99 (Savage And) Funny Answers To “How Old Are You?”

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You know, sharing your age is not a big deal. 

But, when the question “How old are you?” comes from an annoying person, then the answer can’t be straightforward or clear.

Because they want to make you feel older.

You might feel hesitant to reveal your age or don’t like the way this person asks your age. 

Whatever cases are there, when you feel hesitant to share your age, try to be funny, savage, sarcastic, and flirty with the way you reply.

Further, you will find nothing but the better ways to respond to the age question.


Funny Answers To “How Old Are You?”

Make it a fun response that gives everyone a good reason to laugh.

Here are some hilarious ways to share your age when asked. 

Funny Answers To How Old Are You

1. “I’m not sure, I never celebrate my birthday.”

2. “What are you going to do by knowing it?”

3. “Old enough to have a driving license. Young enough to join college again.”

4. “The last time I threw a birthday party I was 11.”

5. “So old that I forget how old I am.”

6. “Don’t worry, you can buy me a drink.”

7. “My parents told me to not share this with anyone.”

8. “I’m ageless. But I have to look like this.”

9. “That old that I can still fight with my siblings.”

10. “I never counted my age, too busy to live life.” 

11. “Do you want this info for your study on population?”

12. “The answer may surprise you.” 

13. “A kid shouldn’t ask his dad’s age.” 

14. “I think you came here before me, right?”

15. “When you know my age, you will look older from that day.”

16. “If you’re going to laugh, next week we both look the same age.” 

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Savage Answers To “How Old Are You?”

Well, some people already know your age. 

By asking the same in front of others, they try to make you feel insecure. Not these times, as you have a savage reply to share your age, here. 

Savage Answers To How Old Are You

1. “Me and your sister are the same age. Do you know that?”

2. “You’re not going to believe that, so I’m not telling.”

3. “Why don’t you ask your mom?”

4. “First I want to know why you’re asking this.”

5. “You better ask “How young are you?””

6. “I’m just one day old, actually, I’m new every other day.”

7. “Not sure, maybe near 100 or something.” 

8. “My age is anywhere between 0 to 40.”

9. “I think that should be of concern to you.”

10. “Better ask what you do in life than the age.”

11. “You’re lucky that I didn’t ask you what to do with your life.”

12. “Might be old, but still feel younger than you do.”

13. “Not old. But, I’m still mature more than you ever can be.” 

14. “That’s an immature question to ask someone.” 

15. “As you ask, I think you’re asking me to marry one of your cousins.” 

16. “Why are you asking, if your sister wants to know?”

17. “I’m younger (or older) than you, are you happy now?”

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Sarcastic Answers To “How Old Are You?”

When someone asks your age, possibly they want to make you look older. 

Why not share something that makes them feel the same? 

That’s possible with such sarcastic replies to What’s your age question. 

Sarcastic Answers To How Old Are You

1. “Yes, I’m old but look younger than you.”

2. “Well, old enough to feel insecure while asking for money from parents.” 

3. “You’re 37, right? Oh no, I’m not that old.”

4. “It must be hard to find my age. But I can tell yours.” 

5. “Not just older, but also more mature than you.”

6. “I’ve to ask my parents, actually.”

7. “Whatever I am, I act my age.”

8. “I wasn’t born here, human.”

9. “Before I answer, I let you know that those who know my age get bad luck.”

10. “Well, I’m old enough to beat you in a marathon.”

11. “Not sure why you’re asking me my age. But, you should know that I don’t like you, already.”

12. “Your question is registered, we will answer when in the mood.”

13. “Don’t be serious about that because I’m also not.”

14. “Want me to adopt you knowing my age? Nah I will never.” 

15. “When I share it you will feel insecure about yourself.”

16. “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable around me.” 

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Clever Answers To “How Old Are You?”

When you have no choice but to share your age but you don’t want to, try to answer it cleverly.

Such are smart replies to age questions you want to avoid. 

Clever Answers To How Old Are You

1. “We share the same birthday month.” 

2. “Do you say how old I look?”

3. “Next question, please?”

4. “Smarter, mature, and younger than my age.”

5. “What’s the point of that?” 

6. “I’m just two months older than you.”

7. “Whatever age I have, you better respect me.”

8. “I don’t believe in the number game.”

9. “Are you good at math? Then, calculate by yourself.”

10. “Not sure about the year, but I can give you the days I live.”

11. “I celebrate my birthday every year, but don’t consider my age.”

12. “What are you going to create my identity card with?”

13. “Why don’t you first share your age?”

14. “Those who ask me this, are no longer my friends. Bye.”

15. “Did I fight for the world war and you?”

16. “Want to make sure, will you take me seriously then after.”

17. “Please tell me in which sense you’re going to judge me.”

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Flirty Answers To “How Old Are You?”

It seems that questions about age are normal. 

But when it comes to your crush or match on a dating site, you have the option to reply the ‘What’s your age?’ question in a flirtatious way.  

Flirty Answers To How Old Are You

1. “I prefer to share this only on the first date.” 

2. “You tell me how old you want me to be.”

3. “Old enough to do a lot of things together.”

4. “Umm… I’m old enough to be someone’s parents.”

5. “I’ll tell but don’t ask Are you seeing somebody?after that.” 

6. “Are you hitting on me with this question?”

7. “You’re hurting my feelings with this question.”

8. “Would your perception change if I were younger than you?”

9. “Do you want to know the age of my heart?”

10. “Enough to be your type.” 

11. “You’re just turning me on with this question.” 

12. “If you ask me, can I guess you want to marry me?” 

13. “Don’t worry our kids won’t have to feel embarrassed because of us.”

14. “However old I am, you can still call me Daddy.”

15. But you can tell your parents that you found someone relatable.”

16. “I think you can make your other friends jealous if we date.”

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Creative Answers To “How Old Are You?”

A direct answer to the age question would be boring or nothing special.  

Make it even more engaging so that someone is impressed. Such are creative ways to answer how old you’re.

Creative Answers To How Old Are You

1. “I stopped counting after being 24.”

2. “Two years ago we were the same age. Not sure if you age faster.”

3. “I’ve voted four times, count my age on that basis.”

4. “You will ask for my lifestyle tips when I share my age.”

5. “I’m not old, I’m just no longer alive here.”

6. “Consider I ask the same question to you.”

7. “If I tell you my age, you will feel older.” 

8. “My answer will change your perception of me.” 

9. “The dead person has no age.”

10. “I have known you since when you wore diapers, not sure about you now.”

11. “If I don’t take age seriously, you should too.”

12. When I tell you my age, you will take advice from me.” 

13. “As far as you live, forget about how long you live.”

14. “Whatever, I don’t want any insurance from you.”

15. “Why I don’t want to exchange my age with you?”

16. “I’m sure you’re not asking this for yourself.” 

17. “Surprisingly, everyone here is asking me my age. But why?”

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But, Why You Don’t Want To Reveal Your Age Sometimes?

Because this person who asks your age is asking to make you feel old later.

Most people who share their age with the wrong person, are easy targets. 

Certainly, you don’t want someone to judge you based on your age only. 

When someone asks about your age

Because you live your life every day with young feelings and not feeling older enough. 

To avoid such comparisons, and to feel young, you want such creative, sarcastic, and funny answers to “How old are you?” questions that come to you from someone, anytime.

When someone asks your age just to further judge you, these answers are your better response to make them feel immature. 


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