36 Good Comebacks For “Get A Life, Bro”

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That someone who says ‘Get a life, bro’ has no idea what you’re going through or how happy you are already.

Plus, whatever they say that’s to make you feel worse about your life.

If you’re confident and enjoy life your way, you never take their comments seriously.

Instead, give them some powerful comebacks for trying to look cool compared to you and present you as an idiot with no life.

When you respond this way, this expresses you’re proud of yourself and that you need any judgments.

Hopefully, this should hurt their ego for good reasons.


Sarcastic Replies To “Get A Life, Bro”

It hurts when your friend says this. Some do it certainly to insult you.

They make fun of your way of living and show you’re not living an awesome life as theirs. 

You could stop them from winning over you.

To do that gives them immediate responses that are obviously sarcastic and so perfect.

Sarcastic Replies To Get A Life Bro

1. “That’s the greatest advice I have ever received, anything else?”

2. “Yeah, your life is so amazing, but I don’t think I’ll ever want to live like that.”

3. “Do you think you’re living a life in a real sense?”

4. “Agreed, Can you please give me an address from where you get a life for yourself?”

5.”That’s what I’m about to say but to you.”

6. “You’re doing a great job to change others’ lives.”

7. “Sorry dude, I can’t be. I never choose a life like yours.”

8. “Listen to me, everyone. Who else wants to live like him, raise your hand. See… no one.”

9. “I’m already in search of one. Are you selling yours?”

10. “I never knew that getting a new laptop is like getting a new life. ” 

11. “Oops, then what have I been doing all these years? Am I even alive?”

12. “Thanks for the suggestion. But I think you need it more than me.”


Clever Responses For “Go Get A Life”

This person who says you’ve no life and to get one actually has no life in themselves. 

They think they’re perfect and living the best life. And, so they believe everyone should live like them.

When you don’t follow them or can’t do something like them, they will call you a loser

To some friends with such a mentality, you better give them witty comebacks like these: 

Clever Responses For Go Get A Life

1. “Before you came into my life, I also had a life- a beautiful one.”

2. “Don’t worry, whenever I go to get mine, I will take one for you, too.”

3. “What will I do with two lives? Oh, you need it for yourself.”

4. “Nope, I would rather choose to pay my bills than get money from my parents.” 

5. “I have a life already, just you don’t have any clue outside your bubble.” 

6. “If I spend any more time with you, I already lost whatever I have.” 

7. “You better have something new to say other than this. We heard enough.”  

8. “Forget about me. Tell me what you’re doing with your life.”

9. “And, do you have any advice on how to get one by myself?”

10. “Do you have any recommendations for that? I’m interested in this.” 

11. “This is exactly how you live, I just lived like you for three days, bro.”

12. “I’m living my life the best way I can. You don’t need to say anything.”

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Savage Comebacks To “You Need To Get A Life”

Let this person know who they’re messing with. You are already happy and confident about the way you live.

Fine, if you do not know something or a few things are out of your interest. 

But that doesn’t mean you’ve no life at all. 

To someone who tells you to get a life as a taunt, these savage replies will make them realize life is way beyond their thinking.

Savage Comebacks To You Need To Get A Life

1. “Do you think you’re funny? Nope, you are not. You are way more boring than anyone.” 

2. “Are you mad, do you think I will ever choose to live like you, never?”

3. “Let me guess, you have got yours from somewhere online, right?”

4. “I think wherever you bought life for yourself, the shop is sealed now.” 

5. “You might get your one at a discounted price, but I don’t.” 

6. “I’ve got one, and I will return it. And, I’ve another one.”

7. “First, you give back mine, you’ve taken it away before from me.” 

8. “First you tell me, what’s your age? I guess, at this age, you must have done a lot in your life, Right?” 

9. “What about yours? Means, where’s your life, huh?”

10. “I’ll have it soon. But you won’t be part of that life, don’t forget that.”  

11. “Yeah, I don’t have life, do you have any extra? Then give me one?”

12. “I have my own life and my own business. It’s just you, who have eyes on others.”


What Does “Go Get A Life” Mean?

The phrase ‘go get a life’ you hear from someone who thinks they live the best life (and, no one else).

Maybe they believe that whatever they do is perfect and others should be living like that.

By saying ‘get a life’ to anyone, they try to make fun of others’ lifestyles. 

You guessed it right, these are the same people who took control of your life and never let you be yourself.  

This isn’t acceptable at all. 

Maybe this is your friend, but no one has the right to say so.

What Does Go Get A Life Mean

Especially when you’re doing good in life and know how to make your everyday count. 

The truth is that this person won’t stop until you give some response.

Someone should make them realize this isn’t how the world works. 

If you have someone who often says ‘Get a life’, have these savage, clever, and sarcastic comebacks ready for the next time. 

All the ideas are to inform them it’s them who need to get a life and not anyone else.

Your response should reflect that you’re happy with the life you live. It’s just they don’t have any clue about it.  


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