorry but sometimes I don’t understand what you’re saying.” 

When you don’t have time to deal with their sarcasm, just pretend like I didn’t get it.

It will realize at least that whatever they have been saying to you, it all hasn’t worked. 

9. “I know how intelligent you are. But you’re putting your mind in the wrong direction.”

What’s the purpose of having such a sharp mind that is not useful for society? 

But, actually, it spreads nothing good but sarcasm. 

That’s a complete waste of talent and intelligence. 

You’re not being sarcastic, this is just your concern for wastage. 

sarcastic responses to sarcasm

11. “I must say that your try is good, but it’s hurtful to say that you’ve failed.” 

The most common thing about sarcastic people is they think they’ve done damage to someone’s confidence. 

Well, that person really needs to know that their sarcasm is not that strong. 

But because you’ve sympathy for their attempt, you can at least tell them ‘well try’ or wish ‘best of luck’ with the future attempt. 

12. “You’re just the way everyone talks about. I was wrong. But, now I have to admit this.” 

This sarcastic person has no idea that nobody likes them.

They’re just annoying friends that everyone has to deal with anyway. 

It could be just a joke or fact, but your delivery is so perfect that it will leave a sarcastic person thinking of it. 

12. “Thank you so much for letting me know this side of yours. I’m shockingly impressed.” 

You never know that this person could be so rude to you. 

Over time, everyone shows their real colors. 

But with this witty response, you tell a sarcastic person that you’re happy that they expose themselves this early. 

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How To Deal With Sarcastic People? 

You could walk away, block them, or just act like you don’t care. 

Such are the immediate ways to deal with a sarcastic person. 

But this is not the permanent solution, they will target you again, anyway. 

And, yes if you do the same, it shows you’ve accepted your defeat.

That, you’ve nothing to say. 

How To Deal With Sarcastic People

Eventually, to some sarcastic people, it encourages them and hits you hard next time. 

Well, you could stop them, with the tighter comebacks. 

Indeed, at least once but you need to give savage or witty responses to sarcasm, to show that you, too, have something to say. 

You could either make fun of them or hurt their confidence in return. 

Use the next level of sarcasm to deal with them. 

That’s what a sarcastic person deserves.

It shows someone is better than them. And that’s ‘You’. 


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