56 Best Comebacks For “Who Asked” Or “Nobody Asked”

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You might face a situation when you share valuable advice or an interesting story.

But, then someone says “Who asked?” or, “Nobody asked you”. 

Else if you’re suggesting something, they can even say “Did I ask you for your opinion?”.

That is rude.

So, you better have your comebacks ready to defend your pride. 

No wonder when you get to hear that again.

This mostly comes from that fake friend or moody friend, whose mood are so unpredictable. 


How To Respond To “Who Asked” ?

That’s disrespectful when someone says ‘Who asked you’ or ‘I didn’t ask you’, it puts you in an uncomfortable situation.  

Well, no matter how smart or quick you’re in other cases, such rudeness puts you off.  

Don’t worry, we won’t let your pride go any lower. 

How To Respond To Who Asked

We’ve something to say to protect your confidence and self-esteem. 

For next time, you just have to be prepared with these best comebacks to ‘Who asked?’ or ‘Nobody asked you’ when someone dares to say it.

Here we’re going to talk about the different ways to reply to ‘Did I ask?’ question. 


Good Comebacks To “Who Asked You?”

First, someone tries to ignore you, when they can’t, then they try to insult you instead.

By saying ‘Who asked you?’, they show no care for your opinion and also insult your presence. 

If one friend is constantly doing that, you need such immediate and good comebacks ready for the ‘Who asked you’ rude question. 

Good Comebacks To Who Asked You

1. “I’m not talking to you either.”

2. “Nobody and that’s you for me.” 

3. “I heard some voices, who said that.”

4. “And I didn’t ask you this either.” 

5. “I’m not here for you at all.”

6. “Nobody even considers you in the group, kid!”

7. “I know you didn’t ask, but you still need me.” 

8. “Here we are only two people, who else would respond?” 

9. “Should I have to ask for your permission?”

10. “It’s my opinion I can give it anytime whenever I want, and I need no approval.”

11. “In this case, you really need my word. Trust me.” 

12. “I don’t think anyone else here knows you better than me.”  

13. “It’s not an answer, it’s my statement. Just my opinion.”  

14. “Also, no body is talking to you, but to me. Do you get it now?”  


Savage Comebacks For “Nobody Asked”

You’re having a fun conversation with your friends and while sharing your opinion, one of them says ‘Nobody asked you’. 

When they say it, this shows they treat you like nobody. 

Never let them win over you, and protect your pride. 

Have your savage responses ready when someone says ‘nobody asked’ to you. 

Savage Comebacks for Nobody Asked

1. “Then, pretend like nobody said that.” 

2. “You didn’t ask, but your well-wisher said that.” 

3. “Take it or leave, that is your choice.” 

4. “Never mind, you don’t deserve any good things in life.”

5. “But I’m the one who answers anyway.” 

6. “I’m sure even your parents didn’t want you.”

7. “Sorry, I forget that you need no one.”

8. “What are you even doing here? Go somewhere else then.”

9. “I know you didn’t nor will you ever ask. But you’ve to listen to me.”

10. “It’s me asking and it’s me answering.” 

11. “You need to go and get a life, instead of being with us.” 

12. “I think nobody has invited you here, either.”

13. “Did I tell you that I want you to follow me here?”

14. “And, I didn’t tell you specifically that it applies to you.”


Clever Responses To “Did I Ask You?”

By directly saying ‘Did I ask you (or for your opinion)?’ they target you. 

When someone says that, they put you down and might even enjoy it. 

Wondering, if you’ve anything to say. Of course, here are the smart ways to reply to them. 

Escape this frustrating situation with some clever comebacks like these ones.  

Clever Responses To Did I Ask You

1. “Oops, my bad, I forget that you just talk and never listen.” 

2. “Do you have anything new to say?”

3. “If you didn’t ask, then why are you even listening to me?”

4. “I said so because I care for you.” 

5. “This is the last thing I have ever said to you.”

6. “Sorry, I must not have said anything to you at all.” 

7. “Then don’t ever come back to me, asking for help.” 

8. “I think only my advice is the most genuine one.” 

9. “Whatever I said, I just do it for you and you alone.” 

19. “I’m sorry, but I’m your true friend and I can’t encourage you for anything stupid.” 

11. “That’s right nobody asks you anything ever, too.”

12. “It’s your dad who gave me a job to watch over you.”  

13. “Trust me only me who actually listens to you.”

14. “And, nobody actually wants to be your friend.” 


Sarcastic Replies To “I Didn’t Ask You”

When you want to effectively respond to an ignorant person, there can’t be a better response than being sarcastic. 

That’s right. Even in this case when someone says ‘Who asked’ or ‘Did I ask you’, you can give them a tighter response with sarcasm. 

If this is for your rude friend, jealous coworkers, or annoying sibling, here are the sarcastic comebacks for ‘did I ask,’ or ‘I didn’t ask’. 

Sarcastic Replies To I Didn't Ask You

1. “Seriously? That’s how you going to handle the truth.” 

2. “I’m older than you and you should listen to me and also respect me.” 

3. “That’s not my problem, it’s your parents.” 

4. “Oh, so you’re here, too. How long you’ve been here? I didn’t notice you.”

5. “I’m just here to save you from the big trouble.” 

6. “Do you think this even affects me anyway?”

7. “I want to say this same question to your parents, we didn’t ask for you.”

8. “If you didn’t ask, then I think you should.” 

9. “My mistake, I didn’t know the discussion is about you.”

10. “Then you shouldn’t be here with us, go somewhere else.” 

11. “You never asked for anything, but only I can answer you.”

12. “I don’t care who asked or not, I just had to say this so I did.” 

13. “Then don’t say the same story again and again.”

14. “My bad, I just can’t tolerate nonsense. I shouldn’t have to say that. Sorry!”


When Someone Says ‘Who Asked’ To You

Well, first ‘Who asked’, ‘Nobody asked’ or ‘Did I ask’ isn’t even a question. 

But, a rude comment on you. 

Whoever says this, actually hates you secretly and doesn’t want to hear anything from you.

Maybe they’re secretly jealous of you or annoyed for some other reason, doesn’t matter, but when they say that they say this to you. 

When Someone Says Who Asked To You

If you want to help them or say the right thing, never tolerate such rude behavior.

While responding, first you need to be aware of how this person normally treats you and how’s your connection with them. 

If they do the same quite often, believe that they have some kind of problem with you.

When you allow them to win this time, they will do it more often, so handle them right. 

No matter what they say to you if it is ‘Who asked’, ‘Nobody asked’, ‘Did I ask’ or ‘I didn’t ask for your opinion’, it all means that they don’t care about you and have no respect for you either. 

But you’ve to protect your self-respect, Right?  

So, don’t hesitate to share these best comebacks with someone who rudely says ‘Who asked’.

Because they deserve such sarcastic to clever comebacks and nothing less than that. 


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